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I enjoyed being an Ikari Warrior.

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Not the real thing of course. In fact, I don't even know what Ikari Warriors look like. All I know is that they are some video game characters by SNK, the creators of Metal Slug, my favourite arcade-ish game series. This means that I can be a part of an SNK franchise in a most devilish manner, getting closer to Metal Slug.

So what am I talking about: of course! The GameSpot level system. At Level 9, I was an Ikari Warrior and basking in glory. For some reason, my time as an Ikari Warrior passed quicker than my other levels. So now I'm a Phoenix Down, the thingy Final Fantasycharacters use to revive themselves when they are knocked out. Cool!


But somehow, being something that is used by Final Fantasy characters and then dissolves into nothingness is a lot less exciting than being a solid part of an SNK franchise.

Don't worry though, I am always in your Items Bag just waiting to be used. And if the person to use me is Zack Fair from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, then why not?