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The Woes of upcoming holiday blowouts.

I, for one, as a normal consumer cannot help but shudder at the sheer incredible amount of games coming down the pike. I'm finding it ever harder to pick which games I should wait to purchase on sale, and which I should buy at full retail price... Games Like Sleeping Dogs and Dust are piquing my interest greatly, but on a larger scale, I feel like my money could be more effectively used... Going to sites to check reviews brings me no closer to a solid decision when the reviews only make the games all the more enticing to play... I'm at a loss! I need help, guidance! I don't need to overspend my games budget and end up falling short when the holiday rush batters my wallet with another barrage of AAA titles and fantastic indie breakthroughs! I guess I just need a little re-assurance and maybe a virtual pat on the back...

Hopefully they'll add this in an update....

Well the other week I got my 3ds, and I've been playing it nonstop.... Except I've been playing pokemon black. My only complaint with it so far is, I would like to be able to add a regular DS title to my favorite game on my friend card. Aside from the typical plight of sub par release line-up that every system suffers from, I really have no complaints. Looking to the future I'm really glad I invested in one now, there are going to be plenty of portable titles that I'm going to love to play!

PS3, Nethack review, and such

for xmas I got a ps3. I must admit, I adore it mainly because I have so many new games to play! Pre-ordered MAG yesterday, and I also completed WET. Wet was definitely alright, but it was too short, not warranting a full-price purchase (the 27 dollar used price was definitely more appropriate). I reviewed my favorite game of all time, Nethack, recently. Please, check out/recommend the review if you even sound tempted to play the game, although I strongly urge you to actually play it. I've still got a bunch of games to finish including: Bayonetta, Darksiders, MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, and Resistance 2 (I finished the first one on wednesday). Anywho, I guess I'll take a break from all the ps3 by laying down watching Black Books (an amazing britcom that I highly recommend, check it out on hulu), and playing nethack!

I'm in a TF2 clan... Rank 15 in WAR

So last night I applied for clanship in the Big Fist Clan, a Team Fortress 2 clan. I only needed 3 votes and an invite but I got a few more votes than that, and so I'm now a clanmember of BFC! My first scrim will probably be on January 31st.... don't know which class I'll be. Either medic, pyro, scout, or sniper. On the other hand, I've got rank 15 in WAR.... Just like in WoW lvling starts to get hard at some points, then gets extrememly easy. So, my trick is to PvE when it's easy, and then PvP when PvE is hard. It seems to work. I don't know what to do right now, but I think I might play the longest journey.

SH Out :D

TF2... may be less active.

Well, I finally got back into TF2, and I really want to try to go pro at it, so I'm probably going to be spending a lot of my time playing it. My time on GS will probably dwindle, but I'll try to come on as frequently as possible.

If you want to play with me, add me on steam

Steam id: mrpsyko, I should come up under the name Gr3as3d up D3af Guy

JSRF.... Tennis?!?!?!?!?!??

Really?! I mean WTF. I just checked-in a wii superstars tennis game, and on the back who do I see but JSRF's beat. He's sportin' his awesome shades and headphones, and he's totally just chillin'. Really nintendo? Have you stooped so low as to use the hallowed JSRF characters again, and for what, for TENNIS?! What next, cooking mama featuring Julia Child and Master..... CHEF? Oh ho ho, like you haven't heard that one before. Seriously, I want that BS to stop. We don't need these game-folk infesting our awesome characters with stupid concepts like making them play tennis. I mean jeez, it must be awfully hard to play tennis with those rollerblades strapped to your feet... Stupid, stupid devs :evil:

PS3. I'm gonna make it happen.

Okay, I've been debating since the ps3 came out whether or not to purchase one. I mean I figured I would eventually becaues of MGS4. But, now I REEEEAAALLYY want to try Little Big Planet, and at least give the ps3 a shot. Since I'm having this job thingy and making some money, I figured I would spring for a ps3 at the end of the month. I'm really excited for this purchase. Also, by the end of today I should have my 360 fixed. All I'll need is a Wii and I'll have all the current-gen consoles. However, I don't think I'm going to be getting a Wii any time soon. Honestly, wouldn't you rather have the 360/ps3 combo? I mean granted, there are a few really great titles for the Wii, but there aren't enough to warrant buying the system. Since the system is so cheap you can tell how I feel about their title selection: it's pretty piss-poor. Not to say that the ps3 is much better. Wait, yes, that's what I'm trying to say exactly! The 360 and the ps3 have much better title selections for my style of gaming. I'm also looking for your favorite ps3 games so I can make a selection. Right now I'm considering motorstorm/2 and I'm probably going to get MGS4, although it's not a definite. Just tooo much monies.

Review update time:

Okay, so I just have to complete episode 8 in Grimm and I'm done with volume 1! Then I can start my reveiwing process. So I'm looking at a wednesday video review date. I'll probably start a weekly video blog as well. I'm thinking of having reviews up on Wednesdays and blogs every sat or sun. My first blog should go up tomorrow! Suggestions for topics would be appreciated! Y'know just going to try to get my potential viewers in on this process; talk about things you guys want to hear about!

Webcam today, Grimm Vol. 1 for next friday!

Today when I get home from work I'll have a shiny new webcam to play with. Yesterday I found the joys of American Mcgee's Grimm. So, I know what I'm doing my first video review on: AM:Grimm Vol. 1, I mean I can't do each one individually, they're far too short to be complete games on their own. Hopefully my first video review son't completely suck. Wish me luck on the editing etc. I'm going to go have some breakfast and get ready for work now....