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Time to Bring Back SW Vets

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GameSpot Staff recent announced that in addition to the changes it would be making to the sites Terms of Use (ToU), we would also be reinstating previously banned accounts at our discretion.

2. Nominate a user that you want to see make a return by sending a PM to GS-Community with the subject title "Resurrection Request". Explain why you believe this user should be evaluated for a possible reinstatement. Did this user make a difference in the community? Explain.


Time to compile a list with SW vets that should be restored, list any that I missed;

Welcoming back old SW posters who are now unbanned:

  • Aljosa23
  • 110million
  • Eddie-Vedder
  • ginderdivid
  • jg4xchamp
  • moldonhold

2012 Games

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Games I will try to purchase:

Games I'm interested in but will wait to see if buy/rent:

SystemWars Awards 2011 - Dumbasses

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I feel like expressing some of my thoughts on SWA and its future and the current and past fiascos already contributute to drama. If you feel like you'll be insulted, offended, or otherwise annoyed by the following comments--click on that damn red X on the top right of your f*cking browser. If not, read on.


SWAs began in 2008, and continued over the years in 2009 will little trouble at all until 2010 hit. 2010 was an odd ball only because as an envoy of SystemWars Monthly, I offered the magazine to take over the Awards to Ninja-Hippo (who hosted every year's awards) since the SWM is about the community of SW itself and the workings of the forum--thus it makes sense that SWM could handle something like this. It wasn't like SWM was going to rig the awards or "destroy" the entire deal, no, for that would be silly thinking. We were only going to take Ninja's place in hosting the thread on SW in our E-magazine. Simple, and creative with additional side caveats as well.

A few users saw this as a threat persay to the SystemWars Awards (SWA), and decided to voice complaints to Ninja for apparantly selling out to SWM. Odd, but it riled Ninja enough to have a chat with me and some other SWM Officers to discuss the status-quo, which led SWM to stand aside and let Ninja go back and take control over the SWAs. Ninja is a stand up fellow which left him dumbfounded at the remarks he received from the users involved. SolidTy is normally at the forefront of these complaints which--understandedly so--is due to bad blood between him and GUFU/SWM for kicking him out of the unions. This has led SolidTy (he isn't alone however, I only single him out as he's the most renowned individual to take these steps amongst GUFU and SWM members) to voice complaints regarding the actions GUFU and SWM have taken in recent years.

When the SWA in 2010 ended, there was complaints levied that the entire event was orchestrated against some users--a la rigging the awards, and trying to get unions to go out and spam vote for an indivudual (Ballot stuffing). All in all, to conclude, the SWAs in 2008-2009 went from harmless good fun to taking internet awards seriously in 2010--and actual conspiracy notions appeared that people were out to undermine individuals. It's rather amusing to see this situation come to be, and I among others found incredible humor in the entire situation which led me to orchestrate some silly trolling pranks at riling up these conspiracy folks--a favorite of mine was this (which actually ended up trolling GUFU members instead which ended up producing lots of lulz). Another one was roleplaying a conspiracy where GUFU was out to undermine other members in the SWA (this prank was after the SWA concluded). It was feeding into some individuals silly beliefs, although hindsight shows it was a little over the top. Dang it!

2010 may have left some people sour from it all which leads us to 2011 SWAs. New Terms of Use has brought forth a level of trolling and flaming that hasn't seen the light of day at SW in a very long time so it doesn't surprise me that it would find its way into the SWA discussions. It only took one user to start a a little bit of drama by bringing up previous events, and voila, the fire was set. It lasted for a while, and then simmered, only to spark back up again in the voting thread over stupid podcasts. Really? Over a podcast? And that was finally simmered. The last nail in the coffin was the ego-chest-beating contest when Subrosian came into the thread. It was by my fault that it happened when I called out subrosian for having an ego--but subrosian took it to the next level and started a war against the likes of other posters.

Now that I see all of this, I didn't really participate in any drama that arose in the SWAs in 2010 (Because I was suspended during the awards) and in 2011, because I was playing games or watching TV during each of the drama wars. (Hey, I can't spend all waking day and night on this darn website).

Anyways, time to wrap this novel up. SWAs are in good fun, and aren't meant to be taken seriously. I don't have any problem with people with conspiracies, grudges, or whatever to come in and flame/troll the likes of anything or anyone. I enjoy watching these things fold out, and especially would enjoy participating in them because it's the internet and making people mad or upset is always entertaining. And when I finally did try to participate in the initial fire-starting comment by Treal_since, I was ignored and the fire was already put out. Well, sh*t. Either way, I'll reiterate what I posted in the "Final SWA Discussion thread."

Who cares if people start causing e-drama? Why does it matter again so long as it stays in the discussion thread--you don't have to participate in the thread, nor look over it's contents if it not to your lking. The posters are NOT grabbing you by the head and forcing your eyes and hand to scroll and look at the posts. Let's look at the new Terms of Use, shall we? Trolling: Fine; Flaming: Fine. Here's a thought GS moderators and fellow GS members, time to put on your manderwear (That's man underwear, and yes, I totally made that up), and throw away your f*cking panties. If something bothers you, or some argument between users bothers you, ignore it and move on. You are not forced to sit there and participate in, or lurk, in the conversations that may arise. The majority of you are adults, you have the inherent power to ignore others--I recommend you start learning to exercise that inherent right. If you honestly think a conversation goes beyond the traditional flaming and trolling into offensive territory, then report and move on otherwise pop some midol, and buy some god damn tampons. Because, by God, the folks who complained or are upset by the awards all seem like they're on their period.

Christmas came early.

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Well, because I'm working tonight till Tuesday night--and will be sleeping most of the day as my lady goes to work. The lady and I decided to have our "Christmas" this morning. I know, it's odd. But we're leaving on Wednesday to go back to California and spent a week with the folks so time is limited.

I got my lady an iPad 2 (16GB Black). Unsurprisingly, she friggin' loves it. I love it too, haha. She got me Halo Wars, RDR GOTY Edition, and MW3 all for Xbox 360. Worthy picks, and she's pledged another $100 for Steam so when the holiday sale comes around... -bam-!

Looking at the 3DS

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I have to admit that I had some high expectations going into this purchase merely because the sheer idea of 3D without glasses seems incredibly mind boggling. I've been through 3D movies and I've hated it. Hated it. I've been through 3D attractions and walked away interested but underwhelmed. I still remember having the blue and red glasses for a 3D dinosaur PC game back in the 90s. HA!

But a la, the the 3DS comes to be and it's the new poster child of the 3D saga, perhaps a fad? We'll see. I tried fiddling with the 3DS at my workplace a few times but I couldn't really get a good look at the 3D quality which frustrated me. The game on display was pilotwings which seemed incredibly underwhelming as I tried to play it in of all of its incredibly shallow and uninteresting glory. But I wasn't going to let that sour my taste, not at all.

So I jumped into the realm of handheld gaming with the 3DS. The last handheld that I owned was the original gameboy--yes, it's been that long. That doesn't mean I haven't played with handhelds before because I had quite a number of friends and family members who owned these devices but I never saw the appeal. I'll be heading back to Sacramento, California for Christmas and I decided I needed something to fulfill my waiting in between flights, and on the plane trip itself--and I hate planes--so the 3DS idea came to be.

So 3D. Does it live up to the hype? Yes. Make that a double yes. I won't lie to you when I say it's a clear gimmick in a lot of ways but it sure is exceptionally cool. In fact, I'm consistently dazzled by the depth effect that continues to encompass my gaming with the little thing. Hitting a giant pollen ball in Super Mario 3D Land? My eyes widened. Taking pictures in 3D with the 3DS camera? Awesome! "What's that sweetheart? Hold on, let's take a picture and look at it in 3D." *blank stare at me*. "What? This is awesome! Don't judge me, damn it."

But the device is pretty finicky and the 3D effect can only be observed from a constant perspective from a set distance but considering that distance is always the perfect distance to play a handheld game, I'm not complaining at all. I will admit that it can be stressing on the eyes to see the 3D effect shift if you shift your hands or whatnot causing the device to move out of the perfect range to view the 3D effect. Nevertheless, considering I only spent pockets of time of like 10-30 minutes of playing... it's not a problem at all for me.

I will admit the 3DS game library offering is a wee-bit on the tiny side but I've barely even touched Star Fox or Mario kart yet. And Kuromino just told that the 3DS is compatitible with the vast majority of DS games? Series! Holy mother of crap! Looks like my time and money invested into the 3DS was well-worth it. I have a whole list of games now to check out with the DS, and a few more games for the 3DS like that Ghost Recon game, and Zelda.

The user interface is a breeze to use although I think I'm going to have to pick up a stylus and case of some sort because typing is rathe challening on such little boxes. Nevertheless, I don't have any complaints so to speak regarding that. The internet and browser is a bit touchy in regards to zooming in and out of pages and scrolling I find rather annoying but... why the hell would I use the 3DS for internet? So it's a pointless deal for me either way.

I really wish that some good social integration comes to be with the 3DS. I recently added haziqonfire but then realized I can't send him any messages or anything. What the hell Nintendo? No user profile? No game library to view or rapsheet? Nintendo, you need to take a step into the big leagues now and understand that social integration is key to your devices especially when you competitors do it exceedingly well. Hell, I can send XBL messages on my phone to my friends but my actual gaming device can't? Come on now, Nintendo. Come on. And codes? Series? That's just dumb.

With that said Nintendo, you have my thanks, you have brought out the old gamer that rested within me back when I used to enjoy these cl*ssic handheld games. Now I find myself shoving my consoles away and choosing to rest on my couch enjoying some of my 3DS goodness.

I bought a 3DS. =D

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Went to Best Buy, they were offering a $50 gift card if you purchase a 3DS.

So I bought the Black 3DS.

Got the gift card.

Used that gift card to buy two games, got the third game free.

So I paid about $210 for a 3DS, Mario Kart 7, Starfox, and Mario 3D Land.


Played a little last night--this little device is *awesome*.

Just preordered Skyrim.

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Going to the Best Buy Midnight Launch on the 11th. =D

Stubbornly used giftcard, so the total cost for the PC version was about $45.



I am proposing a bet for folks who wish to join the ordeal purely out of fun of course:

If the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim does not manage to achieve at least a 9.5 on at least one platform here at Gamespot, then I will make a JRPG > WRPG signature along with an anime avatar (picked out by at least three SW Loungers) and have it displayed in my signature/avatar until 1/1/2012.