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SpongeSebastian Blog

This blog, continued

Hey, what's crackin', guys? Happy New Year! It's been half a year since I posted a blog here, and I just wanted to let you all know that I am still active at the SpongeBob Community. If you haven't already joined the site, I highly suggest that you do so. I will still be posting ocassional blogs about my life in the following thread:

Well, see you guys for now and I hope you all have a great 2011!

Official GameSpot Farewell

The following blog is for all of my friends on GameSpot. If you are not reading this on GameSpot, please click here.

If any of you gamers are wondering why I was banned from, well I finally figured it out. On March 8, 2009, clapmaster threw a blog party, which I attended. At some point during the party, a got a PM from a particular user. Since the mods don't like me mentioning the names of banned users, I'll just call him........."Frank". Anyway, Frank had been a popular user who had been banned for quite a while, and every user at the SpongeBob forum had been mourning his lost. In this PM he sent me, he asked if I could create an account for him. Since I was one of his good friends, I thought I'd fulfill this favor, so I made an account for him using my Gmail email address. When I made the account, I had to log in using my IP address, then hand it over to Frank with info on the username/password. Unfortunately, the staff found out in a matter of minutes that this was a ban-dodging account of his, so he was once again banned. Since then, Frank has made several attempts to return to using various usernames, some created by other users.

Two days ago, you-know-who came to the SpongeBob forums with a blacklist of users he was determined to get banned. Surely enough, Frank was on that list. While you-know-who was able to expose Frank's newest account, the staff decided to investigate the IP addresses that were associated with all of Frank's account. And, yep, the short-lived account I made for him almost a year-and-a-half ago was one of them, with my IP fingerprint on it. The staff saw it and concluded that I am one of these multiple accounts that belongs to Frank. Though Frank and I are two completely different people, they felt that it was just too suspicious of me sharing one of my IP addresses with one Frank's accounts. There were just too many accounts, so the staff simply didn't want to take any chances, and the final decision (not sure how long it took them to decide it) was termination of my account.

Yes, I am innocent of ban-dodging. However, when I think of it, I still aided a banned user with ban-dodging. That combined with account-sharing would be a double-whamy for me. The fact is I screwed up badly in something I didn't think would be that bigga deal at the time, but it ended up coming back to nip me in the butt. :(

So, now that my GameSpot readers are informed about all this, I might as well use the rest of this blog to say that I will be moving on from I know it's upsetting, since I spent five years as an active and dedicated user on that site. I had some really fun times and memories. I know my Internet life is just a small part of my real life, but I've still have had some good laughs with my cyberfriends there. I've met some of the most interesting characters, and I know that I had the time of my cyber-life. Unfortunately, I will no longer be the editor of "Back at the Barnyard", "Channel One News", "Kids' Choice Awards", and "ME:TV", but I'm glad I was able to add some of my contributions to the site. The saddest part is that I will no longer be able to contribute to the "SpongeBob SquarePants" guide, which I worked hard on and which even gained Trusted Contributor status. Hopefully, Shadow and other dedicated contributors will help keep the guide alive and updated, so I won't have to worry so much.

Perhaps this was a sign that I should move on from, and pursue other real-life activities (like Student Government, which I'll be a part of starting in my junior year), as well as being an avid member on other sites. I know The SpongeBob Community forums are welcoming me with open arms, so I guess I'll hang out there and maybe casually post at SpongeBuddy Mania. I would like to thank all my friends over at for being great friends, and again thanks for the wonderful memories! :D

Thanks GameSpot members for taking your time to read this blog!

#50 Word Association

You know what I've just thought about that's really fun? Word association. You just begin with a word, then come up with more words from what pops up in your mind. I haven't played this in a while, so I'll start right now: round, light, hard, bone, stretch, pizza, limbo, crack, knuckles, fat, beard, weight, sky, ear, head, cast, play, show, tv, games, computer, type, do, see, touch, high, itch, hurt, pain, red, cream, ice cream, vanilla, ice, cold, water, swim, drink, pee, bladder, liver, brain, smart, knowledge, doorbell, ring, happy, dance, smile, laugh, sweat, cry, sad, mad, angry, fight, fists, hands, slap, bruise, injure, soccer, ball, kick, throw, far, length, ruler, measure, distance, bored, gas, tired, sleep, blog, annoying, care, careless, yawn, burp, grunt, fart, gross, boogers, nose, eyes, mouth, sundaes, chocolate, strawberry, fields, forever, eternity, long, wait, patience, impatience, hardship, warfare, kill, death, life, hope, joy, skipping, cheesy, cheddar, lactose intolerant, Mexican food, Chipotle, afro, hair, bald, wig, ugly, funny, stupid, dumb, mute, deaf, blind, whatever, scream, yell, holler, quit, over, done. Mine may not be all-that hilarious, but now you guys give it a shot. How wired-up is your brain with words?

#49 The Do-It-Yourself Blog!

Congratulations! :lol: Because Sebastian was too lazy to come up with a real blog post, you get to write one for him! Be creative as you can. Don't be afraid to hold back what's on your mind! :D

#47 Glenwood Springs

Well, I came back from my weekend trip to Glenwood Springs last night. I really had a great time (I could probably find a better word for "great", but my English teacher isn't grading this blog). In the first day, we went to the hot springs, which is a pretty much a large swimming pool that is naturally heated with sulfur. It's very relaxing. The next day, we went bike riding/sight-seeing. It's probably been over a year since I've last ridden a bike, so I really enjoyed it. Afterward, we went to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. We went up there in a tram (kind of like a ski lift, only it's in an entire-enclosed Ferris wheel-like cart). Up there, I went on a really cool roller-coaster-type ride through the mountain. After many fun moments and a few restaurants, we finally went home. :D

#44-46 Flea Market/Vacation

Well, today certainly was eventful for me. I was unexpectedly woken up at 8AM, so that I could help my family set up their vending spot and the Mile High Flea Market. Pretty much the entire day, I was helping out with selling various items while reading some Goosebumps and listening to my iPod. When the day was done, my dad took forever to pick us up, so I was impaciently waiting while everyone else was pretty much gone (apparently there was a lot of traffic). Other than that, it was a rather fun day, and I got a good tan out of it. :P Like I said in my earlier blog, I will be going on a trip to Glennwood Springs, starting tomorrow morning. I'm going to go to the Hot Springs and go biking and such. I'll tell you about it when I return. Chances are I'm not going to have Internet access, so I guess I'll say bon voyage for the next couple days. :D Be back Sunday night!

#43 Wiki

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that the Wiki is still running if you guys want to continue writing articles and such. Sorry for the short blog. I'll have more interesting stuff later.

#42 Weekend vacation

Hey! Hey! Hey! This Saturday, we're going to be taking a two-day vacation at Glennwood Springs, where the Hot Springs are. It's been over ten years since I've been there, so I'm excited to go. :D That's all I have to announce for today. Stay tuned for more semi-exciting updates!