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Systems Wars...

Anyone else noticing the incredible amount of new accounts/low level posters? in SystemWars... Majority of the new topics are obvious troll threads created by low level users. It's gettting to the point to which, I'm probably not even going to waste my time there for some time. I don't even know why some users even waste their time responding to low level posters whose obvious goal is just to get under your skin.

PC Games that I have my eye on buying.

  • Mass Effect
  • Dead Space
  • Mirror's Edge BOUGHT! (Thanks Nate with you Best Buy employee discount!)
  • F.E.A.R. 2
  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars BOUGHT!
  • Assassin's Creed BOUGHT!
  • Far Cry 2
  • Men of War
  • Supreme Commander Gold Edition
  • Halo 2 Vista
  • Settlers: Rise of an Empire Gold BOUGHT!
  • GRAW 2
  • The Witcher BOUGHT!
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Game of the Year Edition
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
  • Cryostasis
  • Far Cry BOUGHT!
  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
  • Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
  • The Sim City Box
  • Sid Meier's Civilization Chronicles (For the original, second and third Civilizations)
  • Sid Meier's Railroads BOUGHT!

So many games, so little money. I can never keep up.

Stevo's most anticipated games (inspired by Aljosa's list)

This is my -- Top 12 (Because 12 is better than 10) List for my most anticipated games!

12. Alan Wake (PC)

Why is it that so many people are hyped about this game? Why am I excited for this game? Why am I so intrigued about a game I know next to nothing about? I'll tell you why -- MAX PAYNE. That's right, the guys who made one of my favorite Xbox games is making Alan Wake. So why shouldn't I be excited!?


11. Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 10 (Wii)

Wait -- did you just doubletake? Stevo_the_gamer (me) ... just put a Wii game on his list? A woorst of all... Golf? What the heck is going on? No, this isn't a joke. I'm legitamately excited to buy this game. Why? Why in God's name would I go uot and buy a Wii game like this? Because A) it's Golf; I love Golf ... Wii Golf that is. B) It has motion plus. C) I'm the bomb at golf. (Not in real life -- video game golf)


10. Starcraft 2 (PC)

There's something about this game that has me intrigued -- maybe it's because Strategy is my favorite genre, or perhaps it's because this game is the sequal to arguably one of the greatest games of all time. Either way, I'm interested to see how this game does when it finally releases. I really can't wait to get owned -- yeah, owned. I play brood War from time to time and I just don't understand why I can't win games. Does the game just hate me or something? Perhaps I just plain suck. Either way, Starcraft is very enjoyable.


9. Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360)

I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan, it's one of those stealth games which stealth is the primary focus of the gameplay instead of ther games. Ahem, Metal gear Solid. Regardless, this game is supposed to mixed it up a bit, and considering I had a blast while playing Double Agent... when even I thouht that was very different; I should be in for a good surprise.


8. Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

What's this? Modern Warfare 2 from renowned developer: Infinity Ward? Is there going to be a Call of Duty every bloody year? Perhaps. It makes a ton of money, so I'm not surprised they'll making a sequel to one of the best multiplayer games on the consoles. I've put many hours into Modern Warfare, so why shouldn't I be excited for the sequel?


7. Diablo III (PC)

It's ****ing Diablo. Nuff' said.


6. Assassin's Creed 2 (Xbox 360)

So the first AC was hated because it was repetitive; Yeah, I can understand that -- it was tedious after awhile, and it grew boring perhaps to some, I can understand that. But I loved it. Yes. That's right. I loved this so-called "bad" game. I had a blast playing it. I loved going up against 20 guys and kicking their asses with my awesome sword moves. I loved how immersed I was into the game, and how the story line not only drew me in farther... but awesome shocked the heck out of me. You bastards and you cliff hangers, come on Ubisoft... that ain't cool.


5. New Unnamed Ghost Recon (Xbox 360)

If there was any Tom Clancy franchise that I would grab in a heartbeat, it'd be Ghost Recon. I've owned every single Ghost Recon ever released on the Xbox and Xbox 360. It's easily one of my favorite games on those consoles -- the games feature an awesome soundtrack, awesome multiplayer, awesome singleplayer campaigns, awesome explosions, and awesome sound effects. Did I mention the games are also awesome?


4. Half-Life 2: Episode 3 (PC)

What part of episodic content does Valve not grasp? With Episodic content, a new episode is released every half-year or year. Guess what Valve -- you guys are awesome and all -- but come on, Episode 2 released back in 2007. 2007! What I love about these episodes is how well they draw the player into the storyline, something Half-Life 2 failed to do. The ending of Ep. 2 left me in shock -- I can't wait to see where it picks up.


3. Halo 3: ODST (Xbox 360)

Yep. Number 2 -- not number one, but two. I put that right, and I'm not mistaken. I'm the biggest Halo fan you'll ever meet. I have it all, comics, posters, games, books, action figures, graphic novels, helmet. I own a lot of Halo stuff. In fact, I can't get enough Halo. But this isn't my most anticipated game, but it sure as hell comes close. This game has me worried... what if it's too different. What if -- for the first time -- I actually don't enjoy a Halo game? Halo has never been about realism and stealth... could those two aspects ruin Halo for me? I hope not but I can't shake that feeling.


2. Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360)

Mass Effect 2 no longer takes the top spot. I can't lie to you -- Mass Effect is easily, in my honest and ever so credibly opinion, one of the greatest games of all time. I cannot wait to play this game. I've played though Mass Effect many times, and it really never gets old for me. The dialouge, the music, the combat, and the RPG elements -- which seem on the lite side to some -- feel so perfect and flawless to me. Yes, there's some rough edges, every game has them, but Mass Effect gave me an experience that rivals the Halo Franchise. I can't wait for Mass Effect 2.


1. Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)

Halo: Reach; Bungie's most recent announced game, is by far my most anticipated game now. The prequel to Halo, or the "alternate" Halo considering during the Fall of Reach, MasterChief was on Halo (ring world). This game is going to be amazing, the storyline will be amazing if it follows the book. I can't wait. 2010 can not come sooner. I'm still in shock Bungie is making this game based upon my favorite novel of all time.

Don't like it? Sue me!

Obama, do you live under a god damn rock?

"President Obama plans to slash deficit".

Does anyone else see any problem with this? It's redicuous. Obama inherited over a trillion dollar deficit, he adds an additional trillion with this stupid spending ... and he plans to cut in half, oh wait! We're back to a trillion. Wonderful. I'll stand by the Congressional Budget Commission when they say doing nothing would be best -- Mr. Obama, you dissapoint me. Past three months we've already spent trillions on bail-outs, and yet we just recently passed the largest spending bill in US history. How, in the world, is that going to lower the deficit? How about the 53 trillion dollars of promised funds that apply to Social Security and the works? Does that 53 trillion somehow disappear? Does he not realize we're in Afghanistan for the long haul? How will a large conflict in Afhanistan help decreasing the deficit?


Also, why is it that Obama pushed so damn hard for that stimulus bill, yet wait a few days to sign it? How the hell is it even possible for our congressman to read through a 1000+ page bill in less than a day? Why is there no outcry over the fact that democrats just blindly passed a bill? How will printing more money and borrowing more money going to get us out of our problem? What really ticked me off is Speaker of the House's visit to Italy, how come the tax payers are paying for that? Why the **** does she need to go to Italy in the first place? I'm glad she and all of the others who voted for this bill place their own personal agenda and party side over the very people they're supposed to represent.

And to that black Senator or Congressman who called out the republican governors who said no to the stimulus bill, and said they were slapping the face of blacks in their state. My advice to him is take your head out of your ass, and start representing your people and quit throwing out the race card to push your own PR agenda.


Apparantly ACORN is setting up eviction teams to prevent people from getting evicted from their homes. My obvious response to that was "WHAT?". Acorn is promoting lawlessness, and helping people who bought homes they couldn't afford. Crrongratulations Acorn, you never had my respect before, but now you're below Al Sharpton... on second thought, at the same level as Al Sharpton. I hope all those damn SOBs go to jail.

Also, apparantly the government feels its the responsibility of the tax payers to help your idiot neighbor who couldn't afford his or her home. I'm SO glad that my money will help pay someone else's rent because that poor lad just couldn't afford it. :roll:

My advice: DON'T BUY SOMETHING YOU CAN'T AFFORD. Don't re-finance your home and go out and buy a 30 thousand dollar car. Don't be a god damn idiot. Use common sense, if you can't afford it -- don't buy it. Save your money -- most don't even have a ****ing savings account. SAVE your money.

/end rant.

My view on Nintendo's Wii console

NOTE: This is rather outdated, the "games reason" is very outdated and does not reflect the current standing right now.

I'll first off start by saying that I think the Nintendo Wii mediocre platform. Oh my word, did I just truly say the highest selling console right now, the indisputable winner right now (in the sales department), basically sucks? Yep, also, remember that this is coming from my personal experience with the console and I'm going to tell you why I, personally, dislike it. Of course, everything is subjective - you may love this console, and it's perfectly fine if you do - but I'm just expressing why I dislike it. So let us begin.

UPDATE(1): First, let's figure out why it has such great sales. Here is the reasons why it sells fantastic compared to that of to the other consoles sales rate:

1. - Low Price for One SKU (No confusion between different SKUs)

2. - Main Demographic is non-gamers and/or Casual gamers

3. - Mario and the old renowned Nintendo franchises.

4. - Marketing to younger audiences (catering to the family)


1. - The one SKU has truly helped the Wii out - there's absolutely no confusion what-so-ever on what SKU is right for you. The one thing I see for Nintendo that I applaud them for, and I really like this - I wish Microsoft and Sony could have gone with this approach. When a consumer wants a Wii, they can go out and ask simply "Can I have a Wii?". There's no confusion. Let's say a consumer wants a Xbox 360 - they're asked, "Which one, the Arcade? The Premium? The Elite? Or the Halo Edition?" The only SKU that sounds self-explanatory is the Halo edition, the consumer will without a doubt ask what's the difference. With the Wii, there is none of that.

The sweet spot of 250 dollars, American. Now, 250USD is a bit overpriced for what you're paying for (what I mean by this is by the value of worth of the aspects within the console itself) - however, many uneducated consumers do not see this and believe it's a bargain when they see the price of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and compare those prices to the Wii. However, that said argument has a few holes in it because of the fact that the Xbox 360 is officially cheaper than the Wii. That price mark has been the top selling point for every single console, the Playstation 2 and the Xbox both sold tremendously well at or near that price mark and still sell well to this day (The PS2 that is). In the end, the price tag is just very attractive to the consumer.

2. - There's no denying the fact that the Wii caters to the younger audience. There's also no denying that the Wii is a family oriented console. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad console when it does this, but it can really add to the sales boom when you have millions of parents buying this console for their children. Nintendo's main demographic is the non-gamers an/or casual gamers. The ones who really don't take gaming seriously, they play for fun. They don't care if their game has the best graphics, the best story and the best sound design. They only care if their game nails that "30 seconds of fun". Which again, isn't all that bad because there are a lot of casual gamers out there. All Nintendo had to do was release the old franchise hits and boom, they got themselves a winner.

3. - Without a doubt, the best games out on the Nintendo Wii are additions to old and renowned Nintend franchises that have been with us since the dawn of gaming. These first-party titles have shaped Nintendo to the developer that they are today - and saying that they are a crappy developer is like calling the United States a communist country. Yeah, that bad. Super Mario Galaxy and Brawl have made the Wii a contendor against the other consoles libraries, and quite frankly, without these titles the Wii truly has, well, nothing. Consumers see these new additions and buy it for these games, they remember playing them on the N64, they remember playing it on the Gamecube, so they buy a Wii just to get these rather, unique, and fun exclusives that Nintendo makes.

4. - The marketing of the Wii has been spot-on. Why? Look who the commercials are portraying. Non-gamers having fun. Parents, seniors, children all see this and immidiately go, hey that's Nintendo, and hey that looks like fun.

My Reasons why Nintendo's Wii console sucks:

Reason 1.) Games:

The majority of them (65%) are shovelware, average, or mediocre titles. And shall I bring out the stats - yes - let us look at the stats. According to within the past twelve months, the Xbox 360 has had 37 games over the score of 80%; the PS3 has 24 games above 80%; the PC has 26 games above the score of 80%; last of all, the Wii has a whopping 9 games above 80%. So, to begin stating my point, at system wars a system is judged by the number of quality of games available on that system of choice, if the system lacks a lot of quality games, of course, the general concensus is that it's a lesser console. Don't like Gamerankings? Here is a bigger shock according to Metacritic: 30.16% of the Wii's titles have scored above 70%. That means a whopping 69.84% of Wii titles score - according to the US grading scale - score a D or and F. Is this the future of gaming?

Reason 2.) High Definition (or lack there-of):

Technically, it might be possible for a Wii game to have high definition, but it's a farfetched excuse or as I would put it, implausible. Since the Wii is, again technically, more powerful than the Xbox, a console which could do 720p High Definition with some of its games - it's possible for the Wii to have it. However, due to both a laughable amount of system RAM and less processing power when compared to true High Definition consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the chance that Wii games will break the 480p visual mark is about as slim as Hilary Clinton winning the Presidential nomination.

For Nintento to not support High Definition... is quite the wrong move, in my opinion. In today's world - this is irrational and completely and utterly unacceptable. Again, one may call this minor but the PC has had High Definition for many, many years - the fact that the Wii can't even do it is downright pathetic. High Definition is the future - the future is now - hell, even Nintendo doesn't even call their system next generation, or even capable of High Definition.

Reason 3.) DVD and/or Blu-Ray Playback (or lack there-of):

Wii games, and Gamecube games are use their own format which technically means you can't play a DVD in a Wii. Yes - that means no DVD playback. "What? But Gamespot confirmed that maybe in 2007, DVD playback will be available for Wii owners." Apparantly, you must've have been mistaken since the Wii doesn't even have the most basic feature which even consoles from last generation has had - DVD playback. The Playstation 2 and Xbox had DVD playback, yet supposedly this "New-Generation" console doesn't have a feature which should be standard anyways?

Reason 4.) The Controller:

Yes, I said it - the controller was a lame and knee-jerk idea. It's there to distract you from what you're buying. Are you buying the Wii for the console or are you buying it for the controller to waggle around? The controller is dumbing down the industry - the Wiiis dumbing down the industry. The latest and most heart-felt issue is the .5 increment scale here at Gamespot - made so the "Wii Gamers (Irony)" can clearly see what is simple and what is not. The Wii's controller is a gimmick. I even hate the Playstation 3 controller yet I'd pick it over a Wii controller any day. Also, sidenote here: Motion Sensing technology is not new, nor revolutionary. Nintendo did not start it - it began back in the 80s, by Microsoft. Fancy that.

As for the Gamespot remark, the old Gamespot score system was a lot more complex - I'm assuming, since none of us really truly know why they chanced it, Gamespot probably felt as though a .5 incremental scale would be easier to follow and implement than the .1 scale; which, technically, it's a lot less complex and the way they grade games no longer is based on five simple principles: graphics, sound, tilt, gameplay, and replay. Because the Wii has brought in a lot of casual gamers, or the non-gamers - I'm sure by now, the majority of the traffic here at Gamespot are not gamers which take gaming seriously(SystemWars call them "Hardcore gamers"). I take the time to read through reviews, and the Wii reviews are just lacking in quality - reviewers now, I feel are inexperienced, a huge Nintendo game - specificly Brawl, was reviewed by an inexperienced reviewer. Is this really teh future of Gamespot? Reviews are no longer on time - is the Wii truly to blame for all this? Surely... no, shoot - I'm off base here. My apologies.

Reason 5.) Hardware:

Pretty simple and self-explanatory. The Wii was outdated before it even shipped. Now that's sad, at least when the Xbox 360 launched it was faster than all PC available until a few months when it was dethroned. Which is expected, but the fact that it still pushes games to limits making them look astounding is a clear example of great hardware. The Wii's graphics can be compared to that of the PS2s - or even the PS1 sometimes.

Reason 6.) Mario:

I get it - Nintendo loves this guy, but when is enough, enough? Nintendo fans, you've been playing the same ol' Mario games forever. It's time for Nintendo to make a quality new IP, which sounds impossible I know - but honestly, the top selling games on the Wii are Mario, Mario and oh yeah, Mario.

Reason 7.) Online:

The online on the Wii is comparable to that of the PC - back in 95'. It's bad - finding a match, or playing a match in Brawl over online is well, difficult. For me at least it was. The service is no where near the level of quality such as Xbox Live, or even close to to the PSN and even the PSN sucks.

UPDATE(2) - The Wii Fanboy:

Out of all the fans here at Gamespot, the most outspoken of them is the Wii fanboy - "Sheep" as SystemWars calls them. They're charismatic, they're the "casual" gamers as I would put it. They enjoy to sit back and enjoy Nintendo games, mostly the old franchises that everyone has been playing since the dawn of gaming. You know, Mario, Zelda, Smash Brothers, Metroid and Sonic. The Wii fan will constantly tout their consoles' hardware sales and its sales rate compared to the other two consoles.

That's because it's almost the only thing they have to fall-back on, they have nothing else going for their system save one other thnig. And it's quite the argument, really. One could say "Since the Wii is selling so great, it has to be the best console available"; however, sales does not dictate quality. Ask Britney Spears, who has sold millions upon millions of albums that are crap. It's the quite the argument to go against. There's no way to dispute the success that the Wii has endured for its sales has been, never-the-less, surprising. However, pointing out a simple flaw though always gets them going to their next fallback.

"The Wii library is crap compared to the other consoles."

Simple concept; wouldn't you say? The Wii has a large amount of shovelware titles (shovelware implying that the creators chose the content material indiscriminately, as if with a shovel, rather than hand-picking quality work). Not only this, but only a select few titles have reach AAA status and the majority of these titles we've seen before. However, the Wii fanboy will fallback to their last defensive option: Game of the Year.

"The Wii has the best game this generation, Super Mario Galaxy - therefore, it has the best library of games."

This is the most aggravating statement here at SystemWars, when the Wii fans tout their Super Mario Galaxy but don't realize that the rest of their library is dismal at best, save a very few titles. After all, most forget now that Gears of War for the Xbox 360 won game of the year last year - does that mean it's the greatest game of all time? Of course not. Super Mario Galaxy is a great, unique title for the Nintendo Wii and I'm glad, yes, glad that the Wii actually has a game with such high quality. Here is my analogy Wii fans:

There's two charts - chart Halo, and chart Mario.

(The following scores were randomnly put it for example purposes only)

As you can see, chart one with Mario has the only perfect score, however, which chart has the better overall grade - chart Halo. Same situation when compared to Nintendo's library, and the Xbox 360's library or any other system. Unfortunately, the laws of human nature and, well, the nature of fanboys here is to disregard that undisputable fact and fall back to other means, as I would call the "Chewbacca Defense" (A bunch of senseless arguments).

Nintendo's E3 2008 Press Conference Impressions.

Have you ever watched the channel "C-SPAN"? If you have, you'll understand how I felt while watching Nintendo's press conference: in fact, it was even worse than watching CSPAN. It was that bad.You have to understand why so many people here at Gamespot reacted so - I can't truly find the right word to describe this but - "against" Nintendo after E3, in fact; I'd say all the blame should have been put on the Wii fans. What did they do? They created threads with games, or what Nintendo "might" show - and all the sheep spouted out was "wait till E3". You know, it's funny - so many times I have heard Sony fans and even some Microsoft fans get bashed for "waiting" yet Nintendo fans never were called out on it.

Aw, I'm off-base now - back to the point at hand and my review of what Nintendo accomplished: nearly putting me to sleep. I am one of those few people who can go to the theaters and sit through a 3 hour movie like the Terminal and never get tired - however, Nintendo's E3 conference managed to make me drowsy from the sheer dull-bland showing. I wasn't alone when I thought it was a giant bomb - MadExponent said the following: "Geez...this is a massive faceplant". Indeed that doesn't even describe the vast volume of FAILURE in which encompassed Nintendo's showing. therealmcc0y rhetorically asked: "This is where gaming is heading?" A question which is lingering in the back of many gamers' minds. Throughout the entire E3 press conference, nothing major was announced - at the end of the day Wii gamers had the following: MotionPlus, an add-on to the Wii mote controller; WiiSpeak, a mic for the Wii; Wii Sports 2; Animal Crossing; and Wii Music. Saying the following: "this is the worst conference i've ever seen" became objective, the conference truly was worse than any conference I've ever seen - even worse than Nintendo's E3 2007 showing.

Some Wii fans still had hope as the showing was coming to a close. BigGimp77 said the following: "they still have a chance to redeem themselves..." But when the showing abrubtly ended - I was not alone when I said, "That's it?".

tman93: I want to kick my Wii right now.
sam280992: Wow... :lol:
aznfool07: That's it....? :(:(:(:(:(:(
-Karmum-:...that is it. :|
NightMare63: OMG, they really ended it like that...
MikeE21286: OMG thats it! Worst press conference I have ever watched.
darkslider99: Is that it...? It's over...?
VGobbsesser: ...That's it?:|
krp008: Its over?!?! worst. conference. EVERRRR!
terdoo: Well....that was the worst press confrence Iv ever seen.
whocares4peace: That was it?
Iamshivy: lol well that was sad.
Sargentbotk: LOL nozzelda or anything?! Nintendo lost my respect...
Xscrapzx: WOW! That had to be the worst E3 conference I have ever seen.
villa4europe: :lol: is there a form somewhere where i can apply to get my wasted time back?
darkslider99: I can't believe I wasted an hour on this...
kudols: That was seriously it...:| Looks like my Wii wont be getting much use this year...
killab2oo5: ...That was pretty..............horrible. I was expecting it to get better,:( but it never did.
MadExponent: What a HORRIBLE time to be a Wii owner.
BeanTownBrown86: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
ShaneBeck: Oh my God:( That was terrible.
Blizzvalve: Wow. I'm......speechless.....on how bad that conference was
VD_Demon-101: lol WTH?
sensesxfail:...Just wow.Just...WOW.
web966:That was a joke
ironcreed: That's it? A pretty damn weak showing for Nintendo

There was a lot more as well - I'm sorry if I didn't squeeze you in there, however, there was just too many gosh darn comments talking smash about the E3 press conference. In conclusion, I have to say that Nintendo proved to us that they can truly talk out of their ass. Promise without deliverance. Nintendo promises innovation, but the titles they shown showed nothing of the sort - where is gaming headed Nintendo? Do you care about the core gamers - or do you only care about stealing money from consumers?

SW Thread Archive

This blog was previously an archive for funny SW quotes, but I've decided to edit it and make it into a thread archive of mine instead.

Comment and link me to any threads I miss. Finding threads by me manually through Google is sort of a pain in the rear-end, and searching on Gamespot or using posting history is absolutely worthless.

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