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Fleet Foxes - S/T


Fleet Foxes - S/T

The reason for the two names is that it's not sure of what the album name is yet.

Fleet Foxes Track Listing

1. Sun It Rises
2. White Winter Hymnal
3. Ragged Wood
4. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
5. Quiet Houses
6. He Doesn't Know Why
7. Heard Them Stirring
8. Your Protector
9. Meadowlarks
10. Blue Ridge Mountains
11. Oliver James

After listening to this album I can say it's a solid one, even though it's technically not released yet. It's genre would be placed in Psychedelic Folk. At first listen, you'll find it odd, maybe a bit bad, but it's an album that grows. Don't be turned off at first. Especially going in with the first track. I'm not sure on posting a link of the download, but PM if you want one. Download is from Mediafire, so it should go fast.

Free XXX!

"once upon a midnight dreary, while i pron surfed, weak and weary, over many a strange and spurious site of ' hot xxx galore'. While i clicked my fav'rite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning, and my heart was filled with mourning, mourning for my dear amour, " 'Tis not possible!", i muttered, " give me back my free hardcore!"..... quoth the server, 404."

He's dead.

Hello, I am Brent's (Insert Family Member, Relative, Friends Name) to inform you that your beloved friend, Mr. Mays, has recently passed away. I am here to tell his story, unto which I am sure he would be overjoyed to know that I am doing.

The past few days, Mr. Mays had became quite the recluse. He stayed in his room for long hours of the day, feeding off of pieces of (Insert whatever) that happened to be laying about. As his condition grew worse, he began to rant! And rave! Flying about his room making grunting sounds and pounding the floor with his fists until they grew into 2 red, raw, meaty hooks! We ordered a Psychological Evaluation, and drug him from his room, but he ran into the woods. We checked his room and all that was found was a small note with the words "peckerwood" scrawled on them.

This is the beginning of a video telling how Mr. Mays's life ended.

Dropdead, Scene Kid.

I wish every guy with a "scene" style haircut would fall over dead. I mean, it's the high point of social retardation in our culture. And why does almost every girl like the "scene" style.. I mean, once you get out of your teens, there's no point to keep up the charade. Especially when you go to College. Wait, Scenesters aren't all to smart. Usually Average students at the best, they all dream of going to art school, when they can't draw worth a flying fu-... Yeah... PECKER!

Thank God For Large Hard Drives.

I just picked up 6.. er.. 7 new albums.

The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded
The Dirtbombs - Ultraglide in Black
Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood
Fleet Foxes - Giant Sun EP
Times New Viking - Rip It Off
Evangelicals - So Gone
Tapes 'n Tapes - Walk it Off

Wooooo me, I'm gonna need a bigger iPod.

Summer of Lovin 86' Mix Tape

1. Portugal. The Man
How The Leopard Got Its Spots
2. Pavement
Serpentine Pad
3. Okkervil River
For Real
Time to Pretend
5. Vampire Weekend
I Stand Corrected
6. Black Kids
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
7. Friendly Fires
8. All-Time Quarterback
Plans Get Complex
9. Be Your Own Pet
Thresher's Flail
10. Black Mountain
Stormy High
11. Cursive
Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand
12. Death From Above 1979
Turn it Out
13. Hot Chip
Shake A Fist
14. The Mae Shi
Takoma The Dolphin Is Awol
15. Liars
Sailing To Byzantium
16. Beck
17. Evangelicals
The Evening Descends
18. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Red Eyes And Tears
19. Desaparecidos
20. Les Savy Fav
Rage In the Plague Age
21. Nada Surf
Do It Again
22. The Unicorns
Tuff Ghost
23. Wilco
Either Way
24. Modest Mouse
The World At Large