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Great, I'm having the same problem. Damn you Batman.
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Depends, do you like the idea of digital downloads? You're stuck with them for the Go.
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Well, with Fallout 3, you don't really manually aim, often. It's all calculated within VATS. . .
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What is the extension of the file? It'll be the thing after Operation7.(whatever, hopefully exe)
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machiavell8x8- Thanx for the heads up on that mod. I haven't had that much time to search for mods. Because of the games age there are thousands of mods out there to look through. Once school is over I will be on the look out for that one.

rustygershon Enjoy.

And it's not impossible to find girl gamers, just slightly harder than it is to find guy. So you'll have say 20 guys to 1 girl, if that. They're still gamers, and they can still beat you down while you're drooling over their long hair and different anatomical parts.

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Well, you can't send it back. . . Try a different Rock Band game? That's all I can say. . . If you want to know how to open your disc drive without the system being on (manually) look here:
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Shin Megami Tensei games (the ps2 ones). Would be a lot better with a new facelift, constant voice overs, and more content.

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You should be relaxed soon. Happy, I'm not sure. If you want to be happy (confused) get Nobi Nobi Boy too.
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I really don't see the need, as Crispyo said. Since I take good care of anything I own, I don't have protectors for anything. That and I'm cheap.
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Only played Indigo Prophecy, but it was really good.