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Good times

So i recently got a PS3 a few months back, and i have enjoyed every moment of it. Just the other day i really realized how happy i was that i got it because my 360, for the second time has broken. This time it is not the three red lights so Microsoft expects me to pay $120 to get the peice of crap repaired so i can play it for about another year maybe, before I have to get it repaired again. If I had a chance i would kick everyone that works for microsoft square in the nuts/gina till my foot was sore and bleeding. I can not even believe that they are getting away with selling xbox 360's when they are obviously faulty hardware. Now i am just deciding how i shall get rid of my 360. Either try and sell it in its borken state to eb games, or maybe have a little more pleasure disposing of it by smashing it up real good with some heavy machinery. :) Yes that sounds like the more fun way of getting rid of it.


Yay lvl 28. and a new medal which starts my second line :D also recently became a car owner. All i need now is to reformat my pc.

EDIT: Reformated my pc and also unlocked luigi in super mario galaxy. Yes that right, envy my life

My Goal Before leaving to School Aug 31st

As of today i have a total of 10 days before i have to move into residence and it is my goal to get to 10k gamerscore before then. As of right now i have 8810 gamerscore so i need 1190 points for those of u that dont like doing math. Im pretty confident that i can do it so wish me luck.

HA so it only took 4 days. Thats gotta be somekinda record, for me at least

Not the best week

Yea bad week, first of all the 360 breaks the day after I rent a game for it, good waste of money there.Then after that I go to the internet for amusement and figure out that Grindhouse is being split in two for the DVD release.

To top it off after all of that i run out of batteries while playing the Wii and have nothing to do but look at my busted 360 and batteryless wiimote.

So in conclusion Microsoft sucks, I will be downloading Death Proof not buying it, and I will be mailing in my hair for cancer when i send my 360 to MS. At least some good came of the 360 breaking I guess in a weird way.