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Merry Christmas

Just woke up about thirty minutes ago, as my fiance and I had our own little Christmas at midnight. Since we're in the Midwest right now, and all of our family is back in California, this might be the first and only Christmas where it's truly just the two of us all Christmas Eve and all Christmas day. That's both equally good and bad. I do miss my family, and wished I could spent time with them (and my wonderfully old dog), but I decided it was just too costly to visit. Besides, I graduate from College in May so I'll be back home at the end of May to Early June--that's not too far away, right?

Anyways, my fiance had some awesome gifts for me--additional 8GB of ram (I'm now at 16GB, a bit overkill lol), a 200mm red fan to replace my 120mm side intake fan on my HAF 922, the Lord of the Rings Extended Blu-ray Collection (OMGWTFYES), a cell phone case (really needed that), and Far Cry 3 on PC. A nice Christmas.

We spent the night watching The Fellowship of the Ring Extended up till 5:30AM. lol These extended versions are fantastic, the extra scenes flow so seemlessly that I can't even remember which is extra and which is meant to be there. It's been many years since I've sat down and watched these bad-boys but I'm excited to watch the Two Towers tonight, and the greatest film of all time tomorrow... the Return of the King.

Merry Christmas guys, and gals. What was the best thing you took away?