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Stubbed my toe on the front door of my home this morning. While hopping up and down from the pain, I strained my calf muscle. Rolled around on the street in the fetal position while the neighborhood dog sniffed my butt.
What other horrors await for me today?!

Two of the above statements are true; I'll let you decide which they are.

The Purple Tentacle Stands at the Pinnacle of Villainy

What defines a villain?

(1) A villain must have a certain look that screams evil. If a villain were to walk/float/hover/whatever down the street, your average Joe should be able to point and say, "Son, there goes a villain." The Purple Tentacle is a purple tentacle, need I say more.

(2) A villain must have a goal. Something so evil and villainy that no one can mistake them for being on the side of good. Stealing artifacts and giving clues to kids on how to find them? Petty theft at its lowest. Holding a fighting tournament so you can fight the winner? Lame. Wearing a mask and waving a glowing sword around to bond with your son? Totally anti-villain. The Purple Tentacle rises above his competition in this category, seeking nothing less than global domination.

(3) A villain must have accomplished their goal. In the Day of the Tentacle, Purple Tentacle succeeded where all else had failed and accomplished global domination. He made the world safe for tentacles of his ilk to live freely without the meddling humans.

Purple Tentacle's place in history is cemented as one of greatest villains of all time. He needs your votes to become THE All-Time Greatest Game Villain.