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A Solution For Six Days in Falluah

So, we all know by now that Konami is backing out of the whole "Six Days in Fallujah" debacle due to the publics reception of the game. Atomic however, still has yet to release an official announcement of the games ultimate demise. I think I know what should be done, just read more.

First however, I want to rant about this little subject. Some people shed tears over the fact that they were rushing into this, too early. I mean, we are still kinda at war. Yet that didn't stop anyone from making a movie about 9/11 a year after it happened. Excuse me, but, I didn't know we were making exceptions. 9/11 is a documentary film about the attack and was aired on CBS, commercial free on March 10th 2002. It marked the six months after the attacks. And people are complaining about a war game?

Then we go and make a war game, and people crap their pants. Here's thing Atomic. Your game is stirring a lot of controversy… There are companies who thrive off this controversy. Look at Rockstar. They're not afraid of crossing the line and making something controversial. They'll do anything, from shooting cops to showing penis because they know that controversy sells. If you really want to get "Six Days in Fallujah" out there, talk to Rockstar or another publisher that isn't afraid to stick it to the man by crossing that line.

Now, those of you who want to see what's become of "Six Days in Fallujah", Atomic Games will be releasing an announcement soon. Let's hope the worst won't happen, as the games seems to have been in production for a while. The name, "Six Days in Fallujah" was filed for word mark on February 4th, 2005.