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A gaming update

Don't you think video games have gotten harder to enjoy? There are very, very few games in the past two years I played addictively to the end. Luckily, I got two such good games in the same month, and liked them both enough to finish them without adding them to my backlog and leaving them there for five years.

These excellent games are:


DanganRonpa (PSP)

Play Time: 14 Hours (estimated)

Played Over: 8 Days

Rating: 10 (I haven't reviewed it yet, but I will)

Recommendation: Hell yes. If you can get the PSP the Best version with which the English patch works, then definitely buy it. You'll love it. Yes, yes you will. Especially if you wanted to be an anime-ish Sherlock Holmes :D
And since Fury X-4 said so, I'll mention it's being localized for the Vita.


Project X Zone (3DS)

Play Time: 47 hours, 5 minutes

Played Over: 19 Days

Rating: 9 (review)

Recommendation: Yes. Unless you don't like all of the following (which is impossible) - Tekken, Devil May Cry, Valkyria Chronicles (in which case I'll sever all communication with you :P), Sakura Wars, Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, Tales of Vesparia, Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, etc.

I started playing what many regard as one of the best games ever, now in 3D.


I really like it currently. I haven't played it too far though - up to the first time you visit Kakariko Village - but still, I'm enjoying it.

The other game is one I have already completed, but now from 'an all-new female viewpoint!' like they say in the advertisements.


I already love Persona 3 Portable - it's one of my favourite PSP games - so of course I'm having fun with it. I couldn't think of a proper name to give the female protagonist though, so I went with Baba O'Riley :lol:

Also, I'm looking forward to God Eater 2, which will be released in Japan soon, but there is no word of a PSP localization, though I hope there is one, and Sweet Fuse: At Your Side, which is getting localized for the PSP. Yay! :D


Finally, the long-time-coming Valkyria Chronicles fan art.