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In a couple of words: Absolutely not.
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I'm stuck in Yakuza on the PS2, if that's how I'm supposed to post here.
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The Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider games.
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[QUOTE="AcidSoldner"]The amount of trolls on Legacy Platforms has been increasing at an alarming rate these past couple of years.Darkman2007

It's sad really because I think it's two-three people at most out of all the alt accounts.

we should be proud, the guy likes us enough to constantly go back here to talk to us.

No, he's just stupid and he wants attention. I hope he gets permanently banned by his IP Address and I hope he cries and he goes home. I always wanted to say something as harsh as that. I finally got my wish :D
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Dead to Rights (PS2) is a game that many people dismissed as a Max Payne clone even though it's very different. It has an excellent story, and very fun gameplay. The graphics are a little dated now but overall it's a brilliant game.
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It's not nice of you to steal a long-time member's username.

If you really aren't trying to troll, then I'm sure you're creative enough to think of another one.

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Of course about a hundred sources of information are unauthentic because you say so. /sarcasm. Welcome back A48/TigerSuperman/Cancer-Peanut/NationProtector/whatever.
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The PS1 was an excellent console. I won't waste my breath further.
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It's not part of a series, but Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2) is the best open-world game I've played. Better by far than the GTA series, even though it may be a clone of them.
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The ones I've played: GTA 2: 2.0/10 GTA III: 7.5/10 GTA Vice City: 3.0/10 GTA Liberty City Stories: 8.5/10 GTA Chinatown Wars: 6.0/10