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A level of PISSED OFF I never knew existed....

So I spent my whole week and weekend playing God of War, and after hours of hours of pain and misery going through the game because of its difficulty, at the final boss, three phases, all a pain in the rear end, as soon as I was about to deliver the final blow, thus putting an end to my misery, the game freezes on me. After me and my brother both starred at the screen for about five minutes without a word, he almost dies laughing, as I reach a state that I never thought I could getanymore angrier. The game is self aware, it hates me, I'm done, I get nothing, I lose, good day everyone.

Shutter Island, Mega Man 10, God of War, and Final Fantasy XIII

Well March is almost here once again. It's a long month where I don't have a single day off from school, but there are some anticipated game releases I'm looking forward to though.

First of all I saw Shutter Island two nights ago (Friday) and everything about it was great. It's really confusing to piece everything together during the middle so you have to pay attention to the dialogue. DiCaprio did a hell of a job acting and Scorsese did a great job directing it. Definitely go see it if your looking for suspense in a movie.

Mega Man 10 is coming out next month, but there's no word on a specific date that I know of yet. I loved Mega Man 9 and hopefully 10 don't disappoint me one bit.

I'm really getting excited for God of War III's release because I now have a PS3 and I can actually get it when it comes out. Although I'm a little short on money right now and I should save up. I'm playing through the first game and hopefully the second one soon so I can get through what's going on before the third game.

I always loved Square Enix's games like the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. With FFXIII coming out soon I'm also getting hyped for this one too. I'm actually thinking about getting it on the PS3 because I played most of the series on the Playstation systems, but I'll decide that when I get to it.

Well that's pretty much it for now, later guys.

inFamous is also really good!

Yeah I have been playing a lot of my PS3 lately and I got hooked on this game after beating Uncharted 2. Also I beat inFamous on the hero side, so is there a difference in the story if I replay the game on anti-hero side other than the choices I make?

2nd year anniversary here!

Its amazing how sometimes signing up for an account on a website just for forums and comment posting can turn into signing up for a lot more. I never expected this to happen at all. Still no video blog because the computer needs to be fixed. But whenever I have time I will do a much better blog than this but until then, here's is to another 1 or hopefully 2 more years here.

Holy crap.....

I just got done finishing Metal Gear Solid 3, and after I beat the final boss comes an hour and a half of cutscenes. From what I've heard this is common in the Metal Gear Solid series, but that'sa little too much for the storyline to be that stretched out. The game was great, but those lengthy cutscenes kill the replay value for me a little bit. One down, then two more games until MGS4.

In other news Spider Man4 is now scrapped for good :(