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Later Blog Entry.

I am sorry... I don't post my blog entry for 2 month lol. Now, I don't login my PSN account. Because, PSN got hacker now. T^T **** hacker. I can't login my PSN account. George Hotz run away to South America. But, PSN group don't found him. :'c I feel sad, i don't want sell my PS3. T^T I'm anger now.

I want play MvC3 Special Edition PS3 T_T

Sup. I don't comment my blog entry. C: I want play MvC3 Special Edition PS3. T_T My mom said, Mailman come to my home for MvC3 Special Edition PS3 from Capcom Store for 1 week. T_T I have no moneys. ;A; I need finish play Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 for my videos in YouTube. :V I need more moneys. My cousin Nino want me play DC Universe Online PS3. :V I give $70 for my dad. :V

I buy Final Fantasy VII movie for Target

Hello. I has go to Target. I buy to Final Fantasy VII movie. (I hope movie is gone in Target)

I am bored. I want buy to new TV for next week. Okay, my dad say, tomorrow. I play later. C: I don't play now. I want buy new TV for Webnesday.


P.S: I want draw General Azimuth from Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. C:

I get Devil May Cry 4?

Hello everyone. I want get Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360. I has only Wii, PS2, DSi, Gamecube, NDS, PSP, and Xbox 360. I not have PS3. I will get PS3 for my birthday.