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Life Is Sweet

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College life at MTSU = awesome. My classes are somewhat boring, but at least they're all pretty small with 30 or so students per class. I never did like high school, but now that I'm in college I realize just how stupid high school really is. In case anybody is curious, it is entirely possible to go to college and meet people that don't want to get wasted every night.

As for gaming, I picked up Chrono Trigger and GTA for the DS the other day. I haven't really gotten the opportunity to sit down and play them yet, but Chrono Trigger has been pretty cool so far. Another fascinating observation, a student has far more freetime in college than in high school, but there's so much stuff to do that it's hard to find time to actually study.

Anyways, life is pretty sweet. If you get the opportunity to go to college, go.

On an entirely different note, I got to attend LiveStock the other day and saw some really great bands, namely Sleeping Giant. If you're a fan of the genre, I must insist you attend one of their "shows" should the opportunity arise. It's so awesome that I wouldn't call it a concert, but rather an experience. In the Midst of Lions is another band that you should check out if you're also a fan of that genre of music: Christian Hardcore/Metal...

How's everybody else doing?


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I've been really busy here lately. Calculus and Chem. II keep my busy, but what do you expect from AP classes? It's starting to warm up a little bit here in TN, which is definitely a good thing.

Business slowed almost to a standstill this winter, so I haven't workedin almost twomonths. The everdecadent economy sure is making it hard to imagine an optimistic future. Kind of makes me wish high school would last a little bit longer :?. Anyways, it looks as if I'll be attending Middle Tennessee State University next year with a major in mathematics;that'll be interesting.I ended up getting the Presidential Scholarship there, so it combined with the Hope and General Assembly scholarships shouldpay for themajority of college (unless they raise tuition by double digits...which is being considered).

That's summarizes just about everything that's been going on with me since my last blog.On a different note,my brother announced his calling to preach and presented his first sermon. It was comical and spiritual, a good combination. So what's everybody else been up to?

Ready to Move On

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Well guys, I think it's time for me to throw in the towel on videogames. This past year, I barely even touched my DS, and I only bought one game. I think my interest in videogames has been slowly eroding over the past year. Meanwhile, my passion for airsoft is escalating with every passing moment. The time has come to move on to allot more focus on my true passion. I'll check in here every now and then to see how people are, namely JesusFreak and nymets, but my videogame days have come to an end.

Enjoy your lives, fellows.

-"In a hundred years, everything you own will be dust, rust, or belong to someone else."

All A's For Me

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I got a 97 on my Sociology final, the highest grade in the class. I've got a confirmed A in Psychology as well. I wonder if the ladies like 4.0's.

Enjoy the Holidays.

Don't Slam Your Controllers On The Ground

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A friend came over yesterday that had never played the N64, so we introduced him to the system with NFL Blitz 2000. After 3 fumbles, I lost my cool and slammed my controller on the ground...either the controller itself, the rumble pack, or the batteries within the rumble pack bounced back up and hit me in the head. I developed an instantaneous knot on my forhead that protruded out an inch. I might try and get a photo of it up on here later.

On a side note, I'm level 20 now. I also saw Hot Rod the other day, and it was hilarious. That's about it.

Auction Win #3

by on

This time I won an 18" K Custom Dark Crash for $187.26. It is a cymbal for a drumset, JesusFreak. ;)

Enjoy Thanksgiving everybody.

Latest Ebay Auction

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I recently won a Zildjian K Custom 14" fast crash for $133.50. Now I just gotta get a new pair of hi-hats, another crash, and a ride to go with it.

Peace E-Z

Prada, Saosin, and Underoath Concert

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Yesterday I saw The Devil Wears Prada, Saosin, and Underoath last night in Atlanta. It was awesome. If any of you guys ever get the oppurtunity to see either of the bands, I highly suggest you go.

Anybody got a Micro?

by on

I'm thinking about getting one to carry with me to places a little too dangerous for my DS (it's spoiled). Anybody got one to tell me what they're like? Does somebody have one lying around they want to sell?

On a seperate note, I saw Iron Man this weekend and it was amazing. It's definitely a buy.

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