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You know what? Jane Douglas was one of the best reviewers this place had.

I didn't always agree with the scores she gave games, and I often cry myself to sleep that she gave Valkyria Chronicles II an 8 instead of a 10. But in the end, she really was one of the best reviewers GameSpot had, and I'd even include her among the likes of Greg and Alex. Her review writing style influenced mine in the ones I wrote that were actually good, can you believe it? That's like finding out Matt Tuck's songwriting was influenced by Bruce Springsteen. Which is true.

And to top it off, like all the other greats, she left. It's almost romantic.

Also, she included a Bullet For My Valentine reference in her Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Review, so I have to like her a little bit extra.


=D and i said alice cooper is a must for spinnerweb 

o.o btw we are making that fuse remake try but i will tell you laters more