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Starcraft 2 Brazil

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Algum brasileiro do gamespot anda jogando Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty?

Alguem já está na liga de diamante?

Deixa seu nick ai pra podermos combinar de jogarmos juntos! :D

Dead Space 2 - The History

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-----===== Portuguese Version =====-----

Na trama, depois de vasculhar cada centimetro da Ishimura, o protagonista vai encarar os necromorfos em uma estaçao espacial chamada Sprawl, construida na orbita de uma das luas de Saturno. Ela sera varias vezes maior que a nave do original, com alas tematicas (residenciais, espaços publicos, etc). A gravidade zero tambem volta com novidades. Alem de saltar e andar em Zero G, sera possivel flutuar e voar, alem de disparar armas. Jogabilidade multiplayer esta no pacote e a voz de Isaac Clarke sera, enfim, ouvida.

-----===== English Version =====-----

After the search on Ishimura, Isaac Clarke going to face the Necromorfos in a station called Sprawl, build and located orbiting one of the Saturns Moon. This station will be much more big with new theme, with residentials areas, etc. The Zero gravity will return, but more improved. You can jump and shoot flying in gravity zero.

What happened with Nvidia?

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Until now we didn´t saw any news about the new Nvidia´s GPU. So far, only think we know is the hardware specification. What happened? Nvidia directly rival, ATI, has released their new GPU series based on DX11. Things are bad to Nvidia. They need to run a lot to catch up ATI.

Radeon 5870 make 43 FPS on Crysis?!

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Chiphell said that Radeon HD 5870 1GB did a 43 FPS average with minimum of 30 and maximum of 54 on Crysis with 1900x1200, 4AA+, 16AF, DX10 e Very High.

The test was maded on a AMD Phenom II X4 955BE with Windows 7 RTM.

Just for comparision, a Radeon HD 4890/GeForce GTX 275/285 on the same conditions did a 18~22 FPS and a Radeon 4870 X2 / GTX 295 did 25~30 FPS.

As we can see, the performance of the new Radeon is great with a price of U$D 399,00.

Radeon 5870 chegara no dia 22 mais barata que GTX 285?!

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De acordo com o pessoal do, a Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT ou RV870 XT) chegará prometendo fazer bastante barulho no mercado.

Com lançamento previsto para o dia 10 de setembro, a placa efetivamente chegaria às lojas no dia 22. O melhor de tudo é que segundo o website mencionado acima, a Radeon HD 5870 será mais barata do que a GeForce GTX 285, custando US$299.

Para quem deseja um custo benefício ainda maior, a Radeon HD 5850 (Cypress Pro ou RV870 Pro) custará US$50 a menos do que sua "irmã maior", ou seja, US$249.

Outra notícia (extra oficial) interessante é que a Hemlock (R800) estaria programada para ser lançada em meados de novembro.

Starcraft II nao tera modo LAN

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Em uma entrevista que o site IncGamers fez com alguns membros da Blizzard, entre eles Rob Pardo, sênior VP do setor de design, o mesmo liberou um detalhe surpreendente. De acordo com Rob não existe intenção de dar suporte a LAN para o Starcraft II, sendo possível jogar no modo multiplayer apenas pela

Essa notícia já foi confirmada e deverá frustrar muita gente, até porque o sucesso gerado pela versão original do Starcraft foi justamente o fato do modo LAN.

Vale destacar que será possível jogar multiplayer em uma rede internet como em uma Lan-House, mas com obrigatoriedade de todos se logarem na, sendo obrigatório uma conexão com a internet e cópia original do game.

AMD will be first to DirectX 11

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COMPUTEX 2009: Taiwanese sources close to both AMD and Nvidia have confirmed that AMD will be first to market with DirectX 11 capable graphics cards and they're currently expected to arrive in October of this year – right in line with Windows 7's expected release.

The sources said that AMD is "essentially ready" to release the new family of GPUs – and has been for some time – but the company is waiting for the problems with TSMC's 40nm process to be ironed out.

The new family of GPUs – with the flagship rumoured to be called RV870 (although not confirmed by our sources) – will follow the same strategy that AMD employed with the Radeon HD 3000 and 4000 series. This means we can expect AMD to double up and use a pair of its fastest GPUs to create a dual-GPU flagship product of a similar ilk to the Radeon HD 4870 X2, which dominated the high-end for many months.

Nvidia, on the other hand, is expected to release another big GPU, but it is unlikely to be a conservative effort like GT200 – we're told the focus will very much be on maximising performance and efficiency when switching between graphics and general computing tasks (i.e. using the Compute Shader). It's unclear whether it'll be enough of a brute to match the performance of two smaller Radeon GPUs on a single board though.

With that said, another sources said that GT300 had taped out but Nvidia is being quite cagey about a release timeframe. It has been manufactured on TSMC's 40nm node, which AMD has been having a lot of trouble with as RV740 chips are in "very short supply." If the problems with the process aren't ironed out, it could affect both companies which wouldn't be good for us consumers.

BioShock 2 release date announced

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BioShock 2 has now been officially dated by Take-Two, with Europe getting the game a few days ahead of the US and other territories apparently.

The release date was announced during a company conference call to discuss the financial results of the second quarter, which Kotaku was privy to. Take-Two CEO Ben Feder announced the release date, though the officially listed release date is still just 'to be announced'.

BioShock 2 will launch in North America on November 3rd, while us Europeans can look forward to getting the game a few days earlier on October 30th.

BioShock 2 is expected to launch on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 - though it hasn't yet been established if the release will be at all staggered across platforms. The original BioShock launched first on the Xbox 360 and PC, with a PlayStation 3 release coming later, but with a few extra features.

Kotaku tried to esablish if the same might be true with the sequel, asking if the official 'TBA' release date listed might indicate a timed exclusive. The first response came from Take-Two's Chief Financial Officer, who claimed that the publisher was still working out the right timings for the different platforms. Company chairman Strauss Zelnick later corrected the issue though, saying that gamers shouldn't read too much into all that.

Mass Effect 2 details revealed

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BioWare has unveiled a fair few details about some of the new characters, locations and story details that players can expect to come across in Mass Effect 2, with more details promised to be unveiled at E3, but no news on the newly announced Mass Effect iPhone game.

The details were unveiled in a preview in the latest issue of OXM magazine, which states rather enigmatically that players can expect to play as Shepherd for "at least a portion of the game," according to Eurogamer. Shepherd will have changed in the time between titles however, with the sequel presenting the character in a darker and much grittier s t y l e than before.

Matching the darker mood of the game are a bunch of new characters that can Shepherd can recruit. including an assassin called Thane, an unnamed Salarian scientist and a Krogan warrior called Grunt. Joker, pilot of the Normandy, will return for the sequel too and will again be voiced by Seth Green.

Three new major locations have been revealed too, including a new "anti-citadel" that promises to be a hive of scum and villainy, a Cerebus mothership and a heavily populated Asari planet called Illium. Mixed in there somewhere will also be a new alien race, the Drell.

The preview talks briefly about some new gameplay features too, including weapons that can clear rooms in one shot or utterly dissolve enemies. The Mako planet-exploring section of the game is being totally redesigned too and the long elevator rides and texture pop-up are being completely removed. Players can also look forward to some suitably distinct endings based on whether their character leans more towards Paragon or Renegade.

More details are set to be unveiled at E3 2009, but BioWare also revealed that the final downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 1 is currently being finished up. There's no release date set for it yet, but it should offer players a chance to explore a new 'Fight Club' arena system.

GT300 will have 2,4 bi transistors?!

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The lastest rumors about the new NVIDIA GPU is that they will have 2,4 bi transistors, 512 shaders, GDDR5. If all this is true, all GT200 GPU gonna stay way behind this new ones in performance.


De acordo com os últimos rumores acerca do GT300, o novo chip da NVIDIA para o segmento TOP contará com nada mais nada menos do que 2,4 bilhões de transistores.

Aliado aos 512 shaders, controladora de memória de 512 bits com suporte as memórias GDDR5 mais a litografia em 40nm e compatibilidade com o DirectX 11, é muito provável que o GT300 deixe o atual GT200 "comendo poeira".

-= GT200 =-

Litografia: 65 nm
Transistores: 1,4 bilhão
Área Die: 576 mm²
Shader units: 240
Bus: 512Bits (GDDR3)
DirectX: DirectX 10
Launch: 2o.T/2008

-= GT300 =-

Litografia: 40 nm
Transistores: 2,4 Bilhão
Área Die: 490 mm²
Shader units: 512
Bus: 512Bits (GDDR5)
DirectX: DirectX 11
Launch: 4o.T/2009

Resumindo: Não vale a pena comprar placa de video nova no momento. É aconselhável esperar o lançamento dessas novas placas.

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