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I was in the mood for a Warcraft 2 game. Recently I wa playing Re4 which is one of my gavorite games.I really do not want a shooter. I want something with some strategy.

I wanted something I could play on my laptop.So I guess nothing too intensive.

Vista 64

core 2 duo 2.4 ghz

4 gig of RAM

nVidia 9650GT

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Ok I have been bored and was looking for a new computer game, nothing great maybe even a free game to kill some time.

I was really in the mood to play Warcraft 2 (no idea why) I could not play it on my computer.

Anyone know of a similar game? Or something else I might enjoy?

Thank you!

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I am 6ft away when I play and the sensor bar, seems to be working fine, with other games I have tested.

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I really need help, and cannot figure out why i am struggling so horribly with these 2 games. Just to get this out of the way. I have played multiple Wii games before and finished everyone of them. I have tried both of my wii motes, with brand new batteries. I have played other games during this time and had little trouble.

Prince of Persia-(I have never played a Prince of Persia game) I have spent 5-6 hours on it and I cannot get past the first 2 minutes of the game, I cannot get the character to preform the basic jumps, running it walls, etc. I am basically stuck just with random waggle, hitting buttons and then sometimes I get lucky with the character he does something. I would say normally a game is playable but your not the best with the controls until you get used to it. This game I cannot do anything even after extended attempts, and playing.

COD- (I have never played a COD game) I have spent 10-15 hours on it, and have completed a mission, but it feels, awful. Overall I really do not have any good control over pointing and shooting. I always slightly twist the controls every time and its throw off, and I miss. Or suddenly the wii mote is tilted a half inch and my guy is looking at the sky while he gets shot. Moving and shooting still is just such a struggle. Also started the game, on the first mission, and set down the remote, and had to go grab the phone, when I came back it seemed like my squadron had basically taken care of things for me, So if i just stay back does it just play itself?

Both games have very good reviews, I am dissapointed to be so stumped by the controls. Especially after investing atleast 20 hours in the 2 games. Any help would be appreicated.

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Ok I just gave up.

Yeah I can jump at the balcony and it seems like the character should be able to grab it (I mean he can run up walls). Nothing else really to "bounce" off of.

I also assumed the controls just can not be like this. I tried the other remote, switching the batteries, but I guess it is. I really do not understand how this game is even playable.

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Ok i got it.

I went under the door, then turned to thr right. I went up the "platform" then jumped over to the next platform. I then ran on the wall, and then climbed over the fire. Then i dropped down a level, and then took the ladder down to the main level.

I am now in a room where I am supposed to jump i guess back and forth on 2 poles, to try to climb to a balcony with a window behind it. I back and forth between the 2 pillars to move me up high enough to jump to the balcony, however when i jump I cannot seem to catch anything and I fall.

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I am really at a loss for words here. I just started this game. I have never played a Prince of Persia game. I have played plenty of wii games, and video games.

I have read the manual on the controls. I have re checked with the controls in the pause menu. I have gone to just to make sure, I am doing it right.

I am at the start of the game where you are supposed to jump up to the platform. I cannot do it. I have been trying for a good 20 minutes.

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Retail games, i have 14. I bought RE: Umbrella Chronicles today, but i'll return it. It's a fun game, but not worth $100. jjr10

RE UC is a great game I would not recommend you getting rid of it. However $100?? I mean at most it should have been $50. I picked it up a month ago for $15. It is worth $50 easily.

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I am wondering what is your favorite type of game? Personally I liked 3rd person better then 1st person for most games. I feel you get more control over the game with this view. I will use Re4 as an example I think it gives you a lot more options and better control over your characters being able to move your guy, and being able to see everything around you. In RE UC I feel like one of the flaws is you do not get enough control, and are "surprised" a zombie is suddenly standing next too you.

Just wondering what you guys prefer and why?

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Samsung 72 inch with 1080p. I use the component cables and it really helps. Some of the games look very sharp. Every game I have tried has looked at least good.