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Hey everyone yeah i know i haven't been on for a while but i've been been real busy with schoolwork for school certificate and stuff so i haven't got to do anything lately i just started playing x box live even though i could've played it months ago, names Johnsy1112 make sure you add me if you have one hope to see you online

I'm Back..... Kinda

hey everyone it's me8) i know i haven't been here for a while but i'm kinda back since i have holidays for the next 6 weeks so i might be here a bit. So how's everyone been? pumped for christmas i know i am cos i'm getting live and PSN which should be good.

But i kinda have a problem right now see this girl at school likes me and i like her but the problem is she has a boyfriend whose a year older than me and i'm gonna be seeing her a lot in the holidays but if they break up then i'll kinda feel guilty and stuff and if he finds out it's my fault he will be pissed and he knows karate man i'm confused:?

I'm Leaving..... For Real

Well that last blog was actually my brother typing it i didn't write that but he was right i am leaving for now i don't know if i'll come back or not but it was great fun here and i met some great people here.

Also i'll quit my union the FFKHU union and i'll let someone else be leader if you don't want to then just pass it on. I'll also demote myself in other unions that i am an officer in.

I don't know if i'll be back but thanks everyone for the help and i hope to see you again... maybe after christmas when i get xbox live and PSN i'll tell you all what mine are so i may see some of you online.

Again thanks everyone and i'll miss all of you.

Bye for now

I'm Leaving GS.....Maybe

Well as the Title says i'm leaving GS for a little while, i don't know for How long or if i'll come back but I know i had great fun here and Sorry that I have to leave.I've been Spending less time on here and i can only be on a few times A week which IMO is no point logging on.

Well sorry i have to leave iT was fun while it lastEd and i met some great friendS here and i may be back someTime to see how everyone is

see the secret message there? if you do, think about it it may change if i leave or not

29, September 2008

Well today i got to 4000 posts which is pretty good but i just want to beat resistenceUFC in posting but he is "THE POSTING MACHINE" so soon he will overtake me in posts.

Anyway i wanna get a new game but i don't know what i wanna get, anybody know any new games i can get???

Well i already know what i'm getting for Christmas i'm getting broadband finally so when i do i'll be able to plat everyon online on PSN and Xbox live which will be good so i can smash all you!


Well today was kinda boring it was stinking hot so after i checked a few unions i went for a jog. At first i thought i'll just jog for a km or 2 but i felt pretty good so i kept going, i had no idea where i was going so i couldn't tell how far i had gone and i forgot to bring a watch or something to tell the time. Anyway so i got home and though i thought i was gone for an hour at the most it ended up being 4 HOURS LATER!!!!!!!!!!. So now i don't think i'll be able to walk for the next few days since my legs are in pain.


Holidays are here! Starting today i will have 2 weeks of doing absolutely nothing and posting.

Anyway we have an englsh assignment over the holidays but this is going to be the most fun thing ever beacuse we have to make a soap opera and film it for the class to watch, our groups idea is "Beatchwatch" which is pretty much a copy of baywatch where we are all lifeguards and we have to save people and stuff. It's pretty funny since my friend has to pretend to be asian as part of it and my other friend has to be a girl in it.We are going to film it within the next week at the beach so i will tell you how it turns out and post a video of it.Also if you have any ideas for the filming you can post them here.

Also i am now going to be making a blog entry every day from now on if i can just saying what i did for that day and whats happening soon.

Another New Game

well i traded in infinite undiscovery i tried to play infinite undiscovery last night but gave up after a few hours because i didn't like the gameplay or the characters

i preordered saints row 2 IMO it looks really good and i will have it on the 23rd of October

also i have one week of school left until 2 week holidays so i'll be very active for the next 3 weeks as next week my brother will not hog the internet all the time

I got a new game

well i got infinate undiscovery on my 360 an i've played only an hour or so of it but i wanted to know if the game gets any better so far i don't like a few things about it and i wanted to know if it's worth keeping. If i trade it back in i can get a new game instead of this one but i have to trade it in before next saturday if i don't want it