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Favorite GOTYs So Far and What I look Forward to the Most.

- Favorite Games of the Year So Far -


Mass Effect 3;

While the ending left a sour taste, it managed to captivate me for the entire game. Few games can have me so invested into the experience, and I had a very hard time letting Mass Effect 3 go. I even thought about the game at work, how crazy is that? The gameplay was nailed down to a tooth, and the sound/voice acting was terrific. The storytelling and progression through the game was so immersive that I found myself playing for very long stretches of time (one stretch lasted an entire dang eight hours; I mean... wow). Few games have managed to wow me so much, and the most amazing part is how it all fell on its face with the ending. Still scratching my head about that one.


Fall of the Samurai;

The stand alone expansion to Shogun 2 really raised the bar above and beyond what was found in Shogun 2. Modern units made for some incredibly exciting gameplay; especially when you're able to call in a costal bombardment onto your enemies while on the battlefield (sa-weeet). I've known a few times where the costal bombardment from my ships literally saved my ass. Unique units adds some much needed variety, and the cannons are now a must to ensure victory without epic losses. All in all, playing this meant I would end up investing three hours at a time whenever I played it. Watching a small town grow into an expansive empire... delicious.



Ah yes, Minecraft on the Xbox 360. I was late getting into the "Minecraft" craze always wondering what the fuss was all about. Subtle trolling my fellow GUFU members on the IRC to see why they invested so much time into it. It was strange to me how so much fun could be had in what appeared to be a relatively shockingly simple game. I figured I would give it a try once it came to the Xbox, so I downloaded the trial, and loved it. Spent 90+ hours on the Xbox version and then bought the PC version to see how that faired... and boy when I thought Minecraft on Xbox 360 was awesome, the PC version took that awesome and multiplied it by a thousandfold. Now, my fiance gives me crap about playing the game. Oh well, it's fun as hell and now I anticipate every new update that comes!


Gods and Kings;

The first expansion to release for Civilzations was a goodie. The anticipayed religion debut (again) after it was removed is very balanced, and well executed. Much better than what it was in Civilizations IV, which made diplomacy rather stale and predictable. This changes things up a bit while at the same time benefiting the game as a whole. There wasn't a lot of new content here, but the new civilizations, units, and religion made an already great game even better. Now, if only they could alleviate some of the AI issues that still plagues the game--but I suppose that's been there since the start...

- Games I'm looking forward too for the Rest of the Year -

NBA 2K13


Doom 3 BF3 Edition


Halo 4


Hitman: Absolution