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Things to do. And soon.



A 360 version of Skyrim+Dawnguard+Hearthfire, Borderlands 2, Darksiders 2, Saints Row The Third, Dishonored, Assassins Creed 3, Halo 4, CODblops2, GTAV.


Witcher 2, Arkham Asylum & City, Darksiders, Rage, I'm sure there's more...


Halo 3, borderlands, FF7, AC: Revelations.

I'm going to be very poor.

Call Of Duty: Getting boring now.

COD4 and COD:WW were very good when they came out, i mean ive spent so much time on COD4 on live its unreal, but then i got to Gold Cross and everything went down the perverbial pan. Then some time later, COD: WW came out and it was the exact same story with worse guns and more gore. I don't get why people keep playing FPS's (including GOW, which i know technically speaking is a third person) all i am trying to say is. OMG. BORED. I look back at the time i spent, and wonder if i put the same amount of effort into something useful i might have a large sum of money.

Fallout 3, Majorly underrated, lets face it

If you look at all the raw facts of Fallout 3, its is a top quality game, Graphics: awesome, Gameplay: 10/10, Plotline: More gripping than Halo, Sound & Music: top notch, even going back to the classic music. All the right ingedients are there, but why do so many people seem so damn disappointed? OK there was a fair bit of hype but this doesn't explain it. People say its a rip off of Oblivion (which is also an mint game) but really its just trying to take a step ahead. Can someone please explain to me why its not made it above 9.0??

Final Fantasy RUINED!!

Where have all the classics gone! FF7-8-9 are easily the best ones FFX wasnt too bad, and hell lost odyssey was pretty good but i miss the TURN BASED SYSTEM which i am a master of. squaresoft get you act together and make a ff7 or 8 remake!! any one with me? we should get some sort of partition on the go..