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Beyond the GIGAS

by on

What exactly does that mean? Well, nothing much really, except for the fact that I got a new 1 Terabyte external HD drive. Not justone, but two :D. I must say that it's awesome. My dad happened to pass through Dubai on his way back to India and he got it for me at my request. It's a Western Digital HD drive with shock proof casing and a nice glossy black finish.

It has lots of "nice" little features. The suite software that comes preloaded into the HD gets installed automatically. It appears as a virtual drive each time the HD is connected to the PC. The interface is sweet and has plenty of one touch options including a complete segmented backup of all the files in my computer (it basically segregates my music, image files, movies and videos and documents all by itself before backing them up). Also, there's a nice security code option which can be accessed only through the smartware. The only downside is that out of 1024 GB, I only get 940 >_>. That's a straight near 90 GB drop in capacity but I guess it can't be helped ;_;.

Now why exactly do I need two of these babies? It's simply cause of the fact that my downloaded files (music, anime, movies, cartoons, games and my documents) occupy over 2.5 Terabytes and the measly 500 GB on my PC's HD and the 500 GB external that I have are just not enough. So yeah, this eases all the trouble of having to backup my stuff in DVD's. Now I just have two little black boxes and one of them is already filled with 921GB of anime:D.

The other will besoon. The other good thing is thatboth HDs togethercost just180$. No holes in my dad's pocket that I need to worry about :P.So that's a pretty good deal. From now on, I shall never be bothered bythe tedium of having to backup my data onto puny little discs.I say, good riddens!! And oh yeah, in case you're wondering what it looks like, here's a sneak peek. :D. Don't mind the quality. It was taken on a mobile camera.

The 1TB monster.......

A toast to the coming of new technology :P. Cheers :D.

~DEATH (the techno reaper :P)

Has 2 years gone by?

by on

I wonder if anyone is even going to see this blog. Most people have forgotten me by now :|. And I can't blame them either cause two years have gone by without me visiting GS.

Long short story, I'm back for the time being cause college is pretty much done and I'll be heading over to the United States next fall :). Um, I guess I've got nothing else to say until I see a few familiar faces.

~Your friendly neighbourhood Grim Reaper.

One down, Three to go!!

by on

What am I counting down? The number of years I have in college. It's actually amazing how quickly one year has gone by. I can honestly say that time just flew by once the vigorous schedule of exams started. And before I knew it, one year is over. And I'm really looking forward to next year cause it's really supposed to be fun. Enough about college anyway.

I have a couple of weeks off so I really want to make the most of it. And I did today. I just caught Spiderman 3 and man was it awesome. And Pirates of the Caribbean is releasing in theaters on the first of June here in India so I'm definitely going to watch that. My friends and I have also planned a few outings to some fun places and dinners. Hopefully all of them will be a blast. That's about it on my end.

Coming to GS, I know I've pretty much been dead here. But that's my name :P. JK lol. I'll be sure to be more active in the next couple of weeks. But I might make a disappearance again after that. Though I really miss talking to you guys, I have to get my priorities straight and concentrate on my career first. So with that said...... and on its way to being done, I'm looking forward to a good time during my holidays, both in India and on GS :P. See ya around.


1 year already?

by on

Wow, I can't believe that one year and a month has already gone by since I joined GS. And I must say that I have really enjoyed the first 8 months of my existence here. Though the latter half of my existence has been a boring one, the overall feeling I have about GS is positive. It's because the bad, dull and boring times here are completely overshadowed by the good ones like becoming officers in great unions like Super Saiyans United, The Samurai Apocalypse Union, The Dragon World, The Castlevania Ultima Union etc.

When I joined in January, last year, I never expected that I would become an active member. But I proved myself wrong. The things I have done here are really things that I will remember for quite some time. All the fun in the unions along with my buddies, they're truly memorable. And to all the people who made those memories possible, thank you very much. I truly and deeply appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

A special mention to these people
1) Kunshu (my best buddy on GS, no offense to anyone else)
2) Quake
3) Mauricio
4) Joey
5) Roxy
6) CB0
7) Syrinx61

You guys are awesome. If there's any reason that I stayed on GS even after the extremely boring period here, it's you guys. Thanks a lot for sticking with me all the way.

And to all the other friends from SSU, TSAU, DW and CUU, you guys are not forgotten. :) I'm happy to have such great friends even though it's only over a screen and some text (as Mikesta would say :P).

Talking about a few things I've done for the unions, the first thing that comes to mind are the COTW articles. I've had a hell of a lot of fun compiling them. And in the process, I've come to know of many new things which I would have probably not known otherwise.

The there is the RPG that myself and Quake created for TSAU. We really worked our tails off to get that done. And I should say that I'm really proud of the way it came out. It's still not at it's peak for lack of participation, but rest assured, it'll be a booming success in the near future :wink:.

That's about it for now. My time on GS is something I will not forget, for the good times and the bad, which makes the good times even better when I think about it. Hope to have a LOT more good memories and meet a lot more fun people.


~DEATH (Your friendly neighbourhood grim reaper :wink: )

Where's my bag??

by on

LOL, I haven't really been active here on GS so this is a blog just to get a little time in on GS. I just noticed that it takes way too long for me to level up. So this blog is just a little helping hand towards that goal :P. Btw, this is a really stupid level name. Hence the blog title. Couldn't think of a better title :P.

And there's nothing more to say except that my holidays (the couple of days which I got) sucked bigtime. I didn't get FFXII so my PS2 was sleeping throughout the holidays. The only thing I had going for me was the new 80GB Ipod which I got :D. It's really awesome.

Anyway, that's all the time I have for GS now. Later boys and girls.


A License and a new upgrade for my ride.....

by on

Yes, the day on which I finally get my license is here. Well, that's over actually :P. I already got my license and now I can drive my bike anywhere I want to..........legally :lol:. There's not a single place which I have spared when I drove my bike illegally (with a learner's license that is :P). And now I can do it without fear of cops.

But in the process of getting my license, I have learnt a very important lesson. The indian regional transport office (which issues the licenses) SUCKS :lol:. Man are they disorganised. I ****ing spent 8 hours of my time to get my license. They made me run from place to place and at most places, I did nothing but wait and run to another place :|. Anyway, the end result is that I have my license :D.

And about my ride....... I tweaked it this morning since I was gonna get my license :P. Just changed a few things with those gear ratios and made the suspension a little more stiff for taking the impact from the bumps better. I also adjusted the brake bias so that my rear brakes grip more (I hope you can understand what I'm saying :|). And last but not least, I filled up the tank with high octane petrol :D (I'm pretty sure that you can understand this :P).

And what do I have?? A 225 cc demon that does 0-60kmph in 3.9 seconds and 0-60mph in 7 seconds flat !! And I felt awesome while riding my bike this morning on empty streets. That's pretty much it. I had a really fun time today. All the more fun since I ditched college to get my license :D. And with that, I'm off. A toast to a great day and a great ride :D CHEERS !!


Wish you all a Merry Christmas........

by on

And a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm not sure if I'll be on tomorrow. So I'm taking this time to wish all those keep in touch and even those who don't on my contact list a very Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time and have a great and fun filled holiday season everyone.

How unfortunate that I cannot do the same cause of college. I work the whole of next week (including Sunday which also happens to the 31st of December) and I only have the 1st of January as a holiday. So I won't be on much. Hopefully, there comes a period where things ease down a little and I'm able to get on and post and chat a little.

All worries apart, I haven't much to say about my Christmas and holiday season. I'm just gonna be doing homework and playing some PS2 when I get time. I might go out with friends on New Years day but apart from that it's the same old routine (college-home-college). So yeah, it's real boring and I hope that all of you have a much better time and find something to do that will make your christmas one to remember. And I wanna hear all about it when I'm free :D.

And let me end this blog with something positive. My dad is coming home on the 31st of December and he's bringing along a lot of goodies :D. I'm getting FFXII, a game for which I have waited a long time. I'm really looking forward to playing it. Also, I'm getting a 60GB I-pod :D. I also asked my dad to get me a 6:1 Creative inspire PC speakers with double loudness boost for a booming experience :D. So yeah, atleast that part of my holiday season is good. So I'll be having a blast on New Years day.

Looking forward to talking to all of you guys and gals real soon. Until then, take care. A toast to a great holiday season. CHEERS!!


Is this happening??

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My exams are over and it seems like I have all the free time in the world. It feels so damn good to have time to yourself, go for a nice fast ride on a bike to the movies, go out to eat, come home late at night, play some PS2 and go to bed really late and wake up at around noon with nothing to do but spend quality time with yourself and friends. After all the crap I've been through with exams and college eating up my time like crazy, I just feel like the world has been lifted from my shoulders.

So yeah, I'm a free bird now..... well atleast for about three weeks cause my next exam begins then >_>. Yeah, it begins as soon as the new year begins. How much more messed up can it get? Well atleast I got some time to cool off before then. And I really made the most of the past 2 days. I've already watched two feature length anime movies - Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle and finished watching the anime Trigun. All three were really good in their own aspect. And now I've begun to watch Evangelion. I've watched the first episode. The rest are up for download so I'll catch up with them once they're done. Naruto episodes 61-65 should also be done soon so I'll probably see them first.

I also caught a couple of movies, one Indian movie and Casino Royale and I enjoyed both. Then myself and a couple of friends went to the beach, had fun playing football and volleyball and then had dinner and ice cream outside before returning home at 11 in the night to play some PS2.

Oh yeah, concerning my PS2, it's been so long since I've used it that I could see spiderwebs and insects crawling all over it (Just kiddin :P). But yeah, it felt so good to sit down with a controller in my hand and beat the crap outta everyone in Tekken, Bloody Roar, King of Fighters, Dead or Alive, Street fighter and Mortal Kombat. Yes, I played all six games. And then I had a little more time (About 4 hours) to beat the crap outta all the monsters in the endurance test of a dark realm in Onimusha 4: Dawn of Dreams in the toughest difficulty the game offers (Oni mode). That was really fun. And that was the end of my day (At 6 am the next day O.o). Needless to say, I hit the sack for six hours and woke up to a day on which I could have repeated the same routine but I decided to rest it out.

The next few weeks are gonna be really fun cause I'll have a lot more time to myself and I'm getting an 80gb Ipod and Final Fantasy XII for Christmas :D. So I'll probably be spending half of my holiday season Role playing :P. That's about it for now. A toast to a great time in the past 2 days. CHEERS !!


Number 29??

by on

That's the number of this blog post. Yeah, that's right. In case you haven't noticed, I'm bored to death here with nothing fun to do. My PS2 is off limits till my exams are over and tomorrow's exam sucks horseballs so I don't feel like studying at all. And here I am, counting my blogs to while away the time. So this is just to while away a little more of that time before mom comes in and yells at me for being on the net for so long :P.

Ah well, atleast I'm into a good anime now, Trigun. It's really good in terms of story, characters, action and comedy. Vash(the protagonist) is a total nutcase who can really make you laugh to death...... well almost :P. And I'm currently downloading Evangelion, which is said to be that damn good so I'm really looking forward to watching that. OOPS, mom just came in, which means it's time for me to split. Later. Exit, stage.... to the study table V_V.


WHAT?? Exams again? And so soon?

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It has hardly been 40 days since my last exam got over. And already, I am faced with the daunting task that is exams. Yeah that's right. Exams...... AGAIN. How many of these am I going to take this year? I really don't have a clue. They just seem to keep popping up every now and then and everytime, I'm stuck with them. Another annoying thing about these exams is that they portions for study increase with each coming exam which really burns me inside.

The consequences of these exams? Reduced sleeping hours (why does it have to be so right after a period of insomnia??) Why?? Anyone who can answer this will get a cookie :P), reduced online time, extreme boredom :P (who'd wanna study 400 pages of chemistry?), lack of time for myself (I don't even have time to enjoy my meal or play some games), and last but not least, an unexpected loss of appetite :|. YES, something which has never happened before has happened. I fear that the world may be coming to an end :|:P.

But seriously, these exams have made me nervous and that has led to a loss of appetite. There are severe consequences like taking a re-exam or suspension (I know it's stupid but that's the way my college functions and gets results that they expect out of students) if I score low on these exams and that's the reason for my nervousness. I'm not one who's usually scared of exams, but my performance in the previous exam really shook me. The paper evaluation is so damn strict that there's no room for error. I just managed to pass my chemistry exam :|, a situation in which I have never been before. So yeah, this is the plight I'm in right now. And this is going to continue for TWO WEEKS (OH THE HORROR).

But, I did well in my physics exam today so I'm relieved to an extent. Tomorrow I have Chemistry. The subject which I fear the most in college cause of my performance last time. I'll really be relieved IF I perform well in the exam tomorrow. I just hope that I'm able to remember all the crap I have to study so that I'm able to reproduce properly (as in what the teacher expects) and score well. Otherwise, it really may be the end of the world O.o.

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