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at the end of the SDCC live day 2 at time stamp 1:50:48 (so you know im not bsing you) at the end of the video, Chris Watters said i had won a stress cube. not im wondering how long will it take untill im contacted about my address and where to ship it?

p.s. im sorry if this is not the place to post this.

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there is no news or links on the home page so i assume gamespot will not be doing it this year.....or ever again since they want to be a blog so much?

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i havent recieved the emblems for the ea, ubisoft, microsoft or sony press confrences yet and i was wondering when i will recieve them?

ALSO after looking on another users fuse 2mblems i saw they had the 1, 3rd, 5th and 7th GameSpot Anniversary emblems GameSpot Anniversary,3rd Year Anniversary, 5th GameSpot Anniversary,7th GameSpot Anniversaryi was a member since May 10, 2006 and shouldnt i have them? or are they something else?

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.......did you try uninstalling and deleting the files and than reinstalling and starting over?
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GREAT, i know what immmm picking up at eb games today.
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why not make a small upsate to make usb headsets work, who is going to spend $30+ on an "official" microsoft headset when we can just use a usb one.
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also can the microphone from the dj hero 2 party bundle also work with the guitar hero games that require a microphone to sing with?

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first remove the memory card. the go to setting and deactivate ur psvita and psvita games then go to format your psp. it will take about 15 to 20 minutes to do all that then when u restart you pavita it will be as if it is new create a new acount on the pc then put sign in using it. after signing in with ur new account put the old memory card u have and the second u put it u will recieve a message that the ps memory card need to be formated, format it then ur good to go.

also if u have any game cards the save files or on the game card them selves, u have to format the game card to remove the games saves in order for u to get rophies on those games that where played on a different account. as for downloaded games, u will never be able to get them back


its NOT the dang Vita.. OR the Go, its the series 1000.

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i made my account with my 1000 years ago with i think a secondary email and NOW i try to login to the store (on the psp) and cant because i have forgot my password for that email. now i went to store.playstation.com/login.gvm and i made an account using my MAIN email account, now i try to login n to the PS store using my new sign in ID (my MAIN email address) but when i login it says "you cannot sign in using another users sign-in ID (email address)".

how do i sign in to my psp account using the new account i made instead of the old one that i forgot the password to?

and i did update to V6.60.

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[QUOTE="dab198"][QUOTE="Spire88"]why cant they just turn off or disable the comments untill AFTER?robbristow
Because it's supposed to be the replacement for the chatroom (not a decision I'm fond of). It can't replace it if they just switch it off.

It really does need a hide option though - they cause a ridiculous amount of graphics lag on the page when so many comments are being made at once..not to mention it's impossible to follow the chat most the time anyway due to the sheer amount of people. Personally I just blocked the livefyre div on e3 pages, and everything has been playing quite smoothly since.

YES hide it, than people can have the option to chat or not. because all i am getting is 6 frames per MINUTE, than my computer freezes and restarts on its own and it makes me want to smash the thing with the hammer.....god i hope the stage shows and live cams go better.