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I got a 360

And with it, I got...well...I got nothin'. Not counting Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza. But later I bought a bunch of used games at eb at a sale.

I got...Condemned, King Kong, Tony Hawks Project 8, F.E.A.R., Splinter Cell Double Agent, Call of Duty 2, Halo, Halo 2, and Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel. I got Substance for the X-Box, but that apparently doesn't work.


What do ya think?

I'm up for games if anybody is...not now of course, but whenever.


So what's been going on is...

I am now rhythem guitarist for a band...so that's pretty cool. We don't have a name yet...

And. I'm tired. Let's talk about games.

So right now I'm uber excited for a couple things...

Those things in particular are

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

YES, I've been going on the website everyday. And the levels look like the coolest thing ever, in particular the WarioWare level.

2. Guitar Hero 3

Neversoft looks like it's gonna make Guitar Hero awesomer than ever.

3. X-Box 360

I'm saving up. Woo!

But I have a question for you fine folk.

Now, I plan on getting the 360 version of Guitar Hero 2, which means I'll most likely get the 360ized GH 3. It's got free downloads, all that great stuff. But...y'know, what does the Wii version have to offer that the 360 doesn't? So basically...which version do you think you'll buy, the 360, or the Wii?

And just like that, it all got better!

Last night I asked somebody out and got a yes!!! w000t.  Here's the story...when my parents divorced and when my ex broke up with me...she was there.  She would talk to me for hours and make me feel better about everything.  The complicated thing is...is that she's my ex's best friend.  I have no idea how she'll react to this...badly probably.  Anyways, I was thinking about stuff and realized that...well, she was the one I was thinking of.  So now we are going out...yay! 

In gaming news, I got 3 new games.  That turok for the PS2 (I know what you're thinking...), Dead to Rights (same for this), and True Crime, Streets of New York (and this).  Okay...you are most likely asking yourself, why did he buy a bunch of old, not so great shooters?  Well...when I got them, I REALLY wanted to shoot someone in the face...you know, take out some agression.  Plus they all cost under 10.00.

And by the way...my girlfriend is playing Indigo Prophecy!!!  She's actually kinda into games...but she's just starting to play them.  She's also pretty good at Guitar Hero.  I'm thinking when she's done with Indigo (which I lent to her) she could start on MGS 3.  Good idea?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Sort of?

100th BLOG!!!

I've been gone for a while and...wow what the crap?  What happened to the blogging???  This is crazy! Oh well.

Anyways, this is probably a bad time to post this, but whatever.  Hmmm...this is a 100th blog.  I need to something special for it...ummm...

AIM Screename: Mark Skullski  I would love to talk to anyone about games, but it's kinda hard on Gamespot to have an actual conversation.  So if you have a screename, add me as a buddy.  I'll be glad to talk.

So, you guys want to see what I look like?  Well, here's my myspace.  And no, my hair isn't ALWAYS like that...just sometimes.  http://www.myspace.com/awinnerismark   Oh, and some of my friends really like to drop the F bomb.  Just warning you...

I was ill prepared for this.  So.  Any ideas for a 101st blog???

What's up

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments.  I'd like to say it's gotten easier...but it hasn't.  Love doesn't dissapear like that.  I've been being her friend, though.  She's been acting really weird lately though...I have no idea how she's feeling.

Oh, by the way, to those of you that mentioned suicide...what the hell?  Who said anything about suicide?  Life sucks for me, but I'll get through.  Even if I am alone again.

To those of you that told me to play games to get over it...that just doesn't work.  It reminds of when I was alone before I met her, when all I had were games...

I'd like to take the time to mention the band The Postal Service.  If your into indie music, you've probably heard of Death Cab for Cutie.  If you haven't, what's wrong with you?  Go listen to them now.  Anyways, the Postal Service is a side project for the lead singer of Death Cab.  They released their debut album and it's awesome...Ben Gibbard puts so much emotion into his music...it's simply incredible.

Anyways, the album is called Give Up.  If you like Indie music, you need this.  I'm serious.

If you haven't heard of Death Cab for Cutie, make sure you at least download some of their stuff...such as: Photobooth, Crooked Teeth, I Will Follow You Into the Dark...anything by them is great.

I can't believe it...

We broke up.  She told me that she just didn't love me the way I loved her, and that it just wouldn't work if we went any further.  And she tells me she wants to be friends, because she doesn't want to lose me.  But...if I still love her, which I do, friendship would never work, or so she says.  She told me I needed to get over her...but it's not that easy.  I don't think I can...but...

I don't know what to do.  I can't live without her.  And this hurts worse than anything I've ever felt.  I'm trying to get my mind off of this but I can't.  I would really appreciate some comments guys.  She was just the best thing that ever happened to me...and I feel so alone right now.

The times they are a changin'

Lots and lots of changes happened to me.  I haven't played a game in a long while, and I'm now online talking to friends...well, not really, mainly my girlfriend.  But still!  I have a myspace now.  I never once thought I, of all people, would have a myspace.  I got it last night. 

My dad informs me he has part custody.  Cool.  I'll be staying in a ratty old apartment for a while each week.  You'd think I'd be angry, but honestly, I'm quite excited.

For my 100th blog I'll post the myspace link up, as well as some other freakin' sweet stuff from yours truly.

Splitterguys Dramatic Return from the fiery depths of Hades.

I've returned from the land of muffins!  It was fun, but just a little too muffin-tastic for me.  Seriously though, I haven't been doing anything video game related since my last blog.  I've been doin stuff with my girlfriend.  I just haven't had that gaming urge.  Probably because I haven't played a new game since Christmas.

A couple days ago, I said something I've been wanting to say to her for a long time.  I said it!  That's right.  I said: "I love you"  and she said "awww...I love you back."  I said it, she said it, it's been said.  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!  You have no idea how happy I've been.  I'm happy when I'm not happy!  And that's not even possible!

I have a new entry for the Greatest Songs of all time thing!  I'm not saying what it is yet, but I'll give you a hint...it's from an indie band, before their first major album.  Wow, that was an awful hint, huh? 

I'm enjoying my The Black Parade album!  It's awesome to the MAX!  Okay, this has been a pointless blog.  The next blog will be more pointy, I assure you.

About that web site...

I've been doing all this work on the website, and soon realized...I don't know how to make a website.  I guess I could use geo-cities or something, but I'd rather have a fully fledged site than something like that.  HELP!

I've also run into problems.  Remember that friend that was an a-hole?  You know what, from now on, I'll just call him a-hole.  Right, well he said he'll be writing reviews for my site.  Should I just not accept them?  I'm certainly not on good terms with him, but he might not know it.  I didn't want to, you know, punch him in the face at my friends birthday party. 

So, what should I do?  I'm not just forgiving him, that's for sure.  After all the sh!t I've been through lately, for him to just insult the person that matters most to me and then not expect me to be mad is just stupid.  Not that my reaction would be different if this had happened at any other time. 

So, I'm asking 3 questions...

1.  How the hell do I make a website?

2. What would you do in my situation with the a-hole?

3. What should I (realistically) do about it?