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Well, I reckon Im back now + Soul Calibur 4

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Well I have a few things sorted, generally I feel better about allot of stuff now and I think choosing a different bunch of courses in college this year will help, something new.

Im still trying to get used to the way how GS works now, Im liking the new layout despite having some difficulty. The place just looks good with a change thats all, although I'd like to be able to see more blogs, of all things.
Maybe I don't comment much back sometimes but I'd rather just not spam a comment that Im, well, honestly just not backing with real faith or intrest towards the blog subject, like somebody may blog about a bird they saw, a rare bird only seen every 5 years, Im not intrested in bird watching so I just hate saying "Wow Awesome lol" when I really don't mean it :P And sometimes I miss out on blogs with so many updates or just forget lol:P

As for whats been happening recently...

Is it just me, or is everyone's connection to xbox live, turned to ****? Applying to UK users mainly, because I have very slow internet on live now, even with no PC or anything connected to the line. Means I can't hit people in Rainbow Six without pretending to be a TF2 Heavy, by using the most rapid firing LMG I can get in the game.

And other than that news, I've reached rank 25 in BF Bad Company, and become a Commander Grade 3 in Halo 3 lol, sucks because for 5 months I've been a commander grade 2.

_ - _ - _ - _

And if you don't wanna read on about Soul Calibur, then its "Seeya around GS" for now lol.

_ _

Yeah, I got the game, on the day and special tin case that the UK got and I love the game lol, apart from the tower of lost souls and Kilik.

So far Im using everyone but mostly Lizardman and second mostly, Cervantes. Lol pirates ftw.

Can't help but post some pics, Lizardman is so awesome :P

And here is Tira getting served.

Yeah I hate her. Creepy personality, creepy weapon, annoying to hit.

And here's Cervantes as he appears in Soul Calibur 4.

I have all characters apart from Darth Vader who will 90% most likely fill the spot between Yoda and the Apprentice who both suck cheaply when I use them lol.

I pretty much done all the game apart from the tower of lost souls.

And I guess thats about it lol, just playing the game, pwning noobs and getting raped by spammers who NEED to win and get to level 20 online just for 20 gamerscore...god I hate achievement *****s....

But yeah, until next time, Seeya, and I am back on GS now, and damn am I looking forward to Fable2 and Fallout 3 :P

Still Majorly Inactive BTW

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Yeah, I'll be away or lurking rather, for a while now.

If you don't know why, read the previous blog, its annoying when you're unable to put some things to rest and get stressed with general life at the same time.

So I won't be on much for the next few weeks maybe, and GS has kinda died down allot too, Giantbomb is ok, I worked to get some good rank on there but Im already bored of a site thats been left half assed with errors for the users to correct.

Why I haven't been on much and will be a little quiet on GS (Big rant)

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Yeah, I think I may take a break from unions and stuff for a bit, at least maybe make some posts or check whats going on.

Why? Well, this week, has completely ****ed over sideways and made such a bloody mess of things for me.

For those of you that do read rants and stuff, Im sorry if you guys don't, I just feel so pissed it would only make me feel better if I could talk it over with friends and stuff, thats how things for me kinda work when Im annoyed.

Well then, for a start, I've never been quite the happiest person around, teachers want me to talk to a councillor because they think that Im unable to feel genuinely happy for people or myself when something does make me feel happy, because Im never happy for more than a few minutes on the same subject, only if Im constantly kept happy which games can do for me sometimes.

Im sure some of you have encountered a problem where your car or bike breaks down, well that happened to me twice this week, once on my bike, which is now fixed, and once on my college's bus when we went on a field trip. Ever tried pushing a bike for a mile? It ain't fun.

Im kinda being pressured to find a career choice so I can select some college courses next year which are relevant to it, thing is, I honestly don't know what to do and realistically won't reach what I've always wanted to do. So right now, the college pushing me to do that is just irritating. I wanted to see if there were flight engineers still in work with BA but its all done electronically now so its just 2 pilots rather than 2 and one engineer...gotta love technology when it takes your job options...

My 360 keeps crashing/freezing, and Im worried now, its an Elite and I paid for it and all the games on it and I can barely get a go on the thing because my mum supports that my bro should be able to play it when he wants to keep him quiet.

I got Bad Company and wow, so many noob snipers that can't headshot me and instead keep chipping away health. Im a demolition soldier, I got 10 kills in a row. With a shotgun alone. Died and came back then knifed 8 people in a row.
I don't need no sniper to kill people because I don't suck in close combat like snipers do and I don't need some pistol thats seriously overpowered.

This has also annoyed me a little. Its my birthday soon and its not just my dad who wants to say happy birthday this year and do something. Its a miracle, my mum wants to do something for me...and annoyingly it almost takes the mick so bad that she only does it now, that it almost makes me angry. And so does the fact that almost all my friends said "If you're gonna have a party, you will have a couple bottles of vodka for us each right? Or else I won't be assed coming." Yeah and I have a liver, I hate hospitals and having operations, so Im stuck because there isn't anything to do in the town nearby either...I've never really been happy on my birthday or christmas so if this one goes well, it'll be a first time in a long time that I enjoyed it.

My PC keeps shutting down and I'll be lucky if this blog gets up. Because my PC seems to have a pathetic fault of shutting itself down when it loads more than 3 programs for some reason....

Well Im definately seeing the college councillor again, dunno if it'll help me that much but yeah its why I've been off.

That is how crap my week alone has been. Allot of other stuff bugged me very badly last month and I swear some friends are ignoring me because I've had a bad week.

Just saying, don't expect as much activity as you usually get from me because right now, I just cannot be assed with people disagreeing and arguing with me especially because they think they can have an outrageous opinion because they're behind a computer screen.

I Need Your Friend Codes Again for UK Brawl Disc

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I got it out of convienence of not having to use the Freeloader disc.

And I annoyingly have lost all data from the last game.

So i need friend codes again etc, preferably people who can play UK times usually lol.

I also go online and find that almost every player is an Ike. Seriously, I may not be the best player by style of play and all as some of you know but get some other character that isn't horribly strong and can KO at 40%...moan all you want on him being cheap, if my ignorance on the matter is offensive I don't care. I hate Ike and all people do with him is spam his larger attacks and his FS is craptacularly weak and only hits one person. Yeah he's slow but Im not exactly a pro yet...

And Nintendo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX UR SERVERS PLZ...Im on and Im waiting and Im trying 3-5 times before I can find another player.

No notices of change in lag, I never usually got laggy matches with freinds or anyone on Brawl but have had one match so far. At least I can actually have lag free matches when I do get a match.

As for other news...

I got the GAME version of SSBB, so that means I got the cool looking box sleeve, I would like to know, what kind of models did you get if you ordered the Gamestation version? were they worth going to Gamestation for? (I like to have merch from my fave games so :P)

I started Halo3 gaming again, had some problems with a friend or two and we just sorted things and now Im gonna try and be positive on Halo3 lol, despite noobs annoying me.

I got a new bike helmet, not quite the one I blogged about before a while back, apparently the freind of mine who works at the bike store said they all fell to peices on impact which was unsafe lol. Weather is improving too so I can get a new bike soon :P

Also, if you wish or are intrested, join The StarFox Union, we're all getting ready for a StarFox to unveiled at E3, as much as I doubt one will be, I hope Im wrong, I really do. The union only opened a few days back this week, its not dying, its just started a steady flow of posts and it would be nice to have some faithful fans of the series keep the place going :P

Almost done with SSE on my new Brawl game and Im in the great maze, the most boring and annoying part, Im kinda running through it as Fox, Falco, Lucario and Snake and its like *Spaak starts buzzing angrily at me* and Fox goes "One sec, going to the ruins lol brb" *holds up reflector casually and continues to walk off*...

Erm yeah. Oh and new Rainbow Six Vegas firmware update or something coming up, should be good. And I've run out of things to say, I just need your friend codes again lol because am I **** going on my old game and getting all your codes written down again and then written into the game again, nah Im too lazy to do that lol :P

Oh and my friend code, is...

3995 7974 7035

Tagged Again! o.o

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Credits to Kier21 for the tagging :P

Hmm, 10 facts...

1: I rickroll'd a grand total of 30 people simultaneously online.

2: I was so powerful on The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, that I had a fightfight, threw off my shirt and shoes and armour and all my weapons, and had a fist fight with a god.

And I won.

Well, more like, I clawed him to death since I was an Argonian lol.

Then I stole the Elder Scrolls on his desk.

3:I severely lack a sense of time.

Yeah conditions and stuff do that, but intrestingly, I seem to get the urge to look at a watch or a clock on the hour or at 30 minutes past the hour, and I always wake up at 7:30 every morning, without somebody waking me up or the use of an alarm clock.

Im not really sure whether its some phenomena or some sensitivity to certain actions that cause disturbances every day at certain times but I always wake up at 7:30 without an alarm clock somehow.

4: I funnily enough, got chosen to swim for my school in the county swimming gala despite being afraid of being in bodies of water...

I still swam because I was flattered that they chose me and I only swam because I wanted to get the lessons over with before which is probably why I could swim faster than people in my class lol.

5: My eyes have two different rings of colour on each individual eye.

Each one has 2 rings clearly seperated by different colour, the inner one is amber-orange and the outer is a faded leaf green colour. I honestly don't have a clue what to say when somebody says "What is your eye colour?", infact, it almost takes the piss lol.

6: Covenant Elites from Halo, will always be cooler than Spartans in MJOLNIR suits.

That is where I got the last part for my GS name.

7: I like Winter better than Summer...

Because I'd rather not be sweating my face off my skull than freezing my ears off. I find it works like this... in winter you can put on as much clothing as you want but in summer you can never take enough off.
England seems to be getting mild-hot summer weather in late spring and then very cold winters in October and onwards.

8: If I were to be in any game world, in order and a race from the planet or game universe, it would be like this (yes I've been asked this in real life before which is where I got the idea from for telling the answer here lol)

Corneria, Lylat System - StarFox, and probably as a ..hmm, let you guys guess that one :P

Milky Way Galaxy, Citadel in Mass Effect as a Turian and be a gaurd or an investigator like Garrus Vakarian :P

Veldin or more likely, Metropolis in Ratchet And Clank's galaxy as a Lombax :P

Covenant territory in Halo3 - As an Elite and probably a captain :P

In a pokemon world - As a Lucario or Frealigator or something like Metwo that can read minds and speak, why be human there when you can be a Lucario and fire aura balls at people you hate? :P

In the MGS world - I would be an Arsenal Gear armed security ninja guy :P

In the Elder Scrolls World, either Tamriel or Vvanderfel Island (basically "Morrowind Island) - as a Breton mage or Khajiit or Morrowind Species Argonian assassin :P

(Yeah you can tell I like Aliens in games and fantasy races can't you? lmao)

9: Im gonna be random now, I think that an Undertaker probably has the coolest sounding job name ever but has the most depressing sounding work ever lol.

(Yeah I have ran out of things to say)

10: I wish to go into space one day, hopefully in our lifetimes it will be possible :P

And that, Ladies, Gentlemen, or whatever you may be lmao, concludes today's ten facts about me, which I hastily came up with in lack of things to say lol.

Gonna be Away from 5am 18th June - 7pm 20th June

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Assuming the trains are on time which they usually aren't round here....

Seeing a friend and so will be away :P

As for other news...

I have Okami Wii and Im loving it. Really is unique and its just creative.

I now have the Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Mouse and a mousemat from Razer and wow it feels all new and like I have a mouse sliding on ice, no friction, smooth'n'sleek is the best way to say it. The extra buttons on it kick ass. Very handy in games, escpecially the "Quick Turn" feature, records a spin and spins exactly half that distance so you can see behind you then turn round in an FPS or something. I'll go into more detail if requested in the comments.

Still waiting to see if Brawl will get enough pre-orders round here for a midnight launch...I already have the game yeah but I'd rather not have a Freeloader activated version.

I've had the chance to ask a few questions to Rob Lowe, who is answering questions for GS UK. Im glad somebody has stepped up to be accountable for Nintendo's crap treatment of Europe and answer some questions.

Admittedly Sony are getting better with it too, they noticed that worldwide launch is key to customer morale too. Nintendo still treat us like crap...You get Brawl, we get Mario Kart, You guys in the US get Mario Kart. WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR

Firefox 3 Beta is coming out today in 20 minutes now and Im gonna get it, I've been using the beta for a while now and seriously I don't see none of this stuff in Internet Explorer...some people just don't get that not every thing that comes from your worshipped company is actually as good as independent 3rd party products. Gonna be a world record attempt today too. To see how many people will download Firefox 3 in the next 24 hours now starting in 19 minutes at the time of writing this paragraph.

Erm, I guess thats it...

Oh and one funny thing that happened today...

My friend and I were talking in the motorbikes parking lot at college and he noticed his bike wouldn't start, sounded like something was in the engine...he noticed his rival was hanging around other people's bikes and he looks inside his fuel tank and noticed somebody had dropped dog crap in his fuel tank lmfao...he now has to push his bike home lol.

Anyway the first part of the blog should be intresting.

And I am Legend STILL sucks lol :P

lol Sony brings the world one step closer to Skynet armageddon

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Joking, lol, but this is my lulz of the day.

Seriously I thought only God could play Crysis with a decent specs turned on lol.

Imagine gaming on that thing lol.

Now imagine Terminator happening in real life since this thing, can be used to monitor the use of nuclear power...

We're one step closer to Skynet guys lol, prepare for the end lol.

As for other news-

Im back in college tommorow for some reason! yes, study leave is over now but I've done all my tests and exams... o.o

Been playing Brawl allot recently, trying to improve on stuff and my ****of play in general, fighting CPUs until recently leaves a few bad habits lol.

Found a totally kick ass picture of Wolf O'Donnell in his Brawl kit.

And NO I will never take my green tinted glasses off :P

I watched I am Legend...I lol'd all the way through, all them 100 minutes. It sucked that badly.

I also watched Beavis and Buttehead do America and now that was epic.

Funny animation, More Brawl Taunts - Credits to Bruno for finding it lol

I made a new sig...

Can't help but feel his right arm looks choppy :P

Erm yeah. I have a funny Brawl pic too and I guess Brawling and practising is all I've been doing this holiday really...

So yeah, seey'all in the comments :P Im off to get some noodles lol, not ramen, noodles...Swanzie knows what Im talking about lol when I say "not ramen"... >.>

Small Rant Blog Again lol

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Is it me, or does everyone argue now? On GS I mean.

Im not sure if its just me suddenly being caught in the crossfire of things at home and on GS which makes me notice the arguements all of a sudden or if its just people on GS have started to stop backing down when they should.

But Im finding that in places I like to go on GS, somebody is there to argue about something either because somebody can't shut up about their opinion or somebody can't ignore somebody who can't shut up about their opinion, or a clash of the two...

But yeah, its kinda been annoying me recently and that I feel like I get problems wherever I may roam...

_ _

Aiming for a shorter blog today. - Played some Rainbow Six and haven't been booted yet thankfully.

Also I think Im giving up on Halo3...don't wanna go into much detail but a big game means it has a big fanbase which means a high proportion of it are ****s. So thats annoyed me too.

Another thing is something I mentioned in only one union. Some people are kinda skeptical and some people misunderstand what a minor case of autism can be or what types there are. I've been looking around and call me one of them hypo-condri-something who think they're ill, if you want but I believe that my 2 conditions usually found in a couple cases of autism, backs up my suspicion that I may have a very minor case of it. I just kinda wonder why I slurr words and repeat my sentences more-often-than-occasionally. Just thinkin, for those of you who do have it, it would be nice to know some advice on whether I should go ahead and ask, because it may well just be my condition alone that makes me do occasional weird things lol.

Lol and this blog I believe is significantly shorter than the others for those of you who are picky about that stuff :P

StarFox-Elite's 10K Posts Off-Topic Blog Party!

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Yeah I reached 10K posts 2 days ago but barely posted since lol. The title is kinda misleading, I mean 10 k posts overall, not in the Off Topic Board :P

Lol, that screenshot is ownage to remember if you're a very bored person like me lol.

Now here's for some funny **** in celebration lol.

Unknown Moments [Of Half Life2]

Chuck Norris' fave ten facts

Here's some Pics from a DeviantArtist who's also a Half Life/StarFox fan lol.

Wrong Machine, Right Button

How Master Cheif Lost His Face

These Bannanas pwn, just like me

Dead Furf@g

Here's a fave favourite of the pics lol.

This a sign I made lol

Its from a site that is named in the pic, see if you spot it.

Lol and this is an uber funny pic, I don't know who made it though :P

Oh and incase the sig doesn't show in the screenshot in the first part of the blog, this is what it looks like, I have a bad memory of blogs clipping pictures..

Yeah Im beginning to like Wolf O'Donnell quite allot more than I used to :P

As for my gaming life...

I ALMOST am a general on Halo3...I have experience but not the skill in Lone Wolves where my highest skill is level 38...

Played some Bioshock, great game. World In Conflict Im almost done with, on last level. Really reccomend that game.

Also started playing Mass Effect again, completed Bring Down The Sky. Gawd I love being a renegade in that game lol.

And I think this afternoon I may try some Brawl, I kinda get bored of not being able to talk to anyone on it though.

Gaming is kinda hindered by my 9 exams lol...but summer is almost here, and next year I'll take some different courses, the ones I have now, kinda leave me wandering aimlessly because I just don't even know what Im working for now as the university I planned to go to has put up the grade boundaries to something i cannot reach :x *****es...

As for those who like bikes here, Im getting a new one this July, a Honda :P Its the Honda CBR125, hopefully the 2007 Version :P My old Aprilia is almost dead from these hills lol, its not designed for anything more than flat land lol. The Honda should murder the hills round here lol.

So anything you wanna do, as long as its within TOS of GS and won't annoy me, or other users :P Questions, randomness, do it :P

So erm, yeah I guess thats it for now. Lol.

GTA IV and Other news...

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I gots GTA IV and its good, don't get me wrong but some of it is just crap, quite allot I don't like in the game.

I just don't like the lack of scenery change in the islands, the car handling is terrible, where's my jet? I want my jump jet...

But the rest is good, generally fun, lack of clothes that look good though, the new cop escape thing is good, I like the RPG launchers in the game lol, swirling rocket of doom heading your way... and its cool how the shell of whats left of the car keeps going even after being pounded by the RPG.

But still, I ain't really done that much that there is to offer mainly because I feel some of it is lacking. Just feels empty.

- - -

Erm I also bought Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess for my wii again, because the Wii is now in my room on a new TV. And I just feel like doing some LOZ again.

Also I bought Rainbow Six Lockdown and Rainbow Six Ravenshield for £2 lol. I played Ravenshield AGES ago and it was awesome. Missed Lockdown out though.

I also bought one of these and damnit they look so awesome on my desk.

Nice price too.

Halo3 I feel is kinda messed up now. I hate the melee system. Please Bungie, fix it for us...

Which is another reason for me to go back to sniping lol. I used to be like, The End from MGS3 lol.

Getting kinda bored of GS, Im using the bungie forums more really.

Hoping Nintendo will get their finger out where the sun don't shine and start working on a new StarFox to be unveiled or at least announced this E3. Come on Nintendo, you know we want one, stop making crap games like you are now...

Im also losing the will to work in college, Im gonna try for these exams, if they don't work, then its home schooling, I just need some sort of change because Im so bored of the work at college its become a pain to get up and go to it. Can't join the armed forces lol, silly colour detection of mine so that means no jobs for me there if I suddenly decide I can't be assed with education. I blame the EU lol. They make us do stupid working times and all sorts of random crap nobody likes lol.

And as for who'll be voted for by my mum, it probably will end up being the Conservatives lol. She's friends with the town mayor who likes her business/work/shop and he keeps hinting that she should vote conservatives because he's a conservative lol.

Strangely enough, related to the point above. I just noticed that this is a Labour voting town, but the Mayor is a conservative.. lol what the hell is going on, no wonder we get nowhere in politics round here...

*is staring at the awesome battle rifle replica on desk* eheh yeah Im still amazed by how awesome it looks lol.

Kinda intresting Mass Effect ****descision/Situation I and my mum were in this morning, my old boss, is Turkish and we found his visa/immigration stay had expired 15 years ago, and he just randomly got told he had to come for an interview in london with the immigration dept in london today. And my mum isn't sure what to do because he asked her to sign some forms that would get him away from trouble in court, dunno if that was the bail procedure you can do, but my mum didn't know whether to get involved and help him or leave him to re-apply for a stay or something...Im not sure what to say, he was a great boss, payed me a load when I did have a job and thats my only job/boss I can come back to, ended. Lol stuff just keeps getting better and better round here >_>

Omg I just rememmbered, this would be pretty funny, my mum's friend who is like a, boss or something in Haverigg Prison which is across the bay from me, is looking for new staff, like, store workers and patrol officers at young age lol. Was just thinking, now that would be funny because this is a juvenile prison and adult prison lol. I could see all the chavs I seen get busted in their cars in town lol. But yeah, I dunno, I'll see how I feel about school and make descisions closer to the time.

Errr Yeah, I think thats about all thats happened...oh and I got Bioshock too, pretty good. Scared the hell out of me when the splicer appeared behind me in the smoke when in the dentistry lol. Turned round and the smoke disappeared and he was staring at me so I just tore him a new ass with my tommy gun lol. So far thats been the scariest part lol.