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Best X-Mas EVER!!!

i think this year was the best X-Mas i have had for a LONG time.

aside from from the usual cloths, candy and lotto tickets (which NEVER seem to pay out around this time of year) here is what i got in cool to "NINTENDO 64 KID" reaction.

an ultimate Sam Flynn.

Exit DS, Call of Duty World at War, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ( i need to play a new MW game SINCE i got hacked down to level -1 in CoD4 MW1 and you need to beAT LEAST level 1 to play the online playlist.)

so if anyone can help me get UN-deranked in Modern Warfare i would really appreciate it.

4 1400 microsoft points cards, that's 5600 points +what i already have it brings me up to 6900 points. or converted into canadian dollars its $110.40.

and here it is my "Nintendo 64 Kid" gift.....................

A 250GB XBOX 360 HDD.

i was freaking out a 250GB hard drive is EXACTLY what i wanted, my 4 year old Halo 3 20GB HDD was almost full. how full i only have 1.3gb left on it. now i can get all the new map packs, DLC and many more arcade games.

this truley was the best X-Mas ever.

stay tuned for tomorrows Boxing Day Haul.

Halo Series 5 Haul (Part 1).

usually i do all figs at once BUT my computer likes to "recover tabs" or "restart" all on its own and i don't know why, so instead of doing one big blog i will break it up into parts so if it does conk out i wont have to rewrite all 5 reviews again.

ok so i was able to find all these on Friday the 25th, im canadian so we don't have the "peeper spray" deals like you guys have. just deals that keep us here and spend here.

first up is....



he comes with a Halo Reach spartan laser which is a new mold from the other lasers that have been made, its heavier more solid and has a more detail in it (like the screen on the side) and also comes with one frag grenade. he is spot on with the helmeted version but this time he has a face, to ME i think they could have put more "emotion" in his face. he reminds me of tobey maguire from the movie Brothers. i would highly recommend this guy if you want a full noble team set (helmeted and unhelmeted) or if you are really into stop motions.



he comes with a plasma pistol a plasma grenade (with nowhere to put it) a removable mask and two shields which are molded in a way so they correspond to each arm. i am NOT happy with this figure mainly because he cant stand to save his life, he has such little feet and backwards legs and knees. also he has a new head joint which i kind of like the neckrortates 360 and it pivots up and down, it makes it better for this fig. also the gun doesn't fit(i mean it fits) but it doesn't look right with the figure, it would be better if they game him a needle rifle instead of a plasma pistol. all in all if you were to get one fig from Series 5 i would skip him.

i was also able to find some games i wanted for a while as well, like Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare $11 NEW at walmart, it was a platinum hits and the "spine art" was just black lettering on a white background. i fixed it and it looks proper now.

Big Bumpin $5 an canadian tire new. and finally Black Lagoon 001 $3 new.

stay tuned for Part 2.

Huge Halo Haul and More.

i was got these a while ago but i was too busy playing Gearsof War 3 to bother.

anyway i was able to get the all the figures in the Halo Anniversary line, normally i do a little review of the fig's BUT my computer is being a "richard" and this is the 3rd time doing this blog. so i will just do pics and links.











and if your able to gather all 5 together you will be able to build the difficulty plaque

and i got 2 more series 4 reach figures





i was also able to get the rest of the figures in the Gears of War 2 series 6 line,

Cog Soldier


and Kantus

thats it for figures.

i was FINALLY able to find Dirty Harry, i have been wanting this forever.

Gorillaz The Fall i just stumbled across it and i had to get it.

and i also found Lost Planet Extreme Condition collectors edition it was $4.99 used at eb games and i just had to get it (im a sucker for a steel book), too bad it didn't come with the plastic sleeve.

lastly comics.

Duke Nukem #3

Halo Fall of Reach Covenant 4/4

and Gears of War #20 .

that's it.

Gears Of War 3 Epic Edition unboxing.

i was going to post this on launch day but i just got SOO into horde2.0 and couldn't pry myself away from it.

anyway here is an unboxing of the Gears Of War 3 Epic Edition, i paid about $167 wit tax for it. this is the second game over $150 i have, the first being the Halo Reach Legendary Edition.

the front of the box has the red OMEN and the games name written on it.

the side has Marcus in the statue pose.

and the back of the box shows the contents.

the top just has the OMEN symbol.

and the Styrofoam has the COG logo imprinted it it like Halo Reach's foam had, and there you can see the art book and "limited edition".

and the art book with its beautiful are on the front, its about 100 pages long.

and this is what the "limited edition" looks like (minus a slip cover), the box has come embossed lines on it (you cant really see it too good) and the wings are also embossed. i also want to add that the box (and art book) feels like the Bioshock 2 collectors edition box does, it has this soft silk rubber feel to it. have no idea what it is made of.

opening up the case reviels the game case that looks like a hard drive type thing, its really but i wish it came with a slip cover of the normal editions art. also the box is held shut by strong magnets (they also hold the COG compartment in place).

and here is mt favorite part of the "limited edition" the metal COG "award". this thing is heavy its 150 grams OR about 6 AA batteries (if you want to know how heavy)

and here is the back of the COG, at the bottom you can the code for Adam Fenix which is lasered on. i would have liked to see it been stamped in like the other lettering. OH and the code has already been redeemed so don't waste you time and do w whole CSI photo thing to try to get the code :P .

and this is what the game case contains, a sheet of stickers, the codes for 48 hour trial and infected OMEN weapon skins and............a single page of "instructions". this is BS i was hoping for a thick book with lots of backstory on the characters and events and weapons, but no they give you one sheet of paper on the controls and a website to get the "full" manual. i thought Black Ops and Duke Nukem had small books but THIS is total BS.

anyway under the game case is the COG flagand my hand for size comparison.

and wrapped in the flag are some photos, the last will and testament of Adam Fenix, a semi clear certificate of the octus medal and...........

........a Hammer Of Dawn schmatic and a letter to Marcus from fis father Adam.

and the main part of the Epic Edition, the Marcus Fenix statue. it is 9 inches wide at the base, 11 inches high and a weight of 3 3/4 Lbs.

a close up of the vary well detailed face.

left side of the statue.

now i thought this statue lit up with LEDs and on the box it certainly looks like it was lit up with LEDs

right? it looks like they are real working lights, but instead they opted with "glow in the dark"

now i wasn't able to capture the "glow in the dark" effect on my DSi so i had to use a black light and thats why its all purple and BRIGHT. the only things that "glow" are the immulsion on the base, the shoulder "lights" NOT the watches they only glow under the black light, and the back lights whichwere painted sloppy as you can see above.

OH after subjecting it to a VARY bright (just now) i found that the Lancer ALSO glows, its faint but its there, too bad the OMEN doesn't glow as well that would make it better.

and lastly the box comes with a background to make your statue look better.

Whew that was long, now im off to play more Horde 2.0. i hope this time i can get past wave 20.....oh who am i kidding people suck too much to get past wave 10. and you cant join or BE joined once the game starts.

New Games, DVD's and more.

EB games had Tony Hawk Ride on sale for $9.99, i went to get one in store but they were out. so i checked the website and they did and i got it for about $16 with tax and shipping. and i know some people think it sucks but for $16 for the board and game its not a bad price.

i went to walmart and i saw these and i just HAD to have them... Reboot Seasons 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 these were about $21 with tax. Reboot is one of the best CG animated shows of all time (but the series ended on a cliffhanger WTF you know).

i went to my comic shop and saw HE HAD A BIG DADDY

he was selling it for around $30, i thought it was a good price........UNTIL I WENT TO ZELLERS because they had at least 8 Big Daddys for (get this) $19.99. $19.99!!!!!!!! $10 less what i got mine for, and its not i can go back and get a refund.

anyway he is so Bad A$$ not only is he awesome to look at BUT he lights up

he is vary well detailed even on the metal rusting. my only problems with this is there is not much articulation (posability) because the joints are a bit tight, also he is VARY hard to get standing up. you cant have the arms at the side you have to pretty much pose him like the pic above, with both arms out or else he falls over.

DO NOT PASS HIM BY if you see him in a store get him, because he looks soooooo cool and bad a$$ anywhere you put him.

and i also got some new comics, the LONG awaited Halo Fall of Reach Covenant #2 it seems like forever since the first issue came out.

Gears of War #18

and lastly (for comics) Duke Nukem Glorious Bastard #1 (cover B)there are multiple covers i think i got the common one.

and i also got the Duke Nukem Figure for $20 (no mark up there) and you know for some strange reason i don't feel like opening it, i want to leave this in the package unopened.

and lastly i picked up Guitar Hero World Tour (new-ish) for $11 it wasn't sealed but it was the "show" box sooo, but it was cheaper than the used so thats good.



good thing too cause i need to renew a year so that will net me 200 free points.

Hail To The King Baby, The Duke Is Back.

yes after 12 years Duke Nukem is back, and he is real this time.

i was able to pick myself up the Balls of Steel edition and here it is...

the front of the box with Duke looking through the window.

the back of the box (yes back)

the side of the box which has the contents.

and the info side which is basically the back of a normal 360 box.

and the top of the box with Dukes logo.

and you open the top and this greets you.

beneath that are the MINI cards, Duke poker chips AND my favorite the dice with the Nukem logo, OR they can be used in Fallout New Vegas .

and now the Duke bust, i thought it would be some hollow cheap piece of crap but it has got some weight to it and is something to behold.

and the side of the bust.

and the back.

and the art book "History, Legacy and Legend Duke Nukem Forever Art From The Vaults" AND something you don't see in too many collectors editions a Certificate of Authenticity, and it looks good not some piece of paper. and its numbered i have #60,089 i don't know how many there are but the highest number i seen was over 100,000.

the comic and bumper sticker, the comic at the end has a promo for MORE Duke Nukem comics coming in july 2011 by IDW.

the postcards.

and the Duke papercraft, don't know what pepercraft is? google it and have fun.i don't think i will cut this up, instead i will scan it in and print out a copy.

the front boxart(nothing too special about that)

inside the case with the disc (real) and manual.......i don't know if you can call it a manual cause it is only 4 pages, Call of Duty Black Ops had a bigger manual than this.

and the art inside the case, you dont see too many games with that.

ah "Dukes Big Package" DLC, which gives you more health, big head mode and anexclusive multiplayer wardrobe. and this does not come in the box it is something you get from the cleark from EB Games.

as well as getting the game i also got the limited edition guide it was 30% off if you get the game so i don't feel bad about getting it. the logo there is reflective and i couldn't find a "out of" number since it is a limited edition.

and the back of the guide, 1996 History In The Making 2011.

and this isn't DNF related but the guy gave me some Tactics Ogre tarot cards.

and that's it, i paid about $111 for it a bit much but i feel it was worth it even though Gamespot gave the game a 3/10 (and i hope the reviewer gets Jeff Gerstmann-ed)

got Halo Reach Series 3.

about a week ago i got the newest line of Halo reach figures, they have been out since april but somehow my region is the last to get them in. i got 6 in total (the complete set, not counting the exclusives), and here they are.



AKA the "Bullfrog" comes with 1 removable jetpack and a magnum also a removable leg pouch, i don't know if it is supposed to come off or if they didn't add glue (like they always do) but it comes off and can be put with other figures. the shoulders however do not come off as well as the chest. now i like this figure but it has some problems like the arms they only move up and down but doesn't rotate giving you the ability to have it hold a DMR AR or shotgun, so that's why he only comes with a magnum (a one handed weapon).



he comes a DMR and one frag grenade, shoulders and chest are removable. i like this figure alot because his armor in the game is only available if you have Halo Waypoint, i also like him because his chest armor is unlike any other chest in the reach line. it is packed with pouches and gives it more dimensions to the other "flat" ones. his head comes with "attachments" (which don't come off :( ), i would like to see on these multiplayer figures to have wrist/forearm pieces cause it doesn't look that good bare.



now he comes with a new reach weapon the energy sword and one plasma grenade and a removable helmet. unlike the halo 3 elites the armor doesn't come off, if yours did you might need some super glue. this guy comes with a energy sword which is different from the Halo 3 swords because this one is more solid in color and not clear, and has some electric paint lines on it. i was hoping that under a black light it would glow but no. this figure is unlike the others because it has a butt pouch where the grenades go, and he has more weapon holes one on both legs on the top of his back AND one on the lower back (the "tramp stamp" area). its a great figure but like EVERY SINGLE ELITE EVER it cant stand well, the feet are still rounded. i might mod one and put the feet on a belt sander and make them flat, Oh and one last thing i don't know if its just mine but the sword doesn't fit well in the hands like past sword elites.



he comes with a mask, goggles, methane tank, plasma pistol and.....a plasma grenade, i don't know why the grunts come with a grenade since there is no peg for it to fit on to. but I found a way for the grunt to "store" it. this grunt has pointy elbows (you can see in the pic) and the point is small enough to hold the grenade. this is the same grunt from series 1 but only the face mask has changed, other than that its the same other than color. the pistol fits vary well in the hand and despite the HUGE tank on the back it can balance surprisingly well.



she comes with an AR frag grenade and a whole lot of disappointment, but i will get to that later. this is the first Reach female spartan (if you don't count Kat), the only thing removable is the chest :oops: and that's it. there are no shoulder armor because THERE ARE NO HOLES, even the default noble 6 comes with armor holes. but they used the Kat sculpt which had pegs instead of holes cause the robotic arm was too small for the holes. another thing is wrong is the knees, if you look at the pics in the link the grey knee part between the pink are angled forward instead of straight up. this makes hard to balance and get in a "neutral" pose, and in order to get her to stand you have to have her in a bent position. along with that the toes are fused to the foot meaning they don't bend like the males, i don't know why they couldn't fix THAT. but the good thing i like and the best thing is this is the ONLY multiplayer figure to have a silver visor, all the others have a gold. so if you are collecting the figures in this series i would leave this one as the last to get as i did.



at last he is the final member of noble team to come out and it was worth the wait. he comes with a sniper rifle and a frag grenade. the shoulders are removable has the sniper clip and a knife (which is bent from being in the package and can be fixed) the chest might be removable but the head has to come off first cause he has a whole hyabusa thing going, the ghillie suit also comes with a little backpack thing on the back. its not as big as Jorges but is a fit flimsy its attached by 2 thin bits of plastic. now to the rifle its bigger than the halo 3 sniper by i think double and the bipod legs are folded up so there is a less chance of breaking them. the thing i LOVE about this gun is it has "strap" holes (i don't know the tec term for them) they are for if you don't want to have it pegged in on the back you can put some string through and have it slung over his back like a real rifle. i would suggest getting Jun first cause he is the coolest figure in series 3.

all of those cost about $100 with taxes and its totaly worth it.

in other news i beat Dead Space 2 on Zealot, it wasn't hard until i got th the "red rooms" after the spinning lasers of death. it was easy cause i did the node glitch and maxxed out all my weapons and had tons of credits and safe items horded.

and now i am FINALLY playing Call of Duty Black Ops and i have only played Zombies and training grounds and i am loving it. i just wish there were more Zombie maps though ( i DO have the WaW maps for it)

Reach 2 packs are in.

the other day i went to Kelowna (i dont go often) and when i do usually find some good hauls, but this time could have been better. i was hoping to get tons of new Halo Reach figures but i only could find these at Toys R Us.




it comes with the Spartan Mark V in gold and steel and Spartan HAZOP custom in cyan and white with 2 Assault Rifles and grenades AND 2 JETPACKS. this is the only pack in which the jetpacks come with the figures (Series 3 does have a ODST bullfrog with one). the gold spartan doesn't come with much armor no shoulders or leg or butt pack, only the wrist utility. the jetpack the thrusters are fixed they cant be moved in or out which looks like hes flying (kinda), they should have made it so you can put them back in but who knows maybe they will fix it for series 4........but i doubt itand there is no hole on the back of it.. like all the other Reach spartans he is vary well detailed even down to the "crotch plate" scratches.

now on to the cyan HAZOP, again vary well detailed (no "crotch plate" paint :| ) he has a JFO right shoulder pad and a CQC pad for the left and a TACTICAL/TRAUMA KIT on the left leg (i don't know if it is removable or not). i don't know if this is only my HAZOP but the jetpack was a little hard to put on, like the chest was molded more. that's my only problem with that one. and as for the Mark V i have to put his leg back to get him to stand up straight, cause if the legs are together he wont balance unless hes slouched over.

other than that this is a must have pack, OH and the jetpacks are only for Reach figures and not Halo 3 series and they do work with Kat, Carter and Emile oh my GOD Emile looks so bad-a$$ with the jetpack and it blends to his back like it was molded to him.



this comes with the Spartan CQC in green and Elite Minor in a metallic royal purple. it also comes with a DMR, Plasma Rifle, frag and plasma grenade. now as much as i like the spartan i kind of hate this one simply because the joints are insanely stiff, it feels like i might break the thing if i move the elbow, other than that i love itand it just might be mine.

and the Elite Minor well first of all its the better of the 2, it can stand easier than other elites AND the helmet lines up with the elites 4 mouth parts PERFECT other times they are a little warped and don't quite match. not this one it likes up 100%. the armor configuration is new unlike the halo 3 series elites the armor IS NOT removable and interchangeable, i guess that's because you can mix and match elite armor in halo 3 but in Reach its one full piece.

i got them both at toys r us for $67.18 with tax ($29.99 each) one wal mart had the jetpack pack for $5 less but i already got those before i found out. AND i was hoping toys r us would have TONS of halo stuff like new figures and those mini mates but all they had were the 2 2-packs and lots of Ghosts and Warthogs, and not even the exclusive mud splattered hogs just the normal ones.

anyway i went to eb games and found a game i wanted for forever, Lionel Trains On Track at $4.47 with tax i couldn't say no, but until i opened it up and saw THE FRENCH INSTRUCTIONS i might have said no i have no idea how to play it at all and its like a sim city type game.

and lastly i finally found a good priced 16GB flash drive, its the Lexar JumpDrive TwistTurn 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive it was $39.05 with tax ($34.87 before) and i needed a new one to store my 360's DLC and what not since the ultra speed one i got on boxing day was below recommendations and i did not trust it to keep my DLC safe.

DO NOT BUY THIS FLASH DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AT ALL!!!!!!!!!


Seriously 2.0 at last.

today i finally finished the Seriously 2.0 achievement in Gears of War 2, i started tring for this on the 22nd and i finished today.

i started out with about 10,000 killsand i got about 17,000 on the 22nd and 23rd and i hit 40,000 yesterday and finished tith 10,000 today. i could knock out 1000 in about 12 minutes and 5000 an hour, i found the Act 5-5 brumak waybest it gave about 75 kills (give or take) and was the fastest.

on tuesday i finally preordered Duke Nukem Forever BoS edition it will be about $111.99 with tax and everything. and i also got a code for the First Access Club which will give me early access to the demo before it comes out, sadly the demo is not out yet and the game being delayed till june 14 i wouldexcept it to come out early.

and while i preordered duke nukem i also preordered Gears of War 3 Epic edition (no idea whats in it) for $10 (it will cost over $167 i also got a GoW3 beta key (thats the UK version, the NA looks the same but no 18).

and lastly i picked the new issue of gears of war #16 they changes the price, its now $2.99. i think they are now covering the pendulum wars, its different it no longer has wildstorm on it and doesn't have that weird feel to it (it feels more like a normal comic).

anyway thats it...oh i do have one more thing.

i have a Dead Space Ignition download code (no pic :( ) i want to trade for another code like a halo reach banshee avatar item or a Call Of Duty Black Ops avatar flight suit. if you want to trade pm me and we will go from there.

Huge Halo Haul.

yesterday my local comic shop got in the new Halo Reach series 2 figures, and i got them all (that i didn't have already).



the grunt comes with a needler and a plasma grenade along with methane tank and mask. he is not much different than the other grunts hes a little bigger than the halo 3 ones.for the life of me i couldn't get the needler in the handsbecause the gun is a bit flimsy and the hands are so tight you have to pry them apart to get it. another problem i found was the tank, i couldn't get it to fit all the way down so there is a gap between the shoulder straps and the figure itself, but that is no big deal it still looks great.



first off i want to say WOW, WOW, WOW. there is a ton of detail in this guy they took the time to put paint on the feathers on the mane and forearms, and even the armor looks good there is no battle damage like others. he comes with the needle rifle (new gun) and a plasma grenade, the grenade is pointless i think cause there are no butt pegs like the spartins and elites have. and furthermore he has no holes at all (giggity :P )so you cant store the weapon on his back. they added new things like rotating forearm and more articulation at the reverse knee (i hate those things). the only problem i had were the gun cant be held with 2 hands only one can hold it and it has to rest on the other, or it slides down and becomes a cane. and the other is he is hard as hell to get to stand up straight because of that damned reverse knee,i think mcfarlane should include stands for the figures that are hard to stand (like the elites and these guys.)other than that this is a way cool figure.



this guy comes with a grenade and a$sault rifle, the chest and shoulder pads are removable and will fit with other figures. i love the detail on this guy, first he is not a pure white more a "old" white like aged and secondly the decals like the UNSC logo to the little yellow triangles EVEN dirt yes there is dirt painted on his boots. also there are "extras" as in for arm attachments (which aren't out yet) and.....and uh crotch hole for something like emiles grenade belt thing. finally the gun he can hold it in one hand great and in both hands vary easy you don't have to muss with it lots.



and now i save the best for last KAT. she comes with the pistol (new weapon) and grenade, her chest armor and shoulder pads are removable BUT due to her robotic arm mcfarlane changed the way they did the shoulders. the peg is on the are and the pads have a hole in them so they can only be used on KAT and no other figure unless you make a peg for them. love this figure it is the best one of series 2, i love it simply because she can hold the pistol in BOTH hands like she would in the game and pics. no other figures with the pistol could do that. just a few things bug me like the toes are fused to the foot so they don't move like the others i don't know why they did that. also for some weird reason the only way i could get her to stand was to get her in a weird pose, not like the other spartins where they stand straight. i guess that was because they wanted to to be more feminine, i guess it works. i would say if you had to could only get one figure from this series i would go with KAT she is just the best looking figure.........now there is just Jun left in noble team.

i also got the final book of Halo the fall of Reach Bootcamp- last one in the series but i think there might be a covenant series after this. anyway all figures plus this cost about $71

and finally i got the new reprint of Halo Contact Harvest it was on sale for $12.96 with tax ($16.99 reg) no other book store had this book so i went with this instead of The Fall Of Reach.