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Dual pistols? Pfft, bring back dual Uzis

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Wait, there was a hostage? I thought it was capture the flag.

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I do both! Honestly, in my eyes, the fluidity in TR's gameplay was better than Uncharted. I love me old school tomb raiding, and want that too though. TR doesn't need them set-pieces, I could do with less of those. Still, it's the most exciting thing from E3 so far to me, and we haven't even seen anything.

Bloodborne was my most anticipated game to be shown, but it didn't feel like they gave enough in the trailer.

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Loved the reboot. Got extremely excited for this when they showed it. It's great to see they are going for more tomb raiding, but I have to say, I loved the fluid gameplay in the reboot. I'm excited to see them expand on that.

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At its best, the battle system is pure awesome. Some fights are just edge of seat moments. Random battles are pretty dour though, the battle system doesn't work that well there and can get kinda annoying fighting some monsters. Have some great memories of it, even though I haven't finished it. I'd get back to it, but I'm so out of touch with the battle system that it would take me a while to get used to it again. I had a video fighting an earth eater, which was a great tough fight at the time:


Story on the other hand, I never gave a damn about. Part of it is being connected to FFXIII and how the characters just don't carry over well. The other problem being some just seem to act too high and mighty really. Some side-quests are totally boring and annoying, while some remind me of old style quirky and at times touching side-quests. Like I said, I haven't finished it though.

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Take what the reviewer says with a grain of salt. Technically, the game is all over the place. I loved me some Nier, but I don't remember that game being as technically bad as Drakengard 3. I don't think Drakengard 3 reaches the height of 'charm' that Nier achieved either, but I do see where the reviewer is coming from. I've gotten 2 endings so far, but I can't say I'm as enthralled by the story as I was with Nier.

Still, no matter how much I might like the story and characters, the screen tearing, the framedrops, the long loading times all reallllllllly get to me. I couldn't go higher than a 6/10, and that's with me being generous.

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I thought this was just traffic-bait, which it still is, but I thought it'd be pandering to the peeps with angst for DS2 but a hard-on for DS1. Turns out it's just a newcomer getting lost, which is totally believable. The game tried to be accessible, but still fails miserably. Some of the complaints felt like he wasn't paying attention fully though, which is a big mistake in a Souls game.

He only faced 5 bosses too, and probably missed a ton of bonfires/shortcuts by the sounds of things. So yea, weird that his review was even given space. What's the point? In 20 hours of playtime, he didn't really learn to play. And while leveling isn't that important, how he is still stuck doing small damage is beyond me.

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Uh, didn't KH 1.5 release earlier in its month compared to FFXHD? With GTAV dragging everything up with it?

Hell, MGSV:GZ barely did ~280K over 4 consoles. What was Dark Souls 2 numbers?

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Gone Home 2 obviously.

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@Sphire said:

Lightning Returns has a pretty damn good combat system. Shit story, but it's the only place I'll get a battle system like it, so I'll take it. At its best, the battle system is just, wow. Too bad people want to just jump on the hate.

I'd have played Bravely Default if could bring myself to play RPGs on handhelds. After Valkyria Chronicles 2, I just felt so underwhelmed by how much is sacrificed in handheld games/RPGs over a console version. What's the point really, just for the story? That's always massively subjective. For instance I'd have gotten 999 too, but after seeing a mate play it, I couldn't care less about that series now.

if all you care about is combat then play any Grandia or Shadow Hearts games. Both series have combat that is light years ahead of that shit and in overall the games are much better JRPG's too.

Uh, you think I don't know that? I absolutely loved Grandia 3's battle system. At it's best Lightning Returns rivals it, especially when you've got a semi-action based system to it(timing of guards and evade). It doesn't hold up on all battles (like random battles), but against tough enemies, damn it's good. It's sad how the hate has blinded people. How are you any different that the people that thought Grandia and SH have shit battle systems?

Grandia 3 had a crap story, and people gave it low reviews and so Square doesn't make those games anymore. Same with Valkyria Chronicles with Sega. Now we're likely to never get battle systems like Grandia, VC and what Lightning Returns gave us. Suikoden? Who knows. The genre is worse off when companies realise people just want carbon copies of old games. Pokemon sells a bunch, you want that battle system in FF?