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@lucianocasanova: Oh, I thought you meant solely life-sims like The Sims or My Tribe which simulate life in its relative entirety. I've never enjoyed a single 'activity sim' like Surgeon Simulator or Fruitcake Simulator. Except, of course, Street Cleaning Simulator. I jest I jest :P

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Probably sports or life-sims, although I've enjoyed a few games from both genres.

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I'm going to make an unusual suggestion - DemiKids. An obscure Shin Megami Tensei spin-off that had a Dark Version and a Light Version, I suggest buying both since the story makes full sense only that way. Generally it's looked upon as a mediocre game and regrettably the sequels weren't localized, but I absolutely love it. Maybe it's just sentimental value, but... there's something wonderful about DemiKids to me \:D/ The art style, the setting, the innocence.

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Doesn't look very appealing to me. Liberation Maiden is my kind of Level-5 :P

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It's OK, some of its features should have been in the 3DS from the get-go. I'm happy with my original 3DS though; I won't consider an N3DS unless too many exclusives come out for it.

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People have started downloading their Mewtwos. From what I've been told, he's overpowered. Gives DLC-receivers an edge, I guess.

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Excellent concept; overpriced due to lack of supply. If they can stop being more elusive than gold nuggets, woohoo.

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@Smashbrossive50: I immediately thought of the Gameboy Micro too :>

I doubt Nintendo would release one. After the Gameboy Micro they've only wanted bigger handhelds.

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Ohai. It's been a long time, I left when GameSpot changed. It'd be cool if someone remembered me, because I remember some of you. :)

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I enjoyed X. The story wasn't anything special, it had its moments but it wasn't an epic. It was OK. I enjoyed the gameplay and interaction - time-consuming, yes, but fun. I guess some things you didn't like are now taken as Pokemon tradition - grid movement, for example, because without it, longtime Pokemon fans might go 'wot is hepon.' :P I would, too, for random encounters >.<