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Looks like that's about it... yep, not coming back after the site changes

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So, yeah, I was signed in, and I came here to read a review on Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, and I found I had a PM by GameSpot that I'd been invited to the beta. I won't go into too much detail or post images in case I get moderated, but what I have to say is that while I'm pleased that our user reviews are being carried over into the new site now, it's still dang fugly. Remember when I said rumour had it it was gonna look like GiantBomb? It does. Actually it's like the illegitimate child of GiantBomb and IGN. Oh hell. Oh, hell.

I like how the top of the news pages are - showing a big image of the game and over it the text - and that's about it along with the user reviews. That's all I like about the new site. It has some problems (avatars are not for me or a lot of other people) but it's a beta so those'll most probably be fixed when the site actually rolls around. Not that I care.

The forums are poorly structured, and they show the Top 10 threads most prominently (even on top of the sections) which I can easily see getting messed up by the jerks who constitute about 40% of GameSpot's population and live their lives on the forums. The Terms of Use look like they have been changed to make people more respectful, which is good, but people are still gonna use Off-Topic more than anything else because they need to tell everyone how ignorant and stupid they are.

The user reviews are there, but they're poorly structured too. The blurb that is currently used as a review deck is used as an article heading for the user review and it shows the first few sentences of your review beneath. What they should have done if they can't afford to make user reviews look like reviews is to make the headings '[Insert Game Name Here] Review' and the review deck as the summary shown beneath. That hasn't been done.

The status update thingamijigs are huge and the news feed below tinier. Your current feed doesn't bother you if you don't want to know if another guy posted a blog but it seems for everything someone else does you get a notification on the new site.

I chose GameSpot over all other gaming sites because its current layout is absolutely brilliant and great (when it used to work anyway... 2011, see), but now with the site changes they've got rid of the only good thing they had left.

And uh... yeah. That's all I want to say here because who really cares? This post is probably gonna get moderated anyway.

Currently I'm a writer for 3DSPedia and it's certainly more rewarding than all the reviews I wrote here. People actually read them and smaller publishers send me download codes for their games to review. Isn't getting free games and reviewing them the life? :P I'm also thinking of starting a blog of my own; I tried tumblr but the layout was awful so if I do start one now it'll be WordPress.

So yeah, now you know I won't be coming back after the site changes either, so goodbye and I wish you all good luck since you guys are pretty much the only reason I stayed here in late 2012 and 2013.

GameSpot being as negligent of Fuse as ever, I see. Yeah, drive off the people who only stayed on for Fuse, that' right.

I'll just post some Valkyria Chronicles fan art out of habit. Actually, you know what, I think I'll post the one that was my absolute favourite, since I'm leaving this place now.

What a disappointing end for me to a once great site.