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8, maybe. It's one of my favourite consoles. The only thing that made me mark it down is how quickly it was discontinued. Guess that was inevitable, sadly, but anyway; it was a great console.
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*reads original post ten times* This is hilarious!
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Whether it is good or not depends on you. If you like walking around a lot, checking every square inch in the room for a clue, and dying repeatedly in different story branches so you can go back to your last save and try another path, you'll love this game. If you hate all of the above, you'll hate the game. Personally I think it's a good game. Haven't beat it yet.
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I've never really cried at the ending of a game. I expect if I didn't know how Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII would have ended, I might have at least been sad for a few hours. Two of them however, did make me near-cry, as in watching the credits and having a cry-y feeling inside. There might be a hint of spoilers here, so don't read them if spoilers easily offend you..

Valkyria Chronicles II: Happy ending, but I loved the characters so much I wanted them to stay together forever and ever and ever. So I guess it was a mix of sadness and joy. I swear I didn't actually cry though! Well... maybe a little... how do I put this... :P

Persona 3: I felt similarly near-cry as I did when I ended Valkyria Chronicles II, albeit with sadness at the sad, bittersweet ending.

I think that a game can only deliver really powerful emotions when they have you form an attachment with the characters and care about them, which is what the two above games did and what many games fail to do. Nobody's going to care in that way about Kratos and such characters because they are made without the slightest touch of humanity, as cruel, invulnerable, far too strong characters who are thoroughly dislikeable. Which is why I hate God of War with a sizzling white-hot hatred and shake my head whenever someone says [spoiler] "Kratos was betrayed into killing his family by the gods, blar blar blar, the poor guy, so you have to understand that the developers milked all the other titles from this that Kratos hates gods because he was stupid and now whenever he hears about one he kills a million people on his way to kill (insert pagan god's name here) [/spoiler]

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PSP, because if I had to have one game it would be Valkyria Chronicles 2.
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Crash, for Crash Team Racing most of all.
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[QUOTE="Jakandsigz"][QUOTE="Spinnerweb"][QUOTE="Jakandsigz"] Put some water on it.

I wouldn't advise doing that. At least, I wouldn't dare do that. Don't want water getting into the memory card :(

Just damp it. :) You don't need to jump in the shower with it lol.

Even damp stuff scares me. When I clean my handheld's screens with a damp cloth, my heart thumps so loud it hurts. That was an exaggeration, but still.
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[QUOTE="pero2008"]Think a Q-tip would work?Jakandsigz
Put some water on it.

I wouldn't advise doing that. At least, I wouldn't dare do that. Don't want water getting into the memory card :(
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[QUOTE="Spinnerweb"][QUOTE="rilpas"]I have never heard of this game, it does remind me of riot zone for the turbo duo which was also a final fight cloneJakandsigz
Riot Zone's a remake/reskin of this game. :)

Are you going to pay that $2.99 so we can see the 2nd image? :)

You made a funny. It was working before. Replaced it. :P
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Think a Q-tip would work?pero2008
Earbud? Yeah, I guess.