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Happy Thanksgiving GameSpot,

I must admit that though I have been a less active GS user over the past two years, I still visit this site almost every day. Growing up, my older brothers hit an age where they graduated with their college diploma, worked full time, and started families. In other words, they traded in their hours to play video games for time to spend changing diapers, work over time, and provide for the family. I myself have experienced a similar decline in gaming, as evident by my Xbox 360 being used for Netflix, or my PS3 for Blu Ray movies.

I must give all the glory to God since my last blog post, which was 2 years ago. I have truly been blessed to have met some amazing friends from all walks of life. After making the switch to change my major to accounting, I put a substantial amount of effort into shcool and developing relationships with people. Aside from being nominated president of one of my university's largest honor's fraternieites, getting job experience within the oil & gas industry and some of the world's best companies, earning my bachelor's degree, taking upper division and graduate level courses, and sitting for my CPA exam next year, God has smoothed out my insecurities. Through this process, I have learned to love others REGARDLESS of what walk of life they come from!

To say the least, I have grown since my last blog post (which was about video games I purchased on a monthly basis). Sadly, my friends and I had a conversation on how video games seem to lose their lasting effect the older a person gets! I quickly learned after having some games sit in their plastic wrapping for months at a time that gaming might have hit it's peak with me a few years ago. That being said, I find it amazing at how often I think about my favorite video games! As evident by my profile picture, "Final Fantasy 7" is my all time favorite video game, and back in the late 1990's, it completely changed the way I viewed entertainment. Til this day, my brothers and I will travel every year to see the "Distant Worlds" concerts, which is based solely on Nobuo Uemetsu's Final Fantasy compositions.

One might ask if I still play video games, and to that I respond with a big "YES". I'm not playing hours every day (or week for that matter), but every time I pick up a controller and play, I am always reminded of my gaming roots. Gaming had a great impact on my childhood! Today, though it seems that I purchase games on a semi-annual basis, I still savor the smell of a freshly wrapped game and beginning a campaign or multiplayer profile.

For all these reasons, I am thankful for being a part of an amazing video game generation. From my personal favorites of playing old school Japanese RPG's to current day shooters and adventure titles, I appreciate all the hard work that goes into these games. To my family, friends, game developers, game designers, and fellow GS users, I bid you all a happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for years of amazing memories! Until the next blog post (hopefully not in two years), have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!

MAJOR Catchin' Up To Do. 2010 in a Nutshell, a Squall Perspective :)

Ok, this is the first post in well over a year, and as I have a short break before summer school, here's whats on my mind. I realize I only post on Off-topic and System Wars, so I'll try and be more active here since Facebook is beginning to lose it's charm on me.

During these new games, I've been beating a ton of games I've been meaning to beat. So yeah, a good year for gaming :)

Well, in my opinion, gaming this year is possibly the greatest since the late 90's era. Personally, I thought 2007 was epic due to the fact that Halo 3 came out, along with other mentionables like Bioshock, Uncharted, etc. However, literally, every month of this year I have purchased one or more games. I'm actually proud of the way I've been balancing my money with food, gas, and travel funds. ;)

--------January------- arrives, which brings us Mass Effect 2. Honestly, this game was EPIC. I loved every bit, and Bioware did a LOT of well needed improvements. I was surprised at how much I fell in love w/ this game. The graphics were impressive, but the in-depth of the game's story left me speechless. Everytime I put in this game, I'd be late for work or just stay inside during a gorgeous day to finish it.

-------February------- comes with Heavy Rain and Bioshock 2. Heavy Rain blew all my expectations away, and finishing the game to solve the mystery was a blast. (Remember that feeling you get when you find a tv show you absolutely adore and can't stop watching until the season finale..... If yes, then get this game) :)

On another note, Bioshock 2 was fantastic. Personally, it's predecessor I thought was a bit better. Though this game had less "scary" moments, the action and story were both satisfying. The last 3 hours of the game made it almost up to par with the first one. I really can't see how they can make another with how it ends, but we'll see. 2k is excellent with this franchise!

-------March------- is next, and it's a biggie. First and foremost, I've been hyping Final Fantasy 13 since 12 came out. I remember being in the Paris sub ways a year ago and drooling over all the game play pics since I can't read French, haha. Needless to say, this game consumed my life during mid terms, which wasn't the greatest :(. The game lived up to the hype, and didn't dissapoint. It's not goty material, nor my favorite final fantasy, but it was still a worth addition to my growing collection! Plus the ending, like most Final Fantasy's, made me drool!

-------April------- appears, and with it many games. I have not beat the God of War series, so I pulled out the Collection and beat both one and two. I loved that each one gets better and more brutal :). After beating the Collection, I buy God of War 3 at Gamestop. This game ROCKED THE HOUSE. It's VERY hard for a game to make my "TOP 10 GAMES OF ALL TIME LIST", but it did at number 7. I played it through, and it was flawless. Santa Monica did such an AMAZING job. The boss battles were SOOO flippin epic. This game could very well be my GOTY. And seriously, this game is console graphics king! People ALWAYS over-look this game when it comes to graphics king. The Poseidon battle intro was BEAUTIFUL!

-------May------- pops up, and here we are. This month started with the Halo Reach beta. Personally, Bungie did necessary changes to make this the best Halo multiplayer system yet. The graphics were very nice, and motion blur adds a LOT of realism as oposed to Halo 3's jaggedy motions. Most of all, the added classes made this one of the greatest fps multi-player experiences in years. Personally, this game was the bomb. I loved the beta, and can't wait for the $150 edition :)

I literally used my whole paycheck two weeks ago and bought gas for my truck, Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, and 3d-dot Heroes. So far, Alan Wake was AWESOME! I was nervous, but this game delivered. I loved the story, and the gameplay and visuals were top-notch. And, yes, the ending is weird, but it is NOT BAD like some noteable sites claimed. I must agree with Gamespot's review, however. An 8.5 suits this game well, and I can't wait for the sequel!!! I hope it sells well! It kinda came out during Red Dead's release, so we'll see...

3d-dot Heroes is going swell! It's sooo nestalgic, and the game itself is a STEAL for $40! Not many complaints, just compliments. It's literally a love letter to Zelda! I'm taking my time on Red Dead. I got it on the 360 since my PS3 friends are ALWAYS on Modern Warfare 2, which makes no sense since theres like triple the amount on LIVE. Anyways, Red Dead is EPIC. In a way, though completely different than Fallout 3, it gives me that satisfying "exploration" feeling. This game is marvelous.


So, I'm spent soo far this year. And as you would know it, Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out. I hardly play my Wii and often criticize Nintendo's lack of games. However, I started playing the first one this morning. I'm gonna stick with it, while playing everything else so that I can get Mario Galaxy 2 during summer school. Oh! Anyways, sorry for the long story. Hope you enjoyed, and hopefully I'll keep up!

Game on,


RIP Squall's 360. 09/07-12/08 U were my best robotic bud! See ya in 3 weeks!

Well, I never thought this would happen. After my 1st 360 died from an error not covered by the warranty, I purchased the Halo 3 limited edition. I liked it very much. Then, I bought a 32" HD-LCD tv for the 360 w/ the best quality Monster HDMI cable.

I have played over 40 games on my 360, owning actually 37 of them, not including arcade downloads. I've only had the system for a year and 3 months.

I'll admit the 360 is my favorite system this gen and is up there w/ the ps2 as one of my favorite console of all time. Though I'm soo dissapointed in MS, I know that I've put soo much time and money in the 360 that by suddenly playing the Wii or PS3 a lot, I'd get bored.

Anyways, in 3 weeks I'll see my Halo 3 limited edition 360 for some amazing action!

Happy New Years, Squall

Police = trouble

So, for the first time the other day I get a driving ticket. It's my first and I've been driving for a few years now. This guy had his sunglasses and was young. He was arrogant, and I am baffled that he caught me speeding on the highway (thats what he says. I know I got stopped because I passes him up to get into a turn lane to get to work. I was going a little over 70, and he said I was going 81).

Anywho, I now have less respect for cops in general. For those who make the news and who do a great job doing what they are doing, cudos. I give you my tax money any day of the week for your services. I look up to them.

But to those arrogant cops, stop picking on citizens for nit picking rules and grow up and do something worth our tax dollars. You are doing a dis-service with cockiness and seriously need to do something that actually benefits our lives.

I learned no lesson at all. In fact, now I have to pay a hefty ticket. Sadly, the cop probably went on to get people like me for stupid stuff.

Peace, Squall18