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doom 1 or 2, serious sam - are lan classics

DIALBO 1 **doesnt work on lan with vista** (easy learning curve but not as fast but SOOOOO fun on lan)

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i dont know whats going on but Diablo 2 is blizzard's worst game made and even worse if you played Diablo 1 alot like me (LAN PARTY FTW). But thats a my rant.

The Orange Box is the way to go (HL2, ep1, ep2, Portal, TF2) or go to steam and get just the ones you want.


Mass Effect

Call of Duty4

shooters galore...i know)

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always on Steam, then if its not on Steam i complain on forums:roll: and possibly buy in-store
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vista is WAY WAY better then what people say....if you have pretty/ok good computer knowledge you can fix the annoying things (like run as administrator ect.) the ONLY downside i have is that vista currently doesnt support very old IPX protocol in Diablo 1......thats it.

but since your MAC probablly doesnt have good specs its hard to say which would be better, but theres probably lots of information about that all over the net.

**albeit my comp is pretty damn good, runs crysis on high w/ Vista Home Premium.

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Neverwinter Nights 1
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it was SKATE and it was fantastic, its a great game to play when xbox live is being fussy as it is now