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Without spoiling too much, I'm having an issue with the game freezing/crashing when the boys go to confront Clyde following the confrontation in the school.

I'm using the digital version off of PSN, is anyone else having issues like this or is my old-ass PS3 finally starting to bite the dust?

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I'll believe it when I see it, I hate to be a pessimist but we've been waiting years for KUF2.

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Really hoping for an actual follow through on the PS4 port, my PC is far too old to handle something like this. They were talking about 10,000 or so units on screen at once? Ridiculous!

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Considering there's well over $200+ Million in property available (Golf Club alone is $150M), I'd say anything over $250 Million would be a good start. I'm trying my best not to cheat though.

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Binder or case, its fine.


quantity? and carry on or checked?

Soft binder/case if you're doing carry on, hard binder/case if you're doing checked. It's all personal preference.

Also, I'm not sure what the electricity situation is in Chile, most outlets might be 220/240v so look in to what's called a "Step Down" power converter. Nothing will fry your electronics faster than plugging a 110 in to a 220 without a "step down" converter.

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FFX is my absolute favorite Final Fantasy game, if anything I probably spent more time playing Blitzball that anything else in that game. So much fun!

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I personally loved the game, but yeah if you're not enjoying it by the time you meet Oleg then you're probably not gonna get into it after that. Not saying that the storyline doesn't get better, it's just the gameplay is pretty much the same throughout with few twists. Saints Row 3 is exactly as advertised: an over-the-top 3rd person shooter with a lot of "low-brow" humor.

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Finished up Farcry 3 a few weeks ago with Mass Effect 3 shortly after, never got around to ME3 because I was deployed. Currently switching between Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, and Madden 13.

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Dragon Age II, Homefront, and MLB11 The Show. Can't wait!!!

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