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For those leaving and those who might

Since everyone is writing little love notes to the users who mattered to them most :P

I don't know yet if I will stay after the site changes. It depends on how many of my great friends stay here. But damn, it turns out a lot of people are leaving GameSpot, giving me very little reason to say I'm staying. At least most of the ones I talked to regularly, and always liked. So, before they leave, I'll post this blog to tell the users that I know of who are leaving or might be exactly what I thought of them. Overall, I might not be able to write it out for every single one of you - it would take three weeks - but I'll say this for all the GameSpotters I knew and liked: you are an awesome bunch of people.


2ndWonder: I don't know if you're leaving or not (sounds like it :( ) but to me you were always the 'ultimate GameSpotter.' The highest level (except for MAILER_DAEMON and he hacked his way up :P) and I was waiting for the day when you'd get to Level 72 100%. Unfortunately it looks like that day's never coming. Despite me only PMing you once in a while to troll you friendly-like, you were patient and nice.

berto64: You're one of the very many users I regret not talking to enough. But talk we did every once in a while - I remember I was quite the troll when I first talked to you on Fuse, but like many of the people who ended up being my favourites, you were patient. Good luck with your life.

GunBladeHero: You're my favourite user and closest friend on GameSpot (at least from this end! :P) I remember posting my first update on Fuse and trying to be funny and you responding as if I was actually sane. Of course, you still said that you might be leaving - I hope you stay. You used Fuse regularly through its two years of existence when other users dropped in and out or left altogether. It was very warm-and-fuzzy-feeling inducing knowing there was another person who was as big a Sega fan as I was. It was nicer still that you tolerated my lame attempts at humour, when Fuse was young and fun. I always looked forward to talking to you on Fuse and I'm glad we're 3DS friends so even if one or both of us leave we're not gonna be out of contact altogether.

Hanzoadam: I remember going into your ratings once and finding out you had given both Valkyria Chronicles and Valkyria Chronicles II a perfect 10 - from that moment on I decided it would be friendship total. Your blogs were very fun to read - you've collected a lot of stuff, man! It's a good thing I managed to send you a friend request on Steam. Hope we'll be in touch.

josephl64: I have to admit I was kind of scared of you at first, when I talked to you on Fuse. For one thing you didn't use smileys a lot, so I thought that you wouldn't take kindly to my pathetic attempts to be funny. But you turned out to be quite funny and one of the nicest and most awesome people here. It really sucks that you've confirmed you're going. But I'll always remember Mio's head going back and forth, back and forth - and at least we're added on MAL!

megamannt123: You got rid of killer weeds for your friend, so everyone knows what a nice friend you are to have. GameSpot won't be the same without a Lucky Star avatar-donning person in it. Glad we're added on Steam, and hope you and Fablesway will always be best friends (OK, I'm not really good at this stuff, so I'm not sure if I said the right thing :P)

Sundberg_man: For the umpteenth time, I only unfolllowed you because of your avatar of the guy getting his face bloody! :P Then I followed you again because of your avatar of that trollface going "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7... YOU MAD!" :lol: Good times good times - you were always a really nice guy and one of my favourite Fusers. Let's add each other on MAL, I guess? :)

Thesuperstar2k: Seems like you were around alot but I didn't talk to you enough, but I always recognized you, and you were cool. It's quite a pity you might be leaving - good luck.

ZanarkandTidus: Matastig told me about you. I think I barely ever talked to you, but I loved reading your reviews. I hope your personal life goes well.

That's the people who I know are leaving or most likely will when the time comes. If you think I forgot you, it means I didn't know you were leaving, so go ahead and tell me and make me even unhappier.

Also, to keep in touch, I think we should exchange our contact info, so here's mine:

E-Mail: spinnerweb895 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Steam: Spinnerweb

MyAnimeList: Spinnerweb

3DS Friend Code: 2621-2657-7188

I'm very unhappy about you guys leaving, so I hope we'll stay in touch one way or another. I'll stick around to see if the new site is any good or not, but after hearing it's gonna be like Giant Bomb, I think I'll be posting my swan song pretty soon.

Everyone's posting gifs at the end of such posts, so I will too. You always try to be like the people you like :P


I miss 2011.

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