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The ones I've played: GTA 2: 2.0/10 GTA III: 7.5/10 GTA Vice City: 3.0/10 GTA Liberty City Stories: 8.5/10 GTA Chinatown Wars: 6.0/10
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Genesis Model 3
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Wow. I really am an old Capcom fan. As in, a former one. What really hurts that it's called Breath of Fire 6 instead of the title it deserves: Breath of Fire Milk Our Fans' Nostalgia and Bring the Series Back as a Pointless Spin-Off of Some Mundane Kind.
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[QUOTE="Trail_Mix"][QUOTE="shadowchronicle"][QUOTE="Trail_Mix"] There's an off switch on the slim?

I'm thinking spinner is speaking for the original PS2. I also flip the switch off in the back of mine and I've had the original since the year it was released.

I was just curious because for the longest time I didn't know how to turn off my slim PS2. I thought I was just missing something. So instead I would just unplug it, but it didn't seem right at the time.

No, I mean the switch that I plug the power cord into. I have a slim PS2, and it doesn't have a power switch that fully turns it on or off, just the button used to power it up. (The one that glows red when it's off, if I'm not being patronizing). The switch I turn off looks slightly like this :P  Again, sorry if I'm being patronizing.
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It's an art style. I think it was pretty cute to be honest. Also, handhelds are somewhat more aimed at younger audiences than home consoles (in Japan at least) so it made sense to do that.
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[QUOTE="AMD655"][QUOTE="Suppaman100"][QUOTE="AMD655"] 0.o



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I turn off the switch after I'm finished playing it, so yeah, I do unplug it as well. And it's never damaged the system. In fact, I think it's a good thing - it doesn't drain power when it's not being used.
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[QUOTE="AMD655"]This video is Resident evil on the Saturn.

No shaky textures due to Zbuffer issues with PSx, sharper/crisper image, and much more content in game.Domino_slayer

Resident Evil looks considerably better on PS1.

  • The textures on Saturn are noticeably downgraded.
  • The lighting on Saturn is all missing.
  • The transparencies are all dithered

There is barely any shaky textures on PS1, because Resident Evil is mainly 2D bar the character models anyway.

Look at how awful the trouser textures, and torso are on the Saturn, very scrappy, very low colour, poorly blended

Yeah, I mean, you can't even properly see Jill's curves in the Saturn version. *shuts the hell up before he says more* :P
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Even though it was hard to use for devs, it had undoubtly the best graphics and content of the generation.AMD655
it had undoubtly the best graphics and content of the generation.AMD655
it had undoubtly the best ... content of the generation.AMD655

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I know it didnt sell well, and it didnt have final fantasy 7-9, but it was the most fun I ever had with a console.  Mostly due to the amazing multiplayer games it had.  Now you just play a couple games with a friend or 2 online for a few minutes and go to sleep.  But back then we would all sit around with 4 of your buddies on a nice summer evening after a day of basketball at the park and the beach, and play Goldeneye for 3 hours straight, then pop in Ken Griffey jr baseball and have a blast, then Kobe Bryant basketball which is highly underrated.  COUNTLESS wars on mario kart, and then some WWF no mercy.  Yea it didnt have alot of RPG's, so what... those 4 controller ports made it the most social console of all time and in turn makes it the most fun which equals the best ever... this coming from a die hard sony fan whos old enough to admit when something is right or wrong.

Just out of curiosity, weren't you saying the Saturn was superior to the PSX in the other thread? One of my old skool fave, but not the best. Dreamcast and PSX for me.