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Stevo_the_gamer Blog

Games that I need to finish... Backlog. :(

  1. Mirror's Edge
  2. Far Cry 2
  3. Bad Company 2
  4. Red Alert 3
  5. The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
  6. Borderlands
  7. The Witcher
  8. FEAR 2
  9. Sid Mierer's Railroads
  10. Far Cry
  11. Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar
  12. Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor
  13. Metro 2033 - COMPLETED :D
  14. Stalker: Call of Pripyat
  15. Campaigns for both expansions to Company of Heroes
  16. Dirt and Dirt 2
  17. The Lost and Damned
  18. Tropico 3 and its expansion
  19. GRID
  20. Fuel
  21. ARMA 2
  22. Manhunt
  23. ALL of the Dawn of War games. lol.
  24. Red Faction: Guerilla

I think there's more. This is bad. I keep buying games too. :cry:

Is your backlog as bad as mine?

Keep a special eye out for SWM for the June Issue. I have a treat for you.

I'll be giving out a free game to whoever completes my special challenge first (you'll read about it on the "Meet the Crew" page). So keep a watchful eye out when the issue releases.

I've got a bit of work to do in regards to finishing it, but it should hopefully be done in a few days. I've been extrodinarily busy, so to excuse my business, I decided to give to the SW community as an excuse for my late-ness. (Two months in a row we've been late! Sheesh! Got to get back in the game.)

Got a new PS3.

Just got home from Best Buy, the folks at Geek Squad exchanged my PS3 Slim with a brand new one. Hopefully this one will work beautifully unlike my other two PS3s. Third time's a charm, right?

I sure hope so. I'd hate to go on a rampage because another PS3 kicks the bucket on me.


Thanks Sony.

Was playing Batman: AA -- it froze, I unplugged the PS3. Turned it back on and got this:

No, really. Thanks.


Thank you for letting me put in all these hours into Batman: AA for nothing. I don't even get to see the ending. :cry:


Turned it on after a few hours and it got to menu after I pressed the PS home button the controller (yes, I tried that before and it didnt work). Time to back up my god damn saved games! Still calling to get it replaced so this NEVER happens again! THANK THE HEAVENS!

Blog: lol at France, Pixar, I address complaints against me, PS3, News.

Blog time. Time to do some pwning. Yeah, I said pwning. :P


Topic: Sony Kool-Aid

I've been finding it increasingly common to see individuals say the PS3 won either 2008, or 2009 at SystemWars. And I find that very strange. It's like the PC just vanished from the folk's minds. Even looking at the SystemWars Awards 2009, I saw quite a bunch of users say the PS3 won 2009. It's odd. It makes me wonder if they were hyped up on that Sony Kool-Aid. Meaning, caught in the moment of the Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls craze. Do they not realize that the PC absolutely crushed it in terms of high quality exclusives?

I've heard things referring to the importance of AAE titles now from quite a few users now that the PS3 had a great start of the year, or multiple quality games is better than just one quality game, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but a bit odd hearing that now. The problem is doing a complete 180 in less than a half a year's time. Someone fill me in here. There's plenty of folks out there that believe this, so perhaps one of you fellas (or ladies) can explain to me why you think the PS3 won either 2008 or 2009.

Here's the stats from the two years:

PC ( 2008 ):

  • 4 AAAE
  • 10 AAE
  • 18 AE

PS3 (2008 ):

  • 1 AAAAE
  • 2 AAAE
  • 2 AAE
  • 6 AEs

PC (2009):

  • 1 AAAE
  • 18 AAE
  • 14 AE.

PS3 (2009):

  • 4 AAAE
  • 1 AAE
  • 1 AE

I'm just rather lost, isn't it obvious that the PC absolutely crushes the competition? What's going on here?


Topic: Pixar

Pixar does it again. I wasn't expecting anything less than a great film, but I walked out of Toy Story 3 impressed. When you think they might run out of ideas, they come forward with something absolutely brilliant. I can't even begin to complain about anything in the film, it had it all: drama, comedy, and action. Even some sad moments to boot. I think the fellas at Pixar are on some sort of drug, how else can someone explain their amazing talent? They're genetically enhanced or something.

Furthermore, I found quite a few easter eggs in the movie as well. Damn, I love when Pixar does stuff like it. I saw the Pizza truck, the batteries, Nemo, cars, ect references in the movie. Absolutely so clever, and so well done. I can't wait to see what's in store for the next Pixar film. Everything they touch turns to magic. And last of all, the short film before the movie was fantastic as well. Night and Day it was called, and it was a hoot!

If anyone was on the fence about seeing this movie. Go. frickin. See. It. Or else I will personally hunt you down and ducktape you to a seat and force you to watch it.


Topic: About Time

Larry King is calling it quits after decades of doing that show of his on CNN. I personally wasn't a big fan, but I figured this needed a mention since he is a legend in the eyes of many out there. So cheers to King for being still alive after all these years, you look like you're about to keel over and go six feet under, but it's hard not to respect such experience. May the future look bright

ps. Can you loan -- actually -- can you donate to me half your salary for the year? It'd go to a great cause: gaming! Besides, I'd be helping the economy, ya'know?


Topic: Jealousy

While I was in Western Civilizations -- yes, taking college courses over the summer sucks -- I noticed the fellow to my left had a certain device on his desk, and he was tapping away on the screen. He was typing notes. Notes. On an iPad. I lost my train of thought for about five minutes as I stared at this device and him typing away on that giant touch screen. It made me fume and I looked down and stared at my paper and my pencil. "So primitive this junk is" I thought to myself. How exceedingly unfair.

Needless to say. I want one. But I can't spare the cash, it's so portable and it has wonderful battery life. Now, I know what you guys are thinking: Stevo, what the hell, you're a PC guy, a Windows guy for goodness sakes! (who likes to troll musicalmac and his precious mac computers, and not to mention his unconditional love for Steve Jobs LOL; everyone knows its true, Mac wants Jobs' babies. lulz :P).

But really, I can make exceptions for my Apple dislike. My iPhone is lovely and that damn piece of technology looks damn fine. If only I could get one for free.


Topic: Truth

I've been consistently called out for a while now over my supposed "hate" for Sony. I'll be fair here, and I'll address the bashing that I've been hit with, and I'll even answer questions if anyone feels I didn't hit on a point clearly enough. And I'll update this post when any question anyone levels at me regarding this specific issue. Shoot now, and I will answer honestly and thoroughly. Needless to say, I haven't taken the time ever to address this supposed issue. I've made my stance clearly enough in the past, but I guess it needs a solid imprint in concrete so the PS3 fans can get their head on straight and stop whining to me about me being biased.

Oh yes, I'm very biased. There's no doubt about that at all. But the difference is that I express my biases in ways that I can convey stances without being fanboyish. Fanboys are for a good laugh, but for viable discussions, they just get in the way and turn things into a giant pile of steaming poo. Hearing rediculous comments, and then not being able to back them up is just silly and a waste of time. "You ain't a gamer if you don't own system x." Silly stuff like that makes me chuckle, sure, but still facepalmtastic. But all this is just meaning something exceedinly simple, if I make an argument: my argument is not going to be some mindless fanboy drivel. It's going to be founded, and backed up. And my arguments that I do express are not unreasonable, or arguments that can't be agreed with. I make my statements with an open mind, and I attempt to use objective analysis to prove my points that I do make. And I make this clear in my guide to be a better poster.

It is 100% factually accurate to say I'm more critical of the PS3 than any other system right now. Overall in the context of all time, not even close. The Wii easily would take the cake for that, my extensive moderation history and all those debates with the Wii fans can attest to that! But even then, I'm not an irrational guy. In fact, I'm a very open minded man. After calling the Wii a "piece of poo console," I now say it's a great console. Opinions evolve, and change over time.

So, do I hate Sony? Absolutely not. Hate is a strong word, for when one hates something, their mind is filled with predisposed thoughts and feelings which corrupt and cloud the judgement of that said individual. It's practically impossible for that person, me, to be impartial when I hate a certain system. Now, with that said, do I dislike Sony more than the other two companies -- yes. I've always had an inherent distrust for Sony because of the Dreamcast dealings. They're bastard business tactis which destroyed my favorite console of all time. That's the only reason why I'd be indifferent about them. I haven't came across a single Sony system in which I didn't like. (Due note that I did have an intense rage moment when my 40GB PS3 bricked on me -- but that's understandable given the context of the given situation why I was screwed)

The PS3 is a great console. If I were to hand out a letter grade right now it would be sitting on top of a solid B+. Stick that in your pipe haters, and smoke it. *goes to continue to play Batman: AA*


Topic: LOL

Click on the below image for lulz.


Topic: Pulling a Champ


Audrina Patridge. 10/10


Topic: Prediction

Metroid: Other M will get a 9.0; if it doesn't, I will allow Thunderdrone or IronBass to create me a pwnage sig of whatever they're liking and I'll wear it for month.


That is all.

No more Xbox 360.

I traded in my Xbox 360, controller, and Hard Drive at Gamestop today.

Pre-ordered the next Xbox 360. So I should have mine in a few weeks.

So, if anyone was looking forward to some XBL with me -- patiently wait till early July. :P