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Video Games are being the new scapegoat

Everyone hears it in the media on a weekly basis if not more. More and more people are blaming violent video games for whatever they can attach to them. Australia is banning Left for Dead 2 unless its the "edited" version. Now i read today about the uproar behind Modern Warfare 2 and the idea of being casted as a terrorist where you have the choice to shoot civilians. Governments are beginning to ban violent video games on the premise that it is causing violence in their culture. I can't help but feel angry/sorry for these people. Its a video game. I have never played a violent video game and then thought it was a "great idea" to go run around and actually shoot people. Its a game. I understand that the Modern Warfare closely resembles a realistic event, but its a game. Where does it stop after that? Are violent movies going to be banned too? if anything movies are more realistic then video games. I think it is nothing but someone trying to put the blame on someone else. As a parent, I would hope that you raised your child with enough common sense to know that killing and shooting people are bad and how to tell the difference between real life and a video game. Everyone needs to relax, its a video game and its make believe no matter how realistic it looks. I just think it is everyone trying to place the blame on other people instead of actually taking the blame themselves. If you didn't raise your kid with that common sense, its not a video games fault, its yours. If a government blames a rise of crime on video games, that has nothing to do with sitting in front of a TV and playing a violent game. Today's society is filled with to many people that will do whatever it takes to place the blame somewhere else and video games has become the easy target for people to blame and really sad that no one can take responsibility for things anymore, its always someone else's fault

Poke Squirral

Is this whats going to happen if I play Pokeman?

Game Makers are whoring themselves out

I remember back in the day when you bought a video game, you actually bought the whole game. I feel like to many times now a days, publishers are trying to make more money and release to much downloadable content. Don't get me wrong, its great to find new things for a favorite game of yours, but when you have to keep re releasing a game because of new content, they are just taking advantage of the gamers. If someone wants to release DLC, then how about some for free. Games are $60 when they come out and even if the economy wasn't bad, thats a lot of money to spend on one game. I think its time that the publishers try giving back to the gamers a little. Even if it just little downloads here and there, i'm sure everyone would welcome them. I just get tired of seeing Game of the Year editions and seeing the price tag still at $60. So i'm supposed to buy an entire new game for the hour of new content? I think the game industry has to remember that the gamers can make or break your game, so why don't they try to go that extra mile.