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Video Game Prices

I personally shutter at the $60 price tag of mainstream games of late, and with digital distribution essentially removing the need to push the units off the shelves to free up storage space, the concern is getting worse. Skyrim just fairly recently dropped in price on steam and that was mainly due to the fact that it's "Legendary" edition was right around the corner. I think a huge fault in the gaming industry is this fixed price tag, it's a lot of money for essentially just one experience and you need to shove a lot of crap to make it justifiable to consumers. The ironic thing is one of the biggest pros I hear about gaming is the value you get per hour of gameplay; I just don't think that's true. The fact that demos are nearly non-existent at this point and trailers are essentially movie trailers that really can't get the point across for a video game means that you're risking $60 every time you buy a game where you risk a fraction of that with every movie title. Let's look at the recently acclaimed title Bioshock Infinite which I think too me somewhere around 12 hours. There's a good chunk of the game that doesn't fit quite right in the story which is just about everything that has to do with Daisy Fitzgerald, Finkton, and Lady Comstock. All the plot points from these characters are just filler that could easily have been worked around and could have shaved off hours of where I really started losing any entertainment and connection with the story. There's about 4-6 hours of what I consider filler in this game and it takes away from the game's: a linear shooter with good story. I would've much rather had them reduce the story down to its barebones, focus the story entirely on Booker, Elizabeth, and Comstock character wise while the world makes for a nice backdrop, also keeping the game to around a nice 6 hours, but they can't do that because the game industry is so locked down in weird ideals for what makes for a good game. The biggest problem for this is the fact that games have to be $60 and you got to make enough content for the player to compete with movies. This price tag is absurd and I have no idea where it came from, if you do know please explain this to me I'm a bit desperate to understand why. This bit is a whole bunch of statistical nonsense that I came up with. Movies cost an average of $3.72 per hour of entertainment, I came to this conclusion looking at the timestamps from the top 15 blockbusters from IMBD in 2012 and calculating that with the 2012 price tag from http://boxofficemojo.com/about/adjuster.htm. Next I looked at 15 Youtube Let's Play series from 4 different games: Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Dishonored, and Batman Arkham Asylum. On average the play time is 8.8 hours and you pay about $6.82 per hour. Summary: Movies $/hour - 3.72 Games $/hour - 6.82 These games that offer linear stories don't offer the deals that a lot of games claim, especially when you have to add in the necessary equipment, a console and controller mostly, but if you buy more games the offset of the console gets smaller. So let's say you go through a generation buying 50 games, we'll go with the PS4 for $400, you've now payed $7.73 per hour of game play this generation: a 13% increase. It comes out being $4 more then the per hour you pay for your ticket which is around a thing a popcorn. What's the point? The current business model is broken for AAA titles. We're not getting our dollars worth on games mostly because of an odd price tag. Developers make games for that price tag so they cram unnecessary content as filler to justify it, which in turn makes them spend more money, causing this "fear" of loss of money (SquareEnix anyone?). In cases of game like Bioshock Infinite make the game's story shorter, cheaper, and more to the point, keep production value low and use some common sense you learned in economics class: reducing costs increases demand. That Movie Price Tag: I got a feeling someone is going to call me out on that. I have no idea where they got that movie ticket price tag. My experience with movies is $9 for standard and $12 for 3D $15 for IMAX 3D. I only used that one because I haven't gone to more than like 3 movie theaters and that seemed like the most legitimate one that fit a whole lot of news articles I found in 2012 about the prices flip flopping. Anyway with my experience it'd cost $4.21 per hour of entertainment from movies, still a big jump to catch up with video games.