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It was a lot of fun. I played it for a few years on and off. The combat is really well done and is the selling point of the game. The problem was the story (very poor) and the quests were very boring. It was literally go to this town, this sub town, kill these enemies (essentially the same attacks with different skins), and turn in. Do a dungeon. Repeat. This was ultimately what turned me off from playing long term. But it's worth it to pick it up and try it out for the combat, it's very refreshing from your traditional MMO.

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Actually I didn't know it comes with a free game :D

And about the Intel CPUs, if I go for them, I'd probably have to get a cheaper GPU, which I don't plan on doing.

the majority of people here will tell you to do that no matter what. Intel cpus are far ahead of AMD cpus, the difference is much bigger than the difference between the 270 and the 760 graphics cards. Trust me, go with an intel cpu, for future proof and for the absolute best performance.

This. The intel chipsets are amazing. I think the AMD chips have some perks (especially if you have a limited budget) but Intel is better when it comes to stable overclocking, quad core tasks, and heat control all of which is extremely important for stable gaming. I still have my i7 920 that I overclocked to 4.0 Ghz (stock was 2.5Ghz) and I'm using a EVGA GTX 660ti. I can run all games on the market right now very smoothly at 1920x1080.

If you plan on using a monitor that supports much higher resolutions than 1920x1080 or if you are planning on using dual monitors, go for a high end EVGA card (like the 700 series) that you can later use in tandem with SLI. That advice came directly from the EVGA tech I spoke with when I was upgrading my video card. He talked me down from a 700 series card to a 600 series which at the time was a $300 difference.

The ASUS card you mentioned is also a great card. It's main benefit is that it is quieter than a GTX and it runs slightly cooler assuming you have good airflow in your case.

Coreybg also keep in mind if you go for higher end GPU's and higher end CPU's that your motherboard price may go up to support the features on the CPU/GPU. Also, make sure you get a power supply at least 750 watts (1000 is ideal if you can afford it) and plenty of fans to put in your case). I can't stress how important this is if you plan on overclocking. Your system has to support the voltage tweaks and the heat production from your computer. Good luck with your build =)

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Some shots I took in Skyrim. I'm using a lot of mods, but main ones are 2K textures, Project ENB, CoT with the lightning/rain add-on effects, SMIM, real fires, ELFX for the interior lighting, no motion blur for the kill scenes, enhanced backgrounds, book of silence.

Big thanks to the amazing work from all the modders - they really brought this game to life. The SS's honestly don't do justice.

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There's 2 ways to deal with clickers: 1 is to quietly sneak by them if there are no enemies who use sight around you. 2 is to take out your bow, go right up to them and headshot them, hopefully retrieving your arrow back in the process while staying silent.
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I hope they make a sequel revolving around Ellie and Joel. It'd be interesting to see how Ellie responds to Joel's lie (it's strongly implied she knows he is lying to her at the end of the game). Maybe she escapes from Joel, finds the truth behind what he did to Marlene and turns on him. It'd be a nice ironic twist to the story to see how Joel's hardening of her character causes her to become consumed by this horrible world they've been put into. I honestly thought she was going to shoot herself at the end of the game after she realized their trip was for nothing. She was already struggling with survival, and told Joel the whole story with her friend turning and how she was still waiting her turn. I am surprised they didn't end the game this way to serve as a punishment for Joel's selfish decision to save her and neglect the potential to save humanity.
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Good troll post OP I think Carolyn Petit already played the "white protagonist" card to which many people replied: There are plenty of games out there with female leads, black leads, and other nationality/ethnicity. Go find them. If Naughty Dog's plot included that the fungus was from homosexual black males that spent their hours in bath houses and had sexual relations with animals on their spare time, you may have had an argument for racism. Your argument, however, is retarded and unfounded.
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The ending segment when Joel and Ellie are brought to the hospital is the turning point in the game. At this point, we learn that the Fireflies want to kill Ellie to extract the fungus from her brain for further research. Marlene turned her back on Ellie's mother whom she made a promise to protect Ellie (evidenced through the note in Ellie's backpack when you take control of her during winter). Keep in mind, monkeys were immune to the infection (proven by an audio file) as were giraffes and dogs which is implied by their running around 20 years after exposure. It was explained by Marlene at the end of the game that the fungus mutated in a way that made it inactive in Ellie's system, which is likely the same mechanism by which the animals were immune. If anything, the Fireflies should have done further research on the animals before killing a child with no guarantee it will work. They could have tried blood work or biopsied her brain as well instead of extracting the entire brain. It's this decision that makes me believe that the Fireflies are possibly an evil organization rather than "saviors". Marlene knew from the beginning of the game that she was sending Ellie to her death. I have no proof, but it's possible the Fireflies engineered the fungus and their killing all infected was their way to cover it up. As for Joel, he already lost his daughter to the Fireflies and has no reason to trust their organization. After 20 years, he finally found something to live for - Ellie. His decision, although selfish, was the right one in his mind because he didn't want to see his "daughter" die again. The ending could have been done better. If I were the one writing the script, I would have had Ellie ask Joel if he was lying the same way. By the look on her face, she knew Joel lied to her. She previously said she came all this way, and didn't want it to be for nothing. I was expecting her to shoot Joel or shoot herself after realizing Joel lied to her as she was obviously having a rough time dealing with surviving which was portrayed at the beginning of Spring. I would have had the screen go black followed by a gunshot noise to keep the audience in suspense for a sequel.
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By far the dumbest dialog, stupidest script written by potheads for potheads. The people playing the game are smarter than character they control. I felt like babysitting an idiot with a gun. I wanted to kill him a few times just because he is stupid. Everything else was perfect, better handling than the other 2 games. One of the best shooters if you can survive the dialog between characters and their lack of brains.

Spoilers below I think you missed the point of the game - it's meant to be a giant satire. The name of the island "Rook" means to cheat or trick. Rakyat literally means "ordinary people" which is about as unoriginal as you can get for a tribe name The drug sequences and various references to Alice and Wonderland were meant to be a delusion of the main character thinking he had power yet was descending into madness. Vaas' speech on definition of insanity (he was referring to the same recycled plots and simplistic video games of this generation) To support this: -The simplistic dumbed down "boss" fights -The cliche characters with disjointed plot (which you mentioned) -Every animal you kill is pretty much endangered. Furthermore, when you skin them you have a hunk of meat yet their bodies are intact. Contrast this to the detailed amazing world. It's purposefully disjointed. -The fact that your nickname is Snow White at some point in the game - this is really referencing that you are supposed to be the "white savior" for the "black" tribe,but truth is you end up getting used at the end of the game depending on the final choice you make - The fact that one of your friends (Kevin) gets raped, which is a stark contrast to how women are "typically" the ones getting raped I could go on, but this game was a giant joke and was meant to be that way from the moment you started. Unfortunately, the writer should have done a better job to make this more obvious, but the clues are all there.
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Bought a premium pack, which should allow me to play early. Its been 24 hours and i still cant get in, as far as my acount goes i never bought anything, but they were quick to take the money off my credit card though, that part of their system works great.

I am sorry you spent money on this game. It's trash. Another "free to play" but "pay to look cool" system. Loot is rigged, gameplay is repetitive, and story is average - I'd still rather read the comic books. Another cash scam hits the market.
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