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Games I bought This Month. Oct. 09///Gaming Updates Vol. 10

1. Skate (X360)- 7.5 (The first time I played this I had borrowed it from my Brother, and loved it, so I bought a copy for myself)

2. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (X360) - 7.0

3. Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (GC) - 6.9 (I re-bought this after my incident with those idiots at GameStop)

4. Viva Pinata (X360) - 8.3

5. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (X360)- 8.7

Good News: I saved $7.70 on these games with my Edge card. Bad News: I haven't started any of them. :D

I've started a couple new games this month: Shenmue 2 and Syberia, both great games, but the former is better to me. I beat The Bard's Tale, which was a pretty good game, definitely clever, the whole game had a sarcasm about it for almost the entire time, and I loved that, the story was quite cliche, but the game actually embraced it (in a humorous manner of course). The snarky or nice comment thing that you could use was ok, but it could have been used a bit more often, and also could have beenbroadened out to have more of an effect on the game as a whole. Also I played Civilization 3 and loved it, I actually thought it was hard to win (probably on account of me playing through 5 different campaigns and always retiring), none-the-less it is an amazing strategy game, definitely a classic. So you guys can be expecting a review for The Bard's Tale, I haven't written one in a while because it takes me quite a while to write them, because I want it to be good, as for Civ. 3 I'll probably just rate it.

Also, I'd like to tell you guys that after this blog I will be making some changes to my blogging, but only to my Gaming Updates blogs, which will now have more zing and pep (one way will be by changing the traditional styled title and taking a more modern, hip, and cool approach :D ), and will cover more subjects than just games. So everyone, that is it,, I should think of a really cool phrase to end about: Over and Out? Tat Ta? Blog Ya' Later? Suggestions?No,I'm serious, suggestions.

I've Been Tagged!

AlmightMax tagged me, and since these blogs are relatively easy I decided that I'd make one. And once again sorry for the lack of blogs. And I can't remember whether I do 10 or 15 facts, so I'm going to compromise and do 12.

1. I live in the oh-so-glorious state of Indiana.

2. I have 3 pets, the 4th isn't a pet, but a's a Chihuahua.

3. Lately I've been listening toalot of The Clash's music, don't worry none of it is from "Cut The Crap".

4. I wish Jeff Buckley would have never died. R.I.P.

5. When I was young, very young infact, I knocked a glass fish tank (it actually had frogs in it) over my head, I don't remember it to well, but I doknow that it didn't feel too good. :D

6. (Some might find this interesting :D ) This Tuesday I'm going into get an ingrown toenail cut out, it's not to severe but I don't quite like the thought of a pair of scissors underneath my toenail.

7. I am now halfway done withthis blog. :)

8. Last Friday my game collection officially reached 101 games! I knocked it over 99 with Viva Pinata, and Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars.

9. The Office is my favorite TV show, though I think that most of the episodes from the current seasonhaven't beenas funny as they should be.

10. Yesterday I got a free ride on a new go-kart track they've recently put in my town, it was awesome! Those karts go 40-50 mph.

11. They're was an incredibly hot girl I know at the track. :D I saw her again today (trust me it was a coincidence), and fortunately enoughI was wearing my sexy new coat.

12. Eh, let's make it 11......

And there we go folks, the deed is done. And for my last line of business I will now tag Allicrombie, MegandDia128, and MPrezzy. I'm pretty sure none of you have been tagged recently....

Games I bought this month. Sep. 09///Gaming Updates Vol. 9

1. StarOcean: Till The End Of Time (PS2)- 7.9 (Im going to try it again, this one is a different version than the one I had before)

2. Final Fantasy XII (PS2)- 9.0 (I don't know why I ever got rid of this game...)

3. The Bard's Tale (PS2) - 6.7

4. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Xbox) - 8.5 (Yes, I now have backwards compatibility on my 360)

5. Black & White (PC)- 9.3

Hey guys, once again (and again), I'm sorry for not posting a new blog in a while, I just do not feel like posting blogs at all, but I am still posting reviews for games and such, I just got a review in for Final Fantasy IX, and will have one for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors soon.

I got some good looking games this month aswell (three I already had before but had gotten rid of), I had been interested in The Bard's Tale for a while now and suddenly a local GameStop got two copies of it, so I went ahead and bought one. As for Morrowind, I had it before but I finally ordered a disc from Microsoft that had the Backwards Compatibility update on it, and I tested it and it works! 'Im quite excited to play it, I've heard good things about it. Black & White was a very unique looking RTS, rightly so though, you play as some sort of god, who has raised a giant creature from infancy (the creature can be a lion, ape, or cow), the creature adopts your personality traits by the choices you make in the game (depending on whether you're an evil god or a good god), and you just make it do all the dirty work, just going by it's uniqueness Black & White should get a 10/10, soI can't wait to see how the gameplay works. And get this Black & White was made by Lionhead, the same people that made Fable and Fable II, I just thought that was cool since I had never heard of it and Lionhead is a somewhat big company.

Anywho, I'm going to go try and play Civilization 3 now, so "blog ya' later" (TM.), heheh it's trademarked now, now noone cansteal it!! :D

Games I bought last month. August 09

1. Syberia (PC) - 9.1

2. Suikoden 3 (PS2) - 9.1

Yep, that's it, this month I actually refrained from buying too many games, I kept it at a solid 2 games, both of which I'm really excited to play. I've been looking for Suikoden 3 at different places for many months, so I finally just ordered it and I've heard by many that it's a fantastic JRPG. As for Syberia, I haven't played a really good adventure game in a while, and this one looked quite awesome so I figured I'd give it a try, in the words of Michael Scott: "It's gonna be soppity". :D

Gaming Updates Vol. 8

Ok, once again, sorry for not posting a blog in a little while, I have not been in a bloggy mood at all lately, I have many ideas floating around in my head though (one of which is a continuation of another Bitter Gamer blog, but it's just an idea), maybe I'll put one of those into a blog. Anyway in gaming news I started Beyond Good and Evil about 3 or 4 days ago, and I'll probably beat it tomorrow, as you can see it's a fairly short game, it took me like 12 hours to get to where I'm at in the game. As for Age of Empires, I've beaten Age of Empires, Age of Empires: The Rise of Rime, Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings, Age of Empires 3, and Age of Empires 3: The War Chiefs, so I've beaten all of the Aoe games except for AoE 2: The Conquerors, and AoE 3: Asian Dynasties. As you probably have already guessed I'm getting pretty freaking tired of Age of Empires, maybe if it wasn't so flippin difficult I wouldn't be so tired of it but I can't change that; also I believe I told Rheinmetal that AoE 2 was easier than the original AoE, it's not, it hard, very hard, walk into it slowly! So right now I'm trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and start and finish The Conquerors. If I move on and play something else (which I'm leaning towards)I'll either play Civ. 3 or Siberia -I'm like Microsoft, between Sony and Nintendo I don't know what the frick to do!-, and this is where you guys help out, start voting! :D At any rate you guys can expect 2 more reviews coming from me within a few days for Beyond Good and Evil and Age of Empires 2.

I have also decided, yep that's right I decided, without votes :D ..... I've decided to save up in order to purchase a PS3 slim, one of the reasons I couldn't get one in the first place was that I didn't have enough room for the giant thing, but now that they giving consumers a slim version, well, that just makes everything awesome. Once I get one I plan on getting some games like Valkyria Chronicles, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, aswell as all those great exclusives that are coming to the console, that's one of the advantages the PS3 has over the competition, fantastic exclusives, sure the 360 has Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Overlord, and the WII has Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but the PS3 has a pretty good amount of fantastic exclusive games, aswell as many others coming out for it later this year and next year. Put that together with the Blue-Ray player, built-in Wi-Fi, and it's smaller size and you have a really awesome console, that gives you a great amount of bang for your buck. Don't get me wrong I love Xbox 360, I'm just excited to finally get a PS3.

Gaming Updates Vol. 7

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted a good blog in a while, I haven't really been in the blogging mood. Anyway, lately I've been playing a few different games, Infinite Undiscovery, Age of Empires 2, and Monster Hunter Freedom and FFVI Advance on and off as portables. I'm about to beat Infinite Undiscovery, I'm a little over 21 hours into it, and I'm really liking it, I think any fan of RPGs should really give it a try, but there's a very annoying thing about it, the lip-syncing is completely off, it's terrible, and that can really take away from the emotion that the game tries to stir in a person, but besides that for the main part it's great. As for Age of Empires 2, I can say that's it's really good aswell, especially compared to the first Age of Empires, which I found alot of problems with (read my review for more), the only things is that I think that I'm starting to burn myself out on Age of Empires, which is somewhat taking away from the experience of playing Age of Empires 2, but after this I'm gonna change up my PC gaming and play Civilization 3 (which is a Turn-Based Strategy game, far different than AoE), which I've heard from quite a few people is quite good. As for after Infinite Undiscovery I plan on playing Prince of Persia for 360, which I just bought last week, it looks really good, and also since the GameStop I was at still had limited edition copies of PoP they gave me that for the same price as a regular, and it comes with a really cool looking case, and an extra disc with bonus content, so I'm phsyced to play it. Anyway, that's about it for me for gaming, so...... blog ya later. (yeah, that was cheesy :D )

Games I Bought This Month. July 09

1. Beyond Good And Evil (PS2) - 8.3

2. Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (GC) - 6.9

3. Mirror's Edge (X360) - 7.0

4. Prince of Persia (X360) - 8.0

5. Command and Conquer: The First Decade(PC) - 7.6 (This had the first 12 CaC games in it)

6. Age of Empires Collector's Edition (PC) - N/A (This has Age of Empires 1 and 2 and an expansion for both)

7. Civilization 3/Civ City Rome Combo Pack (PC)- N/A (Civ. 3, Civ. 3:Play The World, and Cvi City Rome)

8. Rise of Nations (PC) - 9.3

As you can see, I went a little crazy with the RTS gameslast month, but I don't plan on buying too many games this month besides maybe a couple PSX RPGs. Also I'm going to try to get a gaming updates blog in soon, and I made a review for Age of Empires 1 along with a few other games if you want to rate them.

Games I Bought This Month. June 09

1. Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP)-6.5

2. Age of Empires III: Gold Edition (PC)-N/A

3. Overlord 2 (X360)-7.0

Yep, I finally got Overlord 2, and on the day it came out too, it's an incredible game. Not too many games this month but they are all really good none the less, except for possibly Monster Hunter's just ok.

A period of inactivity

Hello guys, sorry I haven't been posting as much on your blogs and stuff. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not going to be coming on GS as much for a while, there has been some pretty hard stuff going onin my life recently and I really haven't been in the mood to come on GS or to play games in general. In a nutshell some people that I care for very deeply (and one person in particular) are moving very very far away, to Montana, which if you drive takes like 3 days to get there from here, but the thing is that they're abusive father is forcing them to move to Montana, I don't know why they won't just stay and let him leave but that doesn't matter because they're leaving really early tommorow morning, so there you go. I will get Overlord 2 tommorow and I'm really looking forward to playing it, but I might not, I don't know. But I guess this is sort of a cya later to you guys for awhile, I'll still be updating my game collection and posting reviews every once in a while, but for now, cya later.

The Bitter Gamer Vol. 6: Sex In Videogames

Yeah, you heard me right, this Bitter Gamer is going to be about the issue of sex in videogames (And I hope I don't get modded), also before I start I would like to say that Kratos was not hurt in the making of this blog, and no hot coffee pics are included :D. Throughout the lifetime of videogames sex in them has become more and more prevalent, and I will say that it does add a certain amount of humor to some games (Overlord, Jak 2 and 3), but some of the things that are allowed in games is just too much. Think of the Grand Theft Auto series, which has almost always provided some way for your character to have sex in the game, that to me is going overboard. It has also become nothing short of a tradition in the God of War series, which is known for having a sex mini-game in each addition to the series. Probably the biggest problem I have with this is that it's not unheard of for a young child to play Grand Theft Auto, so really what impressions are these games leaving on the next generation of people, that loose morals are perfectly fine. And the other problem I have with it is that it's widely unneeded in videogames (Except as I said before for a dosage of humor, but using nothing to explicit), you don't need it at all to further the game yet they still add it, and why, because publishers know that it will sell well. So overall I do think publishers are going overboard in todays gaming market concerning sex in videogames, and I think they should really tone it down, and I think that they would be furthering the game in doing so.