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FFXIII is staying on the PS3 no port to 360 or anything....

NO joke SE have no plans to bring the EPIC RPG to 360 i even got source


Owners of Xbox 360s may be disappointed to hear that, despite various rumors to the contrary, developer/publisher Square Enix currently has no plans to release a Final Fantasy game for Microsoft's next-gen console beyond the port of Final Fantasy XI.

According to a report from IGN, Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto revealed that, at this point in time, any attempt to bring an FF game to the 360 would require them to start completely from scratch.

"For the Wii, we have Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles in production. As for Final Fantasy on the Xbox 360, it's currently a completely blank page," Hashimoto recently told Japan's Nikkei BP.

UPDATE: Jap Folklore Demo Review!

This game is brilliant everything is excellent except the sound theres no voice acting but its just a demo!

Gameplay 10 : You use the SIXASXIS to suck in souls like a fishing rod pulling in.

Graphic's 10 : Brill Visuals, eviroments and characte models.

Sound 9 : No voice acting (yet) but scarcey sounds makes the game feel alive.

Overall 10 : A brill Demo you shold try it out if you don't have a JAP PS3 Account search it and there will be a step-by-step guide!

level 15

im finally out of level 14 and a proud Nobunaga's Ambition:? who hell he is i dont know but hey i'm level 15!!!

Jap Folklore Demo!

I just saw at 11:20pm a JAP folklore demo and it looks kool i did not get to download you know why! but i will update and see if its good (is 1024MB download :?) hope its worth it!

Sony's LINE-UP!!

  • Heavenly Sword
  • Warhawk
  • LAIR
  • R&C:TOD
  • Uncharted Drakes Forture
  • GOW Chains of olympus
  • Pain
  • Folklore
  • Socom PSP & PS3
  • Eye of Judgement
  • Jeanne'd'arc
  • Pursuit force 2
  • Syphon Filter : Logan's Shadow
  • Littlebigplanet
  • Parappa the rapper
  • PSHome
  • Singstar

Looks like i have to save up ALOT of money!!! (but not for HOME,HOME is free!)

PS2 Data Transfer

I got a PS3 and i got it up to version 1.70 and my PS2 games work fine. but can u transfer the data off your PS2 memory card to your PS3?

I got A PS3!!!!! 60GB of course!!!

I got a PS3 60 GB its is wicked i got Motorstorm extra SIXAIXIS controller!!! and two bu-ray movies!!!

 unfortulately i've not got a HD tv :( but its still GREAT:)

I can't get online but i will soon if i take it down stairs and put in near internet box plug Eterenet i will be on so dont worry!!!

 Motorstorm is brilliant the SIXAXIS is a bit dogey but still great fun!!!

Hopefully i will get RFOM!!!