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Knocking off some wii games!

In the last 2 weeks, I have been working hard at finishing a few wii games. 4 of the new games that I purchased have been finished. None of them where anything special but most of them I had a lot of fun playing and deserved some decent reviews.

Yet somehow with all this wii play i have still managed to go out and have a great social life. Its nice being able to balance everything.

New Games!!!

Wow I am excited! A video store was going out of business and where selling everything out dirt cheap. I picked up about a dozen wii games. I can not wait to play them and hopefully get to write some great reviews.

In a week I am looking forwards to 3 glorious weeks off, with some serious free time to play some new games.

Nothing really...

I finally have added all of the games I have played on the PC. I think this is a fairly complete list for all of the systems I have ever owned. I have decided that when I add a new game I shall add a review for the game not just adding a score.

I love playing games on the wii, it really brought me back into the video game world after a fairly long break.

The best part of a long day is coming home and relaxing with a great wii game.