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Wow. I might have been dead?!?

I'm not dead.

Busy? nope. Lazy. Yeah.

I've been playng my share of games. I finished FFXIV, Prince of Persia, SW-TFU2, and now I'm playing Fall-out. Also, along the way, i got Gods of WAr III, Little Big Planet and some others I can't remember.

I'm pretty much tapped for games, as I still haven't cracked the Afro-Samurai game I got last christmas.

I'm bad.

Boxing Day Sale...


I just picked up Prince of Persia and Afro Samurai, for $10 each. Not used, but brand new.

I love post Christmas!

Time has allowed this...

So, I actually have time to blog here, which makes me happy. I also have had more time to play so I'm even more happy. But I am not doing more posts because I'm up for an award. I promise. If you don't want to vote for me, don't. There are others who deserve it more.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I'm getting really into Borderlands. Wow, is it a bizarrly neat game. It's quite the ride with numerous choices. Also, being able to play along with friends makes the experience much more enjoyable. Not getting dirty, but doing things with others is much more fun that by yourself.

And, even the time to share my thoughts here, is good. I have nothing really insightful to say (for now) but I'm just getting back into the whole thing. Blogging is an art, and the more you practice, the more you get improve.

yeah, that's it...time for Borderlands!

What A deal...

Here in Ontario, Best Buy and Futureshop had a sale, which is Buy 2 and get one free. My friends looked at that and saw that we could get a game for cheap, and something we can all play online.

We got Borderlands, which I started playing. Wow, is it cool. I'm really digging the cartoon style graphics and the bizzare humour it has. More in a bit.

But like most people. it's been a busy time. I see I'm up for Gamespotter of the year, which is cool. Vote for me if you like, but I've been busy for the month, and before, having the PS3 stolen, it put the damper on the excitement I Get from posting about games.

But alas, all is solved.

Borderlands, nice!

back in Action...

I got a new slim PS3 yesterday, and have been playing my old Forces Unleashed.

Again, with the loss of the other, I don't have ANY save game data, so I'm back at the beginning.

Man, I lost my ps3 fingers..but it's coming back.

I'm back, baby !

Sorry for being MIA

I've been kinda bummed with the dissapearance of my lil' PS3.

I've submitted the appropriate documentation to the insurance, and now it's a waiting game. It was almost impossible to prove my games, which I'm afraid I won't get covered for. But I'm hoping that they do believe that not having the instruction manual because it was stolen with the box is believable.

I'm really jonesn' for some KZ2...and I wanna try Ghostbusters.

BUt i'm still alive. Kickin', breathin' and all that.

and yes, it's not the worst thing that could happen, and I know in context, losing my gaming console is really small in the grand scheme of things, but still, it's not nice. (Sometimes I get a bit dramatic...)

2nd worst thing that could happen...

...and it happened to me. I came home one afternoon to find that someone had broken into my house.

PS3 gone. Games, gone. Controllers, gone. Computer, gone. Jewellery, Gone. DVDs, Gone.

My lil' PS3 has been kidnapped. She was a good kid, never wanting any trouble. She was bought, not liked, shelved, lent out and then shelved again. I got hold of her, cleaned her up and got her running on full HDMI. I kept her dusted, cleaned, updated, etc.

Some Lowlife has taken her and she's gone...

My suggestion for all of you, PS3 players, 360 brethren, etc...back up your save data! do it now. Go and download it to some external drive as if you get the YLOD or RLOD, you're done. If someone takes your system, you're done too.

I'm looking at all of my progress on games I like to go back to, and I can't. For one, I don't have em (gone!) and as well, the data is on the machine.

So, why is this the 2nd worst thing that could happen? Well, I figure that the worst thing is that your machine just punks out and you have no recourse. Luckily the house insurance will cover it. But to have a baby that doesn't work and you are left just the carcass, I think that's worse.

Just my thoughts.



Summertime Gaming

The summer is quite a hard season to game, as the weather is nice and most insides are not. For me, l often look outside and see a nice warm day (when it's not raining) and go out for a bike-ride or a walk.

The winter seems to be the better time to Game, as after shovelling the snow for the 99th time, I want to relax. I get most of my relaxation from kicking some serious enemy tail. Again, it all depends upon what game I'm playing and who's side i'm on.

Today, I'll get some Gaming in. It's rainy and I feel lazy. Sure, there are things for me to do, places in the house to clean and do something productive. However, seeing my lil' PS3 in the corner, my heart breaks.

I'm coming home, lil' PS3...

PS: It's not covered in dust, as every few days I check out the lil' baby. Clean as a whistle....

Reno is done...

I've been spending way too much time renovating my bathroom. Yuck. Well, it's done, and it's gorgeous. I'm quite happy. Now I have time to kick back and relax, but i'm going to go up to the cottage and take a dip in the lake. I have some reading to catch up on, and maybe some sleep. That'll be nice.

I hope the rain holds off...