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I would like it to either be set or atleast be able to travel to an area outside of tamriel such as Pyandonea or Atmora as I think it would allow the designers to be really creative as we have firstly seen nothing from it so would not be able to judge it on past experience and also they could make any inhabitants very different to how they would usually.
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I would love it to be set in the summerset isle, mainly because I always play as an Altmer and would enjoy exploring the mysterious province. That would also allow the oppertuinity to possibly (Hopefully) allow us to take a ship to explore the continent of Pyandonea either in a dlc or in the vanilla game and maybe interact with Maormer. I think it would be very interesting to get to see a different contnent and I think the Summerset Isle could allow that chance. On a seperate note I would also like to see a higher veriaty of spells as Altmer are renowned spellcasters (And I always play as as mage).