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Happy Halloween!


Wishing you all a happy Halloween!

I will be spending it with my wife, and we are going out of town for the weekend!
Most probably to Austin.

The original plan was to go to New Orleans, but I have to go work friday night, so, doesnt give me enough time to drive to New Orleans, but Austin is hopefully a good choice.

What about you guys? Any plans?

I got tagged, so here's my facts!

The evil TAG monster finally reached me, and he was sent here by JunglemanchiId.

So now I gotta put up 10 facts about me, and Im one of those guys trying to be secretive. So here goes.

1 - Im turning 32 next month, and some days I wonder if its time to give up gaming and grow up.

2 -I was born in Norway, but have lived in Texas for the past 10 years.

3 - I hate my job. Some days it's OK, but usually I hate it.

4 - Im a big fan of country music ( I live in Texas, remember! :P )

5 - According to the political compass website, Im a fullfledged communist. That quite doesnt fit with my political beliefs. So in my opinion, that website is broken/flawed.

6 - Some of my political beliefs would make you cringe. Enough said.

7 - I am not a very religious person, but I do respect other peoples beliefs, as long as they don't talk a hole in my ear about it, or try to impose their will due to their religious beliefs.

8 - I love cartoons, especially those for a more mature audience, such as American Dad and Family Guy.

9 - For Halloween I want to dress up as Dr. Salvatore, from RE 4. Just gotta get some gas for my chainsaw.

10 - I have a beautiful dog, which always makes my day. After a long day at work, I always take her out for a walk, and it always lifts my spirits.

I tag,


Consider yourself tagged!

I feel...less hairy

I shaved off my goatee beard, and cut my hair down to a skin head look.

Used to have shoulder long hair, and a long goatee too. May my boss burn for all eternity for making me do this.

Had to be done to allow me to use a respirator while working with hazardous chemicals/waste.

Don't tell my boss, butI like this look, feels cleaner somehow, and Im gonna save money on shampoo! :D

Happy Labor Day! (And Fallout Union updates from previous week)

YAY! One of my favorite days! I'm off, and still get paid! Woohoo!

I'm gonna stay home and play some games. I have been playing Arcanum and FOnline:2238 lately. Want to put some more play time into those.

For those interested in Fallout, FOnline is Fallout multiplayer, so come on over to the Outcasts and check out my bulletin and thread! Got plenty of information on the game! It's FREE! Don't forget to join and post in our topics! Make sure to check out the other bulletins, as they are real interesting!

If you like my blogs, You really need to read this one!

Some of you have asked for a conclusion to my previous blogs;

Justice has been served!

And now, for the award show!
I would like to thank the following people for their support in my crusade for justice for the demoted officers;

Souledge959, Your request for my help ironically became you aiding the cause. Without you justice may not have prevailed.
Hoathk, You backed me up all the way! And that is how our friendship started. You know why you're my #2 on this list.
Toxic8, Cluelesspug and Latitude002, You were my reason to start the crusade.
Reckeweg, Your belief that I'm the man made me walk that extra step.
Dahui58 and Cluelesspug, For providing the infamous blog.
JunglemanchiId, For providing a safe haven for the demoted ones. For being a wise and kind union leader. your Fallout Outcasts Union will go a long way.
Everyone Else, Thank You for your support!

Happy Labor Day and Happy Gamespotting everyone!

Fallout Unions, latest news.

The Fallout Nation Union has new officers, all knowledgeable about Fallout 3. Fallout and Fallout 2 is sorely lacking though. The Fallout Nation Union name is no longer fitting, they should change it to something like Fallout 3 HQ.

The Stories from the Vault changed name to The Fallout Brotherhood, and then a few weeks later, after a spat with the officers of that union, changed it to the Fallout Enclave. Leader of that union is currently in talks with The fallout Nation union.


(Leader of the Fallout Enclave) Posted Aug 31, 2009 10:27 pm CT

The enclave and the FNU well soon be affiliated and well see what you deserting officers think

Hopefully it will be a successful merger. They do deserve eachother. As for the deserting officers, they are all members of The Fallout Outcasts, currently IMO, the best Fallout Union on the whole wide Gamespot 'net! All they want is to have fun. They don't come on Gamespot to be pushed around and called thieves, they come on here to enjoy Fallout in the company of likeminded.

JunglemanchiId has done a great job making The Fallout Outcastsa friendly haven for all Fallout players. Quality and quanity in articles surpasses those of the other Unions. A stay at the Outcasts is a chance to learn something new. A big applause is in order for JMC and his officers!

Hip Hip Hurray!

Fallout Nation Union, recent happenings...

August 4th, The Fallout Nation Union's best officers were expelled.

I made it clear to all involved, I did NOT agree with the expulsion. More officers left in protest.

August 14th and 15th, the last remainingrebel officers were expelled. Dahui58 and myself. We were expelled for our continous protests against the demotions.

These days Soulja took a serious hit, he himself got demoted two levels, from 43 to 41. Seems a few people is not too happy with him.

August 16th, Recived a PM froom Soulja himself.

Maybe i was a bit harsh and for that I do apologize and if you want your spot back, you can have it. I don't care if you are a officer of another union or not. Do you accpet my apology?Soulja_West

AndI replied,

I want my spot back, ain't called spotty for nothing.

I will accept your apology only if this same offer has been made to cluelesspug, dahui58, reckeweg, Toxic8,JunglemanchiId and Latitude002.

That would officially end my crusade against you.

And what made you change your mind?


No replies yet... Hopefully he will do the right thing by his former officers. They all deserve an apology and an offer of reinstatement as officers. Wheter they accept it or not, that is entirely up to them. Once the offer has been made and promises kept, I will be at peace.

I still ponder the fate of ethanrulez, who was an officer for a few days, then demoted without reason. While he was a replacement for the officers I am fighting for, he still did not deserve that treatment. If the battle goes on, ethanrulez will be welcome under my paw. Err, wing. Don't want to squish him. Yet. Maybe under my tail? :twisted:

What will happen toThe Fallout Nation Union? Most of the former officers, perhaps all of them, will refuse to join back with Soulja. They got their own projects going on at The Brotherhood Union and at The Fallout Outcasts Union.

What will happen now? Will Soulja offer the apology? Will he blatantly refuse? Will there ever be peace?

To be continued...

My Fallout Nation Union experience.

I signed up with Gamespot back in 2007, roaming the forums, mainly the Fallout 1/2 forums, giving help and answering questions.It has always been something I've done. When I think back on my more then a decade online, every time I join somewhere it is mainly to provide help and insight.

July 16th, I stumbled across The Fallout Nation Union, it looked promising, attempting to unify all the Fallout fans under one banner, with an endorsment to boot! I had to get in that union and make my mark! July 16th I got my very first PM in two years. I had signed up for this great union.

What I found was a bunch of people talking mainly about Fallout 3. I started bugging people to get some attention towards the originals. Toxic8was the first to suffer my nagging. His Character Spotlight was a great thing, and I just had to make sure the first one paid homage to the original games. The decision landed on Harold, someone who is present throughout the whole series. A great choice indeed.

JunglemanchiId provided a link to the original game for free, and from my experience from the forums, I knew people would run into problems. I decided to start up the Fallout 1 Help Center thread, which has links to patches to make the game much easier to enjoy.

The Help Center caught the Unions leader, Soulja_West's attention. He promptly stickied my thread and promoted me to officer. I was making a difference! I decided to help out even more, making some, hopefully, interesting threads. Along the way I got to know the other builders of The Fallout Nation Union; Toxic8, JunglemanchiId, Reckeweg, Latitude002, Cluelesspug, Dahui58 and Horrorboy. They are great people. Together we built a fine Union indeed.

On August 4th came the end. 19 days is what I spent in the Union before it all crumbled before my very own eyes. The leader decided it was HIS union and HIS minions should obey HIM or leave. And so they left, the great gang. Some forced out, with some others leaving in protest. I refused to let that happen, I wrote some letters here and there, not much else one can do online. But the damage had been done. The great gang decided to stick together and form their own Union, The Fallout Outcasts. As I look to The Fallout Nation Union, it is eerily quiet. When the gang left, the life blood of the union left with them. The very essence of the union is gone. With time and careful building it may be a great union again, but it will never be the same...

And so an adventure ends, and another begins...