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Hatsune Miku is EVERYWHERE!

20 days back, if anyone had asked me about Hatsune Miku, I would have blinked stupidly and said, "What?" But today she's on the news. And on a channel that talks about a game once in a lifetime. Gah! It's about Project Diva Extend selling in Japan like hell, of course.

Pretty scary, really. Back then, even if I did see her, I thought, "Bah, some anime girl. Who cares?" Yes, this might cause lots of people to hate me, but until a few weeks back, I didn't even know how anime was pronounced.

The first Project Diva game is still my favourite though, because of the songs, "Last Night, Good Night","Melt","Kowai No Sensou" and ,"Banana!" That last song is an unlockable. No, it isn't. I JEST I JEST. El. Oh. El. Etc. :P

I can't find a motto to live by!

It's a big problem :( Everyone should have a motto to live by.

Here are the failed ones:

'Never say never' -- It makes it difficult to tell people my motto. And I just lied, because this isn't my motto. And I never lie. Oh noes, I did it again!

'My enemy's enemy is my friend' -- My enemy is his own worst enemy. So I have to invite him to barbecues.

'My candle burns at both ends, it will not last the night. But ah my foes and oh my friends, it gives a lovely light' -- I don't wanna die tonight. :(

'Banana rama' -- This is not a motto, but I like. :lol:

Can you help me find a motto?

Video game openings

I like openings. They're a vital part of the game's presentation and to make the player want to play the game. Having a good CG (or other) animation at the start of the game is cool. So here are my favourite video game openings, for your viewing:

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Opening

Chrono Cross Opening

House of the Dead 3 Opening

Resident Evil 4 Opening

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Opening

Dead to Rights 2 Opening

The 3rd Birthday Opening

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Opening

Dead to Rights Opening

Hey, you're on my birthday!

Funnily enough, a lot of games I want are being released on my birthday (22nd November, 2011), so I am going to pick them up just because they are released on my birthday :P

Sonic Generations 3D - Nintendo 3DS.

Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear - Sony PSP.

WWE '12 - Sony PSP, Sony PS3.

Final Fantasy V - Sony PS3.

King of Fighters XIII - Sony PS3.

Tekken Hybrid (been waiting for this :P ) - Sony PS3.

Funny, eh? :D

All is not lost: Valkyria Chronicles 3 MIGHT get localized.

If it's not already obvious enough, I'm a huge Valkyria Chronicles fan. I was disappointed when it was said not to be localized.

But now, there's a sign on hope. The Gamespot page of Valkyria Chronicles 3 has the box art of the game saying "Valkyria Chronicles III." This is the US title of the games. The Japanese title of the games is "Senjou No Valkyria."

I won't be surprised if she was saying, "Hey, I might be able to speak English after all!" Yays!

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Localization.

There's a strange land far away, where great games are developed and come out months early in some mysterious, incomprehendible language. I'm talking about Japan, of course.


I was shocked and horrified to learn that Valkyria Chronicles 3 will not be released in English. I loved Valkyria Chronicles 2 and it triumphed over Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII as my favourite PSP game. I loved the mix of turn-based strategy and third-person shooters and the story affected me deeply, especially at moments about friendship.


Operation Rainfall is making a lot of noise. Why not these guys? :(

Anyway, I have the Japanese version of the game, and you can download the demo from PSPDemoCenter. The theme of the game is darker, but maps from the previous game are recycled and so is the battle system. It doesn't make it any less boring though. It has plenty of nifty new features and most notable is the SP bar below the CP bar. You also choose routes to go through an area. There's also a Master Table at the Drill Grounds, but I couldn't work out what it's supposed to do since it's in Japanese. You can change any character to any type and don't even need to collect Credits to change types. So, an Armored Tech can become a Lancer easily You can deploy 9 units instead of 6 as in the previous game, but in the beginning you'll have to because there will be only nine people in your squad, called "The Nameless," or if you're formal, Squad 422. But I shouldn't spoil it any more than I already have done :P


See? Even one of the central characters gasped when she was told that she would not be able to speak English.

People have posted on the forums of NIS America, XSEED and Atlus USA asking them to help localize the game, and an XSEED employee said they would look into it. That's a good sign, but it could be XSEED's version of Nintendo's "No plans."

So, people who want to get this awesome game released in English, please likethis Facebook page here. It's the best we can do without spamming the Sega page, like Xenoblade fans did with Nintendo. It's an "Order!" :)

I enjoyed being an Ikari Warrior.

Not the real thing of course. In fact, I don't even know what Ikari Warriors look like. All I know is that they are some video game characters by SNK, the creators of Metal Slug, my favourite arcade-ish game series. This means that I can be a part of an SNK franchise in a most devilish manner, getting closer to Metal Slug.

So what am I talking about: of course! The GameSpot level system. At Level 9, I was an Ikari Warrior and basking in glory. For some reason, my time as an Ikari Warrior passed quicker than my other levels. So now I'm a Phoenix Down, the thingy Final Fantasycharacters use to revive themselves when they are knocked out. Cool!


But somehow, being something that is used by Final Fantasy characters and then dissolves into nothingness is a lot less exciting than being a solid part of an SNK franchise.

Don't worry though, I am always in your Items Bag just waiting to be used. And if the person to use me is Zack Fair from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, then why not?