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Small Site Dev Update

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Hello. Long time no blog, I know. Sorry about that. But as you know I have been hard at work. Working on my own site. Thanks for all the comments, and the odd offer of a helping hand. I may have a few people who are willing to write, for free. But please try not to slam me with messages requesting more information.

I do intend to make a proper blog post here with screens and feature information soon. Its almost 4am so I'm off for now.

I'm a developer now fella's

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Hey all you GameSpot folk.

As you may have noticed, I've been increasingly silent around these parts. Why? Well let me tell you. Way back when this site was knee deep in glitches and problems, around the same time as the whole Jeff thing, I decided to get back into making my own website. In particular, a personal blog and visual collective of my art works.

Still in a pre alpha state it's coming on nicely. One of the biggest problems so far was screen resolutions. I sit here with two 22" monitors and I have to cater for a minimum of 1024x768, which any web designer will tell you is the most popular screen resolution. So thing's look a little narrow, much like GameSpot filling in the 800x600 market. Two huge sides of gray doing nothing. A secondary problem is cross browser support. In a way it's like making a game for the PS3 and X360. Both do things differently and so the end result is different. Never the less it needs to be done as Internet Explorer is the most popular browser followed by Firefox.

So what will become of me over here on GameSpot? Well I intend to use it as a Games Portal to track my latest gaming interests. And of course I have Common Wordage. Most of the blogging I do here is game related, as you would expect. I still intend to post on my GS Blog just real selected stuff. Plus it will all be available on the new blog anyway.

So when will this beast be unleashed? Well it's done when it's done. Unlike a game web design is incrimental and no final boxed version if sent out. It always updates. So as soon as I get the main elements in and it looking pretty I'll let rip on the URL.

Tar very much. Stay on me to get the latest news on it.

Common Wordage 016 Available

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Its a little late but I did it. Enjoy the, admittedly short, 016 issue of Common Wordage. If you cam directly to this post you will need to check out my profile to see it.

Check out this shiny new promo trailer

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In the wake of the (really quite good) Common Wordage Game Night I have put together this short promotional trailer to show people what they missed out on.

If you feel the urge to join the Common Wordage Union then click here to see what the fuss is all about. If you feel the urge to include this video on your blog then do that too. It can't do any harm and may actually help the union to grow.

Common Wordage Game Night Tonight

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The first Common Wordage Union Game Night is on for tonight (19th April) from 8pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The game of choice is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the Sony PLAYSTATION 3 Entertainment System.

The intention of a game night is different to a tournament in that it is not about being the best and winning a prize. Its about getting together and just playing the game. So if you fancy going up against or teaming up with the CWUnion staff and members feel free to pop on.

Chances are the games will take place in private, invite only lobbys. So your going to need to be on someone's friends list. Feel free to add me (PSN ID = EpicTel) and leave a note that your adding me for the game night. Private lobbys have no XP earning so its all about bragging rights.

Sometimes connecting to a game can be a hassle. So new invites will be sent out between each round. So you will only have to wait around 10 minutes or so to get into a game. Being a game night there are no set maps or rules, if I think of something 5 minutes before the start then so be it.

Hope to see you there.

GTA 4 in 29 days

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This is an odd kind of day where I have managed to make two blog posts (Unusual for me). Never the less I need to point this out. Primarily because I was slightly shocked.

As I scrolled over the time on my PC it informed me it was April 1st. For some reason I had managed to lose track of how late in the month of March I was and suddenly ended up in April. Its either that or I managed to time travel, I remember it being the 26th so only by almost a week. In addition to the first odd occurrence of two blogs in one day, I also found it quite odd that when my inital shock, of it being April (already), wore off, the first thing I thought of when seeing April was Grand Theft Auto 4. Shortly followed by the idea of writing about this amazing event (Hint of exaggeration there) then by it also being April Fools Day.

So just 29 days until GTA 4. I'm getting the special edition, the one with all the stuff I don't really need but want due to the human need to consume more than whats necessary.


Oh yeah, CW015 is up.

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Userly I post a quick blog after the release of Common Wordage. And this is no different, just a little late. So yeah, Common Wordage Issue 015 April is up. Enjoy

Meh. I've been tagged...5 blah blah.

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After what seems like every GameSpot member posting some "5 things" list or "I've been tagged" I had to jump into one of them, primarily out of curiosity over the usage of the term "i've been tagged..." and so as I delved into my buddy Burnout_Avenged profile I found out I too have been so called 'tagged'. And so, on with the list. (I would like to point out now I did protest this amongst myself)

1. It would appear at least 2 women fancy me at all times, keyword 'appear'. As in, to on lookers it would appear that way. Little do they know it's actually quite true.

2. I've never seen a single Star Wars film, out of personal preference.

3. I have extensive knowledge and understanding of HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript code and am extremly handy in Digital Photographic Manipulation and Computer Generated Design from within Photoshop, despite never having had a lesson. In short, I'm a self taught creative of digital media.

4. Formula One is my religion.

5. At the age or 19 I knew what the biggest mistake of my life was.

And so onto who I 'tag'

TVR_Fan, Groovay_Dude,
R-Force, LordRevan1, JusticeCovert

6. (Bonus Item) Currently, at this moment in time, I know a problem is imminent. It's coming. I don't know when but it is. I'm going to have to sort something massive out and probably ruin quite a lot in the process of fixing it. I know what it is and I know I can't prevent it. I have to just wait and let it happen.

Meet The CWUnion Team

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As announced a while ago, Common Wordage is going BIG. With bigger monthly updates, a dedicated news team and those long awaited Game Nights. So with this a crack team was assembled to make Common Wordage the main Sony / PlayStation brand union on GameSpot. (Well second if we count our friends over at ESLS).

Meet the CWUnion team. (Near Final Revision)

Editor in Cheif: StanBlocker
Contributions Director: SilentCapybara
Community Manager: The_pims

Lead News Editor: darkgamex2k
News Editor: R-Force
News Editor: gekidami

Lead Forum Moderator: Burnout_Avenged
Forum Moderator: Dark_Spector
Forum Moderator: Boukhari

Graphics: Art Monkeys that work long hours for low pay

(All listed staff will become a CWUnion Officer on accepting to role. For an indepth look at the roles listed click here)

The new team will (hopefully) have its first issue out at the end of April. This will be issue 016 May. Due to the ammount of responces I recieved for the role call I had to make a few new postions, thus the increased news and moderator teams. In addition to this I am also creating a few more positions to hopefully CWUnion staff.

Game Night Director (Controls all aspects of Game Nights, From the game we play to player questions)
Assistant Game Night Director (Will assist the Game Night Director, Helps host larger games e.g. that require multiple lobbys)

If you wish to pick up one of these new roles PM me (StanBlocker). Any questions or editing of current team members positions should also PM me.

Be Part of Somthing BIG

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This is either a blog entry, or Telegram from one of the unions you follow.

Issue 015 of Common Wordage is almost upon us. This is set to be the biggest issue yet and as such a little help is needed. If you are unaware of what Common Wordage is then head on over to the Union to see.

I'm on the lookout for friendly GameSpot members willing to lend a little of there free time to make Common Wordage a better point of interest to the GameSpot Community.

Currently I run the show, doing pretty much everything. This took it's toll and forced a slip in the weekly issues. Now I'm focusing on a monthly thing, similar to how a print magazine would work. So if you've looked over the Union and would like to be a part of it, send me a PM.

Things I would need people to do:

Contributions Director (Decides what should be in the issue)
Lead News Editor (Manages all news related items, and news team)
News Editor (Posts news)
Lead Forum Moderator (Manages the forum content and users)
Forum Moderator (Moderates the forum)
Community Manager (Deals with problems within the community)

Of course these are all un-official and un-paid positions within the Common Wordage Union here on GameSpot and have no meaning beyond the Union. Thus the reason for needing dedicated GameSpot members with some intended perpose of being on the site.