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Ida film review

This Polish film centering on a young girl is a period piece that takes you back to the 1960's.

Several years after world war 2 has ended Ida a now christian nun finds out that her parents were murdered during the war. Not having any knowledge of what became of her parents, she goes on an adventure with her aunt to uncover the truth behind her past life and even questions her own worth fullness.

When I first saw the trailer my biggest concern was that the movie would rely on its black and white color pallet as a positive without giving it any reason to be in black and white. I can honestly say though that if this movie were in color then it would have lost some of its charm.

Being in black and white allows for certain scenes to receive more attention than others. Like for instance when the main character stands outside of a friends house she looks down on it and the atmosphere combined with the lack of color makes it more interesting. Another instance was when I could tell that the backgrounds were painted in as the clouds weren't moving. Some might complain about this, but I think that it does an excellent job of giving the film that certain vibe of making it feel like it was make in the 1960's when movies were just starting to transition to color, and backgrounds were commonly painted in.

The music is also fantastic, there are few scenes in the film when bands are playing instruments, but when they do it adds a sense of liveliness to a film that is mostly about discovery and loss.

Ida is an excellent film on all fronts, it may not be something that I can watch repeatedly,

but if you ever feel down, and you want to feel thankful for what you do have in life then Ida reminds you that there is always something worth fighting for.


Carrie 2013 film review

Before I make my top ten best and worst movie list of the year for 2013 i just wanted to go over this one so people who haven't seen the newest Carrie movie will know exactly how bad it is. The movie starts off with some really unnecessary drawn out opening sequence that was added just for shock value where Carrie's mother is contemplating killing her as an infant, fast forward 17 years later Carrie is attending high school and the overwhelming stress of putting up with her religious freak of a mother along with the intrusion of her monthly visitor in the bathroom causes her to feel degraded and worthless. Just like in the original the nice tom boyish gym teacher gets all the other girls to stop harassing her for a while. The movie is pretty much a copy and paste job of the 1970's movie up until the prom scene with minor differences. Or should I say no differences. Literally nothing of interest at all happens until the third act There is this kid who is a camera nerd that Carrie tries to socialize with, he insists on taking pictures of her during the prom, but he barely gets more than a few lines. So much for character development . Oh and by the way the acting in this movie is really bad up until the third act the actors felt like either your stereotypical stock bullies, and victims as well as nerds and bad parents, but when we get to the scene where Carrie finally learns to control her powers and is attacked by her mother with a knife then the actors show just how bad of a performance that they can give off. Seriously this stuff is Razzie worthy. First off if I was an actor in the middle of an emotional scene where my mother who had been abusing me my entire life had lunged at me with a knife and I had just gained the power to force choke her like Darth Vader I think that the emotion that I would try to go the least for would be boredom. Second since when did Carrie gain heat vision powers?

Anyway she goes to her school prom just like in the original the school bullies dump a bucket of pigs blood on her causing her to go berserk, and then one of her eyes starts to glow red, with what has got to be the cheesiest most unbelievably fake and obvious contact lenses I've seen in a movie ever. You'd think with a budget of $30 million the prop group would at least be able to give us a decent looking red glowing evil eye.

After Carrie goes berserk she sets the entire auditorium on fire, but unlike in the original here she has some self control over her actions, she talks to some of the people who bullied her, and even goes as far as to hurt the gym teacher who was nice to her by throwing her face first into a tempered glass door frame and then electrocutes her.

After escaping, she is drenched in blood and walks out without anybody noticing her, seriously she's like 50 yards away from the schools entrance where all the students, and emergency service vehicles are, yet nobody seems to notice the or care about the girl drenched in blood whose walking right in front of them. Also in the five to seven minutes since we last saw the gym teacher she is now completely healthy and fitted with a cast on her left arm. First I'm pretty sure a cast takes more than seven minutes to apply properly, second, how the hell did she survive. If I had my head smashed through a thick layer of glass, and then was electrocuted I'm pretty sure that the injuries would be more severe than a broken arm. Consistency is obviously not something that this movie understands.

Afterwards some of the bullies try to run her over, but she turns into the terminator and stops there car in its tracks to throw it into a gas station where it blows up, and of course shes not affected by the flame. Later when she returns home her mother has escaped the closet and is out to get her. In an almost cartoony fashion her mom walks behind her and then when Carrie turns around her mother has quickly disappeared. I'm not sure if this was an intentional reference to Halloween, but if it was then it's pretty desperate for the writers to try to reference another film to make theirs better. Then we come to the scene where Carries mom tries to kill her. She gets stabbed and her mother chases her down the hall with shaky cam like Michael Myers from Halloween. Then her mother lunges on top of her and we are treated to a moment of false tension. So just to back up what happened, Carrie is durable enough to survive a gas station explosion, but not durable enough to not get stabbed, she can stop a car trying to run her over at 80 mph, but she can't push her mom off of her. Consistency has no bearings in this movie. You might say that the reason why Carrie's mom was able to stab her was because it was a sneak attack, and now that shes been weakened she's not as powerful as she was earlier. Okay I'll give the movie some credit, but then why is she able to then kick her mother off of her and throw her against a wall while having control over every utensil in the house the very next scene.

She stabs her mother multiple times across her arms and legs to nail her to a wall in the shape of Jesus on the crucifix. Hey look it's pointless religious symbolism for the purpose of shock value. She then for no reason causes her house to collapse and is allegedly dead. We then are shown a trial scene, that has almost no significance whatsoever as its lasting time is barely 10 seconds. In the original movie the trial scene was important , and was used to go over what everyone saw. Here it's like they just put it in as fan service, not because it was substantial. The ending is abysmal, we see Carrie's gravestone and then lighting strikes, and an arm comes out. Was it supposed to imply that Carrie was a zombie? This movie made no sense and the people who made it should be ashamed of themselves. If you ever see this movie on DVD kill it with fire and holy water.

If you want to see a good remake of Carrie, then i strongly recommend the 2002 made for tv series pilot. For those of you who are unaware in 2002 a studio wanted to make a series based on Carrie where she goes of and meets other people with supper natural powers using the movie as a pilot episode. That Movie was no masterpiece but it was at least more entertaining than this. A made for tv movie that was the intended pilot for a show that was never even made with a budget far lower than an actual Hollywood film of the same premise was better than this movie. Bottom line 2/10

The Grand Budapist Hotel Movie Review

Wes Anderson may not be one the most known directors of all time, but His movies are nothing to look over.

The cartoony style of all his movies combined with a sense of realness added in for juxtaposition. In a sense his movies offer something for everyone, while being very difficult to critique for being either to silly or not goofy enough.The Grand Budapest Hotel is a period piece set mostly in 1930's Germany. It is told mostly through flashbacks. Focusing mainly on two Hotel employees, a Lobby boy, and a manager, it has an excellent way of getting you to light them despite the hotel manager being a complete ass. He's mean spirited to his employees, but in a funny way, he makes lots of insults but you've gotta love his charm.After a friend leaves him a valuable painting in her will he unknowingly gets involved in a war between his hotel and the secret police. After being arrested and Shaw Shanking his way out of prison in the second act, him and his hotel buddy team up to go on an epic quest to prove his innocents and discover the true meaning behind the painting that was given to him.

This movie is some sense reminds me of Airplane, and the Bourne Identity, if that makes any sense. It's so ridiculously over the top, but is filmed in a way that makes the action feel like it has consequence. The Nazi SS symbols have been replaced with ZZ, but we all know what they are trying to be.

The characters are funny and while some are obnoxious, they are just obnoxious enough to still all be likeable. For the most part that is. There was one art where in order to intimidate a lawyer the family of the original painting throw his cat out of a window, and the cat dies. This seems out of place for a movie like this, why did they have to show the cat die, or better yet why did they throw the cat out of throw window in the first place, it just seems mean spirited, in an otherwise mostly light hearted comedy action film.

If you haven't seen it, then you should because it reminded me that in a world filled with garbage movies, there are at least a few like this one that actually try.9/10

The grand Buhdapest hotel

Wes Anderson may not be one the most known directors of all time, but His movies are nothing to look over.

The cartoony style of all his movies combined with a sense of realness added in for juxtaposition. In a sense his movies offer something for everyone, while being very difficult to critique for being either to silly or not goofy enough.The Grand Budapest Hotel is a period piece set mostly in 1930's Germany. It is told mostly through flashbacks. Focusing mainly on two Hotel employees, a Lobby boy, and a manager, it has an excellent way of getting you to light them despite the hotel manager being a complete ass. He's mean spirited to his employees, but in a funny way, he makes lots of insults but you've gotta love his charm.After a friend leaves him a valuable painting in her will he unknowingly gets involved in a war between his hotel and the secret police. After being arrested and Shaw Shanking his way out of prison in the second act, him and his hotel buddy team up to go on an epic quest to prove his innocents and discover the true meaning behind the painting that was given to him.

This movie is some sense reminds me of Airplane, and the Bourne Identity, if that makes any sense. It's so ridiculously over the top, but is filmed in a way that makes the action feel like it has consequence. The Nazi SS symbols have been replaced with ZZ, but we all know what they are trying to be.

The characters are funny and while some are obnoxious, they are just obnoxious enough to still all be likeable. For the most part that is. There was one art where in order to intimidate a lawyer the family of the original painting throw his cat out of a window, and the cat dies. This seems out of place for a movie like this, why did they have to show the cat die, or better yet why did they throw the cat out of throw window in the first place, it just seems mean spirited, in an otherwise mostly light hearted comedy action film.

If you haven't seen it, then you should because it reminded me that in a world filled with garbage movies, there are at least a few like this one that actually try.9/10

Robocop 2014 review

Detroit has been an ever rotting hellhole since before I was born. Drug dealers out the wazoo, rape, murder, arson you name it.

The city needs a hero and they will get one in the form of Robocop.

Now before this movie was released a lot of people were skeptical about the PG-13 rating and rightfully so.

The beginning of the film has a very interesting premise. A lot of bad stuff is going on in the middle east and Omnicorp the evil organization in charge of manufacturing robots for defensive purposes is showcasing their Metal Gear Solid Geko robots to the public in the interest of keeping peace in the middle east. Seriously I thought that the first 10 minutes of this movie was deleted footage from metal Gear Solid 4. Anyway the whole setup is just a cheap way to shove as much information in your face as possible. Not a bad setup, just a predictable one. When a kid’s father goes outside and suicide bombs himself for some reason the kid goes outside and is mercilessly shot dead, which in turn leads to a heated debate about morality with machines.

This was a good way to preach morality, but after the first ten minutes the whole incident is never brought up again even once. It seems like the writers wanted to go for a deep and compelling side story about a suffering Middle Eastern family but just forgot about it half ways through.

We then are introduced to Alex Murphy the protagonist of the film who’s body gets disfigured in a car bomb explosion, and has to live the rest of his life as a machine.

The film is decent, but I thought that it was a bit too fast paced. When Robocop is first introduced to the public he immediately shoots at a convicted felon in the crowd full of people who are waiting to see him. Why would a murderer be standing in a crowd outside a police station during the announcement of a new crime fighting gadget? Instead of taking the time to appreciate Robocop for the things that he will do throughout the film, the movie pulls a deus ex Machina and puts him in a situation where everyone will love him after they see him arrest one criminal. There’s no time to see the reaction of how people take it in, we are just told when people like him, and why. It’s not enough to simply say ‘that the people in the movie love Robocop we should be able to see them comment on and judge his actions by themselves.

One positive is that this film ditched Alex’s annoying female partner from the 1980’s movies who never waits for backup, with a token black guy who never waits for backup. Hey at least he doesn’t bitch at everything.

There were some minor consistency errors such as where Robocop’s left arm is trapped underneath a giant machine that collapsed on him so he takes picks up a slandered UZI and shoots his arms off in a desperation attempt. Even though we have been told repeatedly that only .50 caliber bullets are capable of piercing his armor, just like in the original film.

Robocop is a decent film but I doubt that it will win any movie of the year awards, if you’re in the mood for an action movie then though than this will suffice.

Overall score 6/10

ARMS Studios to make anime adaptation of another one of Lynn Okamotos works.

Elfen Lied is one of my favorite shows of all time. For Christmas this year I got it on blu ray twice. Once in English, and once in Japanese. (The Japanese collectors edition comes with a one shot manga and an OST) It's a shame though that the manga was never brought over to the states, and most American fans of the show never got a chance to read the original source material outside of fan translations. Since the show was based on the first six volumes of the manga, and the series is 12 volumes long, a lot of things were done so that the ending of the show was incompatible with the rest of the source material. That being said I think that the animators did an outstanding job filling in the blanks with their own imagination to provide us with a unique ending that satisfied those who watched it up until the very end.

What make me like the show even more was that it wasn't made by Toie animation, one of Japans most overrated and over saturated anime distributors. Instead it was handled by professionals. More specifically arms corporation. I have always loved arms studios since 2003 when they released the amazing mini series Mezzo DSA. It was an incredibly short anime only lasting 13 episodes and a one hour movie, but the quality of the story telling and the action, Charters, and finale all felt so perfectly placed that it makes you glad that you went along for the ride no matter how short it was.

I'm bringing this up because It was just announced a few days ago that Arms studios would once again produce an anime adaptation to one of Lynn Okamotos manga series "Gokukoku no brynhildr" It's a science fiction story with elements very similar to Elfen Lied. As excited as I am by this this news must be taken with a grain of salt.

On the plus side The American market will most likely pick this up seeing as Almost everything ARMS makes ends up getting brought over seas. So us American Audiences will be able to enjoy more of Lynn Okamoto's work. On the multiple downsides, just like Elfen Lied the manga isn't anywhere near finished as of the typing of this article, and the anime adaptation will most likely not contain the full story that Okamoto wants to create. Also just like Elfen Lied the manga goes beyond overboard with its themes of violence child abuse, psychological torture, slavery, and rape.

So most likely we here in the states will not be receiving an English translation of the manga, though Tokyo pop Germany did license it in the Pal region it still hasn't been authorized for distribution here.

I love Lynn Okamoto's stories, and some of his best works such as Nononono a manga about a girl who strives to become an Olympic ski jumper by masquerading as her dead brother had to end sooner then they were supposed to because it wasn't popular enough. That's yet another good thing about this anime adaptation. If Elfen Lied wasn't adapted into an anime in the first place the original series may have been cut short from lack of publicity, and ended on a sour note. I mean hell the original manga wasn't even that popular to begin with. When it first started out the art was sloppy and the story was filled with plot conveniences and filler to keep the series going at a steady pace. Okamoto himself even apologized in volume 8 of the series for how much of a rough start he had, and that he was grateful for everyone who stuck by him and bought the manga regardless of how much of a letdown the first couple of volumes were.

With this being his second manga to be made into a cartoon, I have a feeling that he will be motivated to continue the series the way he wants and not have to bring it to a sudden close. I just want everyone reading this, and everyone who is a fan of Okamoto's work in general to support the release of Gokukoku as much as possible because ARMS Studios has never let me down before. They've always been about quality over quantity. If you look at their Wikipedia page

in contrast to studios like Toie

then you will see that they are a small company, but that is because they believe that quality should always come first. (Granted they used to be in the pornography business, but they made a strong "No more Porn" rule in 2003) I just really hope that people buy the DVD's/blu-rays for this series to support a company that will make a show that I know is going to be great.


Evangelion Series overview and movie reviews part 2

You see it was like this during pre production for the last two episodes of the show the company had its budget slashed at the last moment. This forced the development team to come up with an ending for the series using a heavy dosage of stock footage and black and white outlines which was said to have been a look into the main characters mind, but in all honesty it was due to the simple fact that the writer's were running out of cash. They even make fun of this, In the 2005 re release of the series labeled as the platinum collection, there's an hilarious fourth wall breaking scene at the end if you change the audio over to track 4 where Shinji says "what kind of ending is that" "So is Rie my mother or not" "Uh guys there's still a whole lot of questions that need to be answered" and "You ran out of ink didn't you you cheap bastards" (Running out of ink being a Japanese pun for having your animation budget slashed) but just because they make fun of it doesn't make it any less true. I could try to explain it, but Evangelion is one of those shows that you have to see in order to try to understand what's going on. I personally would have ended the show after episode 24. Shinji is alone at the shore of a beach while Misato comes up to him and tries to convince him in a melancholy voice that he did the right thing, in killing his friend he saved humanity and that those who plot the destruction of others have no rite to live. They both stare at each other for a few seconds and the last words of that episode where "Misato your cold". As much as this ending seems inconclusive It's better to just leave the ending up to the viewers where they can only image what's next to come, rather than a forced happy ending that makes no sense at all. My overall rating on the original series 3.5/5 I was planning to give it a higher score a 4/5 but I can't overlook how bad the last two episodes were, still for me it was an enjoyable watch both good and bad parts taken into consideration. Especially considering how low the budget was Speaking of which I think it should be noted that the majority of Evangelion's buget came from Sega studious, you know the company that has been up-chucking crappy Sonic games for over a decade. To help increase the shows popularity Sega had a hand the the series development to a certain extent. They made many Evangelion video games for the Japanese Sega Saturn, and in an episode of the series, you can see Asuka playing a fighting game on a Saturn at her friends house. Though most fans just regard the games as spin offs with story-lines that don't affect the main series, I think that Sega did a very decent job writing original characters for the games, it's just a shame that there wasn't enough time to implement these characters into the series, although many spin off manga's based on the last episode of Evangelion's alternate world ending were Shinji lives a normal life with his parents and isn't an Eva pilot have shown to have one or more of the original characters from these games. The various spin off manga's of Evangelion have help popularize the franchise with excellent alternate reality portrayals and gave fans something interesting to read fir those who like the idea of Shinji growing up in a normal society. I also find it hilarious that back in 1995 Sega was a gigantic console manufacturer and Gainax was a small company that couldn't even afford to fund their own series, were as now Gainax is this Gargantuan anime company that can afford to through millions of dollars at a product at the drop of a hat, while Sega is barely making enough money to keep their lights on. Serves you right Sega maybe if you didn't cheapen out and helped fund Gainax more in the 90's then they would feel more sympathetic towards you now. Though that's a different topic for a different article. One thing that should be noted about the last 2 episodes is that many people to this day do not consider them to be canon or "Official". While Gainax has never out-rite denied whether or not the last two episodes are official, many members of the original staff have hinted that the last two episodes aren't real without actually saying it. In an Interview with Kazuya Tsurumaki one of the series's producer back in 2006 he states "My opinion was, 'Why don't we show them the entire process including our breakdown." You know make it a work that shows everything including our inability to create a satisfactory product. I figured that, "In 10 years or so, if we look back on something that we made while we were drunk out of our minds, we wouldn't feel bad even if the quality wasn't so good.' So even one of the members of the key staff has admitted that the last two episodes felt sloppy. Although Hideaki Anno still defends the ending of the original series many have accused him of sending fans of the series on a wild Goose chase to try to find some deep symbolic meaning to the last two episodes that isn't really there. Because of how the series ended fans demanded an alternate ending that help to explain more. There was even a point where the fan outrage became so great, that people started to Graffiti death threats all over Gainax headquarters. To gratify fans, Gainax released two movies Evangelion death and rebirth, and the End of Evangelion. The first film death and rebirth was a mostly composed of stock footage from the series with a few extra minutes of new footage being added in to explain what certain charters were feeling during certain situations this new footage would later be released as park of the directors cut DVD edition of Evangelion. The last thirty minutes of the film however was composed of entirely of new footage which served as a cliffhanger to get people interested in the next film end of Evangelion. The film also served as a way to get non fans of Evangelion up to date on the story. The film End Of Eva. Shows us an alternate world that begins at the ending of episode 24 where Shinji is still in a state of depression and Asuka is still comatose. Shinji feeling so desperate for human connection, begins to shake Asuka in her hospital bed while she's still in a coma begging her to wake up. He accidentally rips off her hospital gown and sees her naked. Then out of angst and rage he begins to jack off all over her. The very next thing he says after this is "I am so **** up". This happens in the first minute of the film. Wow what a great way to start a film Anno you really know how to get the audience interested. What happens after is Selle now sure that all the angles are dead no longer needs the assistance of Nerv. It turns out that Selle was just using them to get rid of the angles and with all the angles gone they convince that Japanese government to attack Nerv and Tokyo 3 as they begin there plans to control instrumentality. With Asuka in a coma Shinji in a state of clinical depression, and Rei being taken by Gendo to The chamber where Nerve keeps Lilith there are no eva pilots to help defend against the onslaught of the Japanese military. In order to protect Asuka Nerve orders her placed inside of her mecha and then hid in the bottom of a nearby lake governing the headquarters of Nerve. At this point we now see Shinji curled up into a ball underneath a staircase having lost his will to live, a JSDF soldier is about to kill him when Misato comes up at the last second to save him by killing the soldiers and dragging him to where his eva is. Literally he's in such a state of depression he can hardly even move. She drives him to the station where his eva is being secured while in the mean time as luck would have it Asuka wakes up from her coma and begins to pilot her eva to fend off against the invading forces. While she is capable of fending off the ground troops Selle begins dropping other gigantic robots to fight her and as strong as she is she is heavily outnumbered by Selle's robots. While in the mean time as Misato drops off Shinji at the Eva center she is shot and wounded while carrying him to his Eva. He begins to cry realizing that there is no use in piloting the eva he tells her that she's not him and that she can't possibly understand the pain that he's going through, "Your just like my father your using me to get what you want you never cared about me" Shinji at this point being increasingly cynical towards everyone around him. "There's nothing I can do" I tried piloting the eva but things only ever got worse you'll never understand you have no idea what it's like to be me" "Who cares if 'm not **** you" she screams as she slams her fist against a wall. He realizes at this point that Misato is wounded and that while he was lamenting all the problems he couldn't solve she had been shot by the enemy rite above the heart. She convinces him that he must pilot the eva as it's his only way to survive. (go pilot the Eva go save Asuka that's what you can do" Then as she's about to faint she gives him a kiss, it is not a friendly kiss, it's the kiss that a women gives a man when she wants him to know that she loves him. She says to him "That's a grown up kiss let's continue when you get back. With that she closes the door on him on his way to his eva as she collapses and her fate is unknown. Gendo reveals that he too was only using his son and the other pilots and that his ultimate goal was to seize control of 3rd impact so that he can see his late wife. It's revealed that Ayanami rei at this point is a hybrid of dna forged from his wife and one of the angles Lilith He tries to force her to fuse with him by taking his right palm wich he reveals to have implanted the eye of Adam the first angel named after the first human being created by god. "Now Rei take me to Yui" but she has her own plans. So unlike the show that just hints at these things End Of Eva does its best to describe everything that the writers couldn't fit into the show. Asuka and Shinji do there best to kill off the remaining Selle forces but there overpowered, and eventually Asuka gets pierced by dozens of lances and her body is chopped to shreds. At this very moment Rie Ayanami takes control of instrumentality and transcending her state of being into a god. She omits an anti AT field across the planet earth and reveals the final truth behind the world of Evangelion. That humanity itself is the final angle and that as such we weren't meant to be who we are. We are told that all organisms were created from the DNA of an angle called Lilith, Named after the first women in Jewish mythology. Also that all angels except for Adam are a clone or different variation of Liltih. The other angles that did not take on human form were outcast by Lilith and were a representation of what all humans can become had we accepted their form at the beginning of life. Gendo flabbergasted at the fact that Rie betrayed him suddenly realizes what he's just done, and laments his decision. All this time it turns out that Gendo's reason for wanting to take control of instrumentality was to see his wife again and that he was merely using his son to get what he wanted. He begins to show his true colors in this film. A coward who never cared about anyone but himself. Shinji picks up on this later saying "It's no wonder why I'm such a coward I had the biggest coward in the world for a father". As the anti AT field begins to turn all of humanity into primordial soup or Abiogenesis the building blocks of human life, all except for Shinji who is safeguarded by his eva. At this point the movie goes into a seizure we see clips of real life atrocities put in with the rest of the film to add to the apocalyptic theme. There's even a brief cameo of the graffiti that was spray painted onto Gainax headquarters. As a subtle jab at the fans as though the director was saying "Hey you asked for another ending and you went as far as to give me death threats well now you got it in the most disgusting way possible, following this is a scene where the screen goes black and shows silhouettes of audience members sitting down in front of and facing the screen. A way of reflecting the audiences own ambition and violent nature back at them. Rie's forehead begins to expand into a gigantic vagina (No I am not making this up) and Shinji get's sucked into it. He is then pulled along a stream of other organisms as they all headed towards a gigantic egg that Rei refers to as the egg of life. She offers Shinji a chance to reunite with his dead family and friends, and shows him the true power of instrumentality. He then realizes that to be reunited with everyone as one entity would mean giving up on being a human being. He then rejects instrumentality and chooses individuality. Saying that he will not except it. That no matter how bad his life may be there is always a chance to turn things around. The giant goddess that is Lillith/Rie begins to deteriorate as Shinji is reincarnated on a beach lamenting his choice in not being able to see his family and friends again. Then towards the last minute of the movie he sees Asuka lying unconscious rite next to him. He begins to get angry remembering that nothing up until this point has been real. He strangles her out of frustration and to see if he might get a response. She moves her hand towards his face and he realizes that this is not fake. It's not like the time in a dream sequence in one of the episodes where he begins to strangle her only for her to change into Rei. The two of them look out at the ocean that is filled with the blood of the deteriorated Rie. pondering what's to come of them next. This movie was phenomenal. It accomplished everything that it was supposed to by giving fans a more realistic ending of the series, while at the same time keeping that sense of mystery that made the series so great. Did anyone else survive third impact, if Asuka who was butchered by Selle forces managed to survive and become re-materialized on the ocean front alongside Shinji, then whose to say whether or not anyone else survived. And you know that a films done its job when all the possibilities are left open. My only gripe would be the pacing. The first half of the film is so rushed that it feels like the writers were in a hurry to get to the end to explain instumentality I wanted to see more action between the nerve security patrol and the invading JSSDF soldiers. The film also falls victim to what I like to call the "Kill Bill expireince" All the actions in the first half but all the story is in the second. still it was an incredible film the animation was phenomenal as this movie was made on a larger budget than the tv series and all questions that were asked by fans were answered. Though the films final scene opened up new questions that's what the viewers imagination is for. Final verdict 5/5 The movie as excellent as it was, was also somewhat of a compromise to fans who never got to see everything that they wanted in the series. We finally got to see Shinji having a sexual relationship with Asuka, but it involves him masturbating over her comatose body, we got to see Misato finally take action and be portrayed as a bad ass, but she get's shot and is hinted at that she dies as a cause of it. We finally got to see the intentions of Selle and Gendo, as well as the origins of Rie and the mystery behind instrumentality, but it involves the destruction of the entire world. So the fans finally got to see what they wanted, but in the most obscure and disgusting way imaginable. Also the last two episodes of the show could have been merely a vision of what Shinji saw while he was absorbed by Rei as instrumentality began. So instead of looking at the two endings as to different things, Some like to believe that the last two episodes of the show go hand and hand with the movie. SInce we got to see what instrumentality looked like it is very possible that the last episodes of the show where merely a small fragment of what was going on during the human Instrumentality process. Alongside the show and movie was a comic book series that was adapted by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto which is still running to this day. It was concocted to bring new and old fans of the series a slightly altered version of the original story Created by Hideki Anno, it to has its own original ending that is a variant on End Of Evangelion (The movie) However the manga is an adaptation of the series so I consider it to take place in a world of its own. Another reason why the manga was created was to create a slightly more dark version of the series where more of the characters were killed off, as well as give in back stories to the characters who we never got to see much of on the show during its limited run. Best of all since the manga wasn't rushed to production this gave Sadamoto as much time as he needed to expand upon the original series without having to worry about a release date. While the core story-line is still there the differences include the characters being more cold to each other (Shnji's friend Toji Calling Asuka a bitch constantly where as in the show he just refered to her as "annoying") Shinji's father forcing him to kill his best friend where as in the animated series he is only wounded. And on top of that Gendo demands an apology from Shinji for disobeying direct orders when he was told to kill his friend. The manga would eventually get to a moment where it would become so dark that many magazine booths and stores refused to carry it. The manga also was shunned in the states for its portray of nudity including figures under the legal age of 18. In the anime nude scenes were censored Austin Powers style to add comedic affect, in the manga however, breasts and butts are displayed promptly though not explicitly. Since there is nowhere near as much censorship in books as there is on tv. Towards the very end of the manga series we get a more in depth focus on what the end of Evangelion (Movie) was about. Many of the scenes from the movie where heavily altered in order to give us more of an incite of the characters minds. The scene from the movie where Shinji is lamenting Asuka in a coma is reworked so that instead of him ripping off her hospital gown, she gets up and begins to strangle him with her own I.V. Cords. She is then put to rest with sedatives, but not until after she screams out "I HATE EVERYONE" this is after we see into her past and why she had such a hard time being around people. Other variations on scenes of the movie include Gendo having implanted the eye of Lilith into the palm of his right hand. This allows him to omit AT fields at will which he uses to fend of the Japanese army as they invade Nerve. And unlike in the movie where it's Misato who rescues him, in the books his father kills off the soldiers just as there about to execute him and prompts him to pilot the Eva in order to fend against Selle. At first he refuses claiming that his father never thought of him as anything but a means to in end "Please pilot the Eva, because I love you, because your my son". He speaks these words at first hoping to lift Shinji's spirits, but then he says "Unfortunately I have never loved you from the moment you were born I have always hated you for taking Yui's love from me." Just imagine your 14 years old and your father says this to you.

Evangelion Series overview and movie reviews part 1

If you were to ask someone to summarize the series Neon Genesis Evangelion in one sentence the most prominent answer that you'd receive, would be "It's about giant robots fighting aliens." However if you were to ask someone to fully describe the metaphysical aspect of the series as a whole then it would probably take a good 3 days. The series dealt with subject matter that was considered extremely controversial for it's time for the Japanese. It dealt with political problems, the state of the world in a post apocalyptic setting, and how the world transcended from a prosperous one, into one where all life as we know it is threatened. This series was controversial for incorporating real life events, such as the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the possible outcome of Japan's future. In the 1980's Japan was prospering incredibly well, however in the early to mid 90's their government was starting to collapse under economical pressure and foreign affairs. The death of emperor Hirohito in 1989 , and the fact that the yen was becoming weaker and weaker in foreign exchange. This made making a story in japan that took place in a post apocalyptic future a bold yet shunned upon subject matter, as the Japanese society didn't want to imagine the worst of what could happen in there future if they continued to walk down the off beaten path that they were heading. This also made the story extremely difficult produced an animated series based on it. There is a famous saying in Japanese society "The nail that sticks out must be beaten down" meaning that individual thoughts were heavily frowned upon which added even more difficulty to the production of this series. Yet in spite of the circumstances film director Hideki Anno of Gainax studios took a leap of faith and began production on what would later go on to be deemed by many as the greatest anime series of all time Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now briefly analyzing the series as a whole post apocalyptic fiction wasn't the most common theme in anime at the time of this shows production 1995-96. However if done right it could become profitable for the company, and I doubt that Gainax or anyone could have predicted how popular the series would become. Films like Akira focused on a post apocalyptic society, and that film has gone down as one of the best of all time. Though it has never gained more than a cult following. I can see Anno wanting to make this into a cult anime in the vein of Akira, so the fact that it has gained world wide attention and the series and all of its merchandise has garnered over 1.5 billion dollars world wide make it all the more incredible. However as far as marketing goes the show did some pretty taboo things for its time in Japan. Not only did it downplay the positive aspects of a futuristic society like many other anime's have, but it's story introduced plot elements that just happened to be frowned upon due to real life events. The anime takes place in the future where mankind is forced to work together to fight off a common threat. This includes the US military playing a key role in the series as there are many UN military vehicles shown stationed in Japanese territory. However unknown to Anno merely a few months after he began production of this anime in real life three United States marines stationed in Okinawa were arrested for the kidnapping and rape of a 12 year old girl. This along with the offensive comments made by American Admiral Richard C. Macke "I think it was absolutely stupid. I have said several times: for the price they paid to rent the car [used in the crime], they could have had a girl." sparked outrage with the Japanese public. So an anime centered around relying on the united states for protection you can only guess pissed off a lot of people. Since many animes at the time focused on demonizing the US military. So how would a series like this possibly have as deep an impact in western society as it did in Japan. In order to have a similar revelation here in the United States Gainax would have to choose a time period in which the self esteem and positive outlook that people in the states had was at an all time low. While the series was later dubbed in English and then brought over to the states on VHS back in 1998 it had never really caught up with western audiences until it was publicly broadcast on Adult Swim in October of 2005. This was aired just two months after hurricane Katrina so for us to watch a show that takes place in a flooded post apocalyptic world while in real life we were experiencing similar difficulties added to the overall ominous tone that the series had. Back in 2005 when I was 12 years old I watched a few episodes whenever I got the chance to, and while I was never able to understand the whole message that Gainax was directing towards us, I did enjoy the show for its atmosphere. That's the thing with Evangelion in order to truly enjoy it you have to watch it under certain circumstances. It's that special kind of feeling you get that raptures around you when your home all alone at night surrounded by the sound of crickets. And you can't just watch it all at once either, in order to enjoy it to the fullest you have to moderate yourself to be able to appreciate and take in what you just saw. it's like eating sponge cake and drinking good wine. While it may be pleasurable while it lasts if you take it in to fast then you will have missed out on all it has to offer. The central plot of the series is that approximately fifteen years ago, (fifteen years ago from when this anime takes place in 2015) half the worlds population was destroyed by an event called second impact which was said to be the result of an asteroid striking Antarctica and flooding the southern hemisphere . In actuality this was caused by human contact with the first in a long list of alien beings known as angles. The particular angle that those humans came into contact with was given the name Lilith after the first human female being created by god in jewish mythology. After this occurrence a secret government agency known as Seelle tried to cover up the discovery of the angle. The body of the dead angle Lilith was transported to a secret Japanese headquarters known as Nerve where it could be studied upon, in an attempt to keep a third impact from happening and destroying the world. For if an other angle were to fuse with Lilith this would create a third impact that would destroy the earth. That is where our story begins. 14 year old Shinji Ikari a boy who had lost his mother when he was four and abandoned by his father to live with his uncle, is summoned by his father to Tokyo after over a decade of neglect. A women named Misato who is ranked Lieutenant Colonel from Nerve is sent to pick him up just before a giant monster known as an angle starts to attack the city that he's in and is rushed out before in his new guardians car rite before the government decides to drop an N2 bomb (non Nuclear) on it hoping to destroy it completely. However after the blast clears they see that even a bomb of that magnitude can not pierce the AT field (Absolute Terror) that all angels are given as a defense mechanism. Shinji's father who is ranked commander of the Japanese Nerve branch after finally being reunited with his son after over a decade can do nothing but give him a cold look. This is to establish the type of man that he is. Shinji is then briefly filled in on the back story that angles similar to the one that caused the second impact are invading the planet and that their primary goal is to fuse with Adam the first angel that is held deep in Nerve custody underground in Terminal dogma. Shinji is told that he is a child prodigy (the third child) and that he must accommodate Nerve in fighting off the Angles by piloting a giant robot named Eva-1. The reason for them using children to pilot these machines instead of adults was that after Gainax realized the success of Power Rangers in the early 90's if they had kids piloting the robs then it would be easier to market the show to a younger audience. Though later on in the series it's explained in much greater detail as to why they must pilot these machines it's because only children who were born closet to the day of second impact have the ability to synch with the Eva's as the eva's are essentially clones of the angles working on the side of man. At first he refuses to want to help in piloting the robot, seeing how his father never seemed to care about him until now, but after seeing the destruction the angel can cause and seeing a girl his age Ayanami Rie (the first child), who is seriously heart being strapped down to a medical stretcher after piloting the robot, and having his heartless father threaten to use her to pilot the Eva, even in her condition, puts him in no situation to argue. At first he does a pretty crummy job fighting off the angel, but then his hidden potential comes to surface and he kills the angel to the surprise of everyone but his father. In a brief moment of euphoria he then begins to dream, he sees his mother coming to him and then just afterwards he wakes up to find himself in a hospital.. The show would continue to expand upon the concept of Angels attacking the earth and the Eva's fending them off. However what made Evangelion so great for some myself included wasn't the battles between the Humans and Angels and the science fiction, as much as it was the relationship between the characters. It dealt with weighty issues such as neglect, abandonment, self worth,family disputes homosexuality and more. Later in the series we would be introduced to a new pilot (The second child) Asuka Langley Soryu who's appearance a`t first is that of a bratty German girl who throughout the series is constantly refereed to as a "Bitch" she puts on a bold face and does her best to not let anyone get close to her because her biggest fear is communication with people. like I said the thing that made this series so great was the characters and there backgrounds. At first the writers probably included her because they though that putting in an obnoxious tomboyish girl into the series would add more variety to the seemingly bland cast of characters. however beyond that rough exterior lies a fragile girl who's in so much emotional turmoil she can't decide what she reality want's or how to better herself. Upon arriving at Shinji's apartment with his guardian Misato she clearly establishes in front of Everyone that she doesn't want anyone in her room and kicks Shinji out forcing him to sleep on the floor in the very next room. Yet in the middle of the night she pretends to sleep walk so that she could get close to Shinji and sleep in the same mattress with him. At first he sees this as a sign of remorse thinking that she feels bad for kicking him out of his room and forcing him to sleep on the floor then however he sees her crying hinting that she wants him to kiss him and that she feels lonely. Just as he's about to kiss her he hears her utter the word "mutter" (German for mother) feeling guilty for almost taking advantage of her as she cries he decides to lay off and sleep on the floor. What makes her such an interesting character is that she's always so full of life and filled with that up and attem attitude that when you finally get towards the end of the series around episode 18 you discover her past and it just breaks your heart. This is one of the many aspects of the show that gave it an edge. To have an anime be centered around giant robots yet still manage to create deep and compelling story elements and sub arcs gave it enough diversity to truly make this series stand out. Though perhaps it was a bit too diverse. What I mean is around episode 20 there were so many questions and sub plots created around the characters past that the show didn't have enough time to answer them all. I kept waiting to find out more about the origins of the Angels, the involvement that Selle had in cooperation with Nerve, the life and events that survivors of the second impact had prior to and after human kind made contact with Adam , as well as the backgrounds of many other sub characters. Such as an ark where Ayanami Rie is supposedly a clone of Shinji's though this is never fully elaborated on only hinted at. In order to compensate with the shows limited run Gainax had to come up with a way to make this implied and not go into to much detail about her past. So we get a brief flashback scene where Shinji's mother is pregnant and she says "if it's a boy name him Shinji, if it's a girl name her Rie". However like I stated earlier due to the shows limited budget the animators and writers couldn't incorporate every thing into the amount of episodes that they had originally scheduled. However for all the things wrong with this series, for the limited amount of time and budgeting that they had they managed to do so much rite. I haven't even begun to get into some of the really meaty aspects of the story such as the Human Instrumentality project the central plot devise that is talked about in secret between Nerv and Selle and is left as one of the shows greatest mysteries. This leads me to the final thing that made Evangelion such a phenomenon the way it incorporates different religions and cultures into its story and the way that it represents them. It's one of the things that makes Evangelion so great is how it is capable of telling a story without any words it's all about symbolism. While the show is mainly Japanese the amount of other cultural references which are expanded upon such as the angels being named after figures in Christianity and even the central focus of the human instrumentality project which is the merger of every human soul into one and for Selle to have control over the third impact are based on a Hindu principle called Neiti Neiti. The idea is that every facet of the human soul is merely a chain preventing them from becoming a god. The ultimate goal of the project is to break down the walls that separate humanity into individualsthe AT Fields. According to SEELE, this will supplement and evolve humanity into a single-form organism where all Souls are one, and are therefore content. This unified state is believed to be a nirvana without rejection, loneliness, pain, or suffering, where one's weaknesses are complemented by another's strengths. The project is therefore the New Genesis that the series revolves around, (hence the tittle neon genesis) an effort to evolve humanity into a singular consciousness via the use of the Sephiroth System . While some perceive this as elevating humanity into a being equal to God, others see it as the indiscriminate death or genocide of mankind. Anno also incorporated some of his favorite childhood books into the plot of Evangelion He has stated that the concept of the Human Instrumentality Project was inspired in part by the 1953 science fiction novel Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke. The story revolves around the arrival of an alien race called the Overlords whose ultimate goal is to guide humanity's evolution into an existence of pure energy, upon which humanity can unite with a great metaphysical organism called the Overmind. As the series continued it starts to loose most of its light hear-ted elements in favor of a more gritty atmosphere. During a battle with one of the angles Asuka is hit with a mind ray from one of the angles which makes her relive her past and the viewers are finally able to see how Asuka came to be so bitter and cold. Her mother committed suicide by hanging when she was only five years old, after she had been chosen as a prodigy child to become an eva pilot. Then her father got remarried and her new mother was cold to her. Her parents shipped her off to collage when she was only ten and she rarely ever got a chance to play with other kids and act like a kid herself. She then screams out "Stop it your raping my mind" at this point the angle that attacked Asuka is finally killed off but not until after it had already caused permanent mental scares on Asuka and made her so depression so deep that she would eventually become catatonic because of it. Shinji blames himself for not being able to save her, and believes that all he can do is cause more pain to those around him. The series as of right now was at the peak of its emotional involvement. As painful as it may have been to watch as a whole the last two episodes of the series sparked outrage among fans. Not because they were depressing, but because it was to much of a forced happy ending. In the later episodes of the show 23-24 Shinji is suffering from emotional pain and is loosing the will to go on , after being forced to Kill one of his few friends who turns out to be the final angel in human form Karou Nagisa. and shutting himself off from the world he puts himself into a state of emotional anguish feeling that there is no point in him living. The last two episodes of the show were to help Shinji realize that regardless of how bad your life may be to never give up hope and that the world is what you make of it. As It begins with a recap of all the events prior to that episode and reveals that everything up until that moment was a flashback and that it has been two years since then. In the year 2017 instrumentality begins fusing the souls of every living organism on earth into one being. Everyone is able to see into everyone else's mind and in order to complete instrumentality they must contemplate their loses to be able to live on forever. Shinji however the series protagonist is at the center of it all, and refuses to believe that there could ever be a place in any world for a place like him. He then sees another version of himself in a world where he is not an eva pilot where angels don't exist and is enjoying the life of a typical Japanese teenager. He realizes that life is what you make of it and that no matter how terrible things may seem nothing is set in stone and that there is always an opportunity to do the rite thing. The constrictive barrier of his mind is shattered and he is greeted by all the characters of the show including his mother who is supposed to be dead and Asuka who is supposed to be comatose who congratulate him on overcoming his self esteem issues and accepting himself. This ending can be described in two words Cop Out. Just like in the ending of inception the ending of this show was supposed to be an ending that you as the viewer were supposed to intemperate. You never knew if what happened was real or not. I mean here we have an end of the world setting where everyone dies and the bodies of every living thing in existence is coming together as part of a result of the apocalypse that is third impact, and were'e supposed to be happy that one 14 year old boy with emotional problems found happiness, it was way to forced.

Evangelion 3.0 review Third Time Is (Not) the charm

As evangelion 3.0 lured closer with each passing day me and all my friends were ecstatic. The trailer for the third film was looking great

. It may have only been 35 seconds long but it was filled with potential and promise. We were informed that Both Shinji and Rei were stuck inside of the evangelion. Tokyo 3 had been turned to rubble and an aircraft carrier was to be the new base of operations. Also the trailer ends showing the nearly Dead Asuka now completely healthy only with an eye patch to cover a scar on her left eye (Just a little bit of fan service for those who remember that her left eye was gouged out in End Of EVA) The trailer looked promising. A now more confident and emotionally stable Shinji filled the shoes of the winey brat that we all knew from the previous films. Best of all at the end of the trailer we are promised fanservive, and Asuka being able to smile not out of pride or spite, but out of sheer happiness. Something that we rarely ever see from her. Then on October 10th 2013 I finally saw the movie at comic con and all I can say is, THIS MOVIE IS A FUCKING DISSASTER.

Did you like how In the previous two entries Rei, Shinji, and Asuka were more expressive with themselves and how they're interaction furthered the plot? Or how about the fact that Gendo the token Abusive father / Manipulative villain was showing (However brief) some signs of concern for his son? Perhaps you liked the fact that Shinji was now confident enough in himself to engage in conversations with someone of the opposite sex, and how the writers still managed to keep it on a plutonic level? Did you like how it showed that the Mysterious Mari was going to have a bit of explanation about herself and a possible backstory?

But most importantly did the last trailer you saw at the end of EVA 2.0 get you really excited with all the characters and the possibility of a love/betrayal sub plot just like in the original series, or about how much more we were going to be shown about the world of evangelion outside of Tokyo 3?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes than FUCK YOU. This movie has none of the things that were promised in that trailer. That trailer was worked on by Studio Khara and then somewhere through the production process Hideki Anno and some other executives at Gainax just came Goose Stomping into their office and demanded that they scrap the project that they had been working on. At least that's the only explanation I can think of as to how we got the absolute disaster known as Eva 3.0.

Every single thing that we came to like from the first two films was completely forgotten or killed.

The film starts off with a context less battle scene in space featuring Asuka and the now chirpy as a bird Mari, who plays the role of Robin to Asuka's constant menstruating foul mouthed Batman. The two of them retrieve an Evangelion from space that happens to be the one Shinji was in at the end of the last movie. How did his Eva get into space in the first place? You don't know it's never explained. After retrieving it they have Shinji on a stretcher and immediately wheel him into a flying battleship that is being piloted by his surrogate mother Misato. Only now she looks a bit older and has absolutely nothing but contempt for him. Turns out 3rd impact occurred during the last movie which in turn nearly wiped out the human race yet most of the main characters are still alive, and 14 years have gone by since the end of the last film.

However none of the evangelion pilots seemed to have aged due to plot convenience, (And the fact that it's easier to sell action figures of teenagers piloting robots then adults) despite such an important thing such as a time skip has occurred we as the audience are told almost nothing about it until about an hour into the movie.

Shinji is given a collar around his neck that he is told will blow up and kill him if he ever gets into an evangelion again, despite them telling him that his recent readings indicate that his piloting capabilities are null due to the fact that his synch ratio is at 0%.

He is given the cold shoulder by everyone who works at this new organization called Wille, Or Ville according to its German name. An organization that has been created to stop Nerve and keep them from initiating fourth impact, something that would destroy whatever is left of humanity. The setup is okay, but their is almost no character development whatsoever. None of the characters really ever try to communicate with Shinji and the one new character who might have been interesting Toji's Sister Sakura Suzahara is given almost no screen time whatsoever. She is the only one of the five new characters at the start of this film who the animators even bothered to let walk around. She explains to him the circumstances and shows some compassion to him, but after barely a minute of screen time the movie forgets about her, and she just walks off. I didn't understand. If she was alive and treated him with respect then were was here brother or Kensuke or Hikari, or any of the characters from the previous film? Why is it that the only people who seemed to have survived this apocalypse were the ones who were necessary to further the (Stupid) plot?

We are then told that Shinji's efforts were a waste and that Rei from the previous film is dead. With everybody absolutely livid at Shinji for reasons to him yet unknown. He is then greeted by Asuka Who's initial reaction is to punch him in the face. Mari is almost nowhere in this movie except during more context less action scenes, and almost all the characters that we've come to love have changed personalities for the worse. But we don't have much time to learn about this new world, because we have yet again another action scene with no context. An Eva manages to break the hull of the flying battle ship that shinji is held on and grabs tells him to get on board. naturally he does, but Misato has the trigger for the bomb around his neck. We can see her wanting to activate it, but she pauses just long enough for him to be out of reach. This is the ONLY time in the film when some sense of genuine emotion is displayed through actions.

From here on out we are treated to nothing more, than a badly shaped CGI shitfest. When Arriving at Nerve Headquarters we see that it is nothing but a dilapidated building with no security whatsoever. How are they in any sense of the word a threat to mankind? Ville has a gigantic flying battleship, and they are armed to the teeth with two evangelions' and truck loads of Supplies. Nerve is nothing but a dilapidated old building, and other then Rei's Eva we have seen nothing from Nerve that constitutes as a threat. Are you telling me that 1 fourteen year old girl in a giant robot is powerful enough to hold back two fourteen year old girls in giant robots and an entire armada? Anyway after It is reviled that Rei is still alive, she now seems to be extremely void of any personality, even more so then in the original series. Shinji then explores Nerve and meets a new kid his age, who we have seen in the previous 2 films Kawou Nagisa. The two bond through music, while Kawou seductively whispers things into Shinji's ear. Then it becomes apparent that this movie wasn't made for the fans of the first two movies or the original series. It's made for Yaoi fangirls to scream KAWAI OH MY GAWD LOOK AT THE YAOI. Seriously at comic con all I heard the girls talk about was Yaoi this and Yaoi that. We get it Kawou is gay, and he likes to play piano what does any of this have to do with the plot? Besides I thought Shinji's favorite instrument was the cello. Anyway we are then told in the most underplayed emotionless way that Rei is a clone of Shinji's mother, and that the Rei he saved 14 years ago really did die. We are also finally shown the reason why everybody seems to hate Shinji. He is somehow responsible for the cause of third impact (Or near third impact. They keep changing it from 3rd impact to near 3rd impact, this might have had something to do with the English Dubbing, as Funimation fucks up everything they touch except for Dragon Ball Z, still it does get confusing) And that him wanting to save Rei caused this.

The merging of Rei's soul with someone else's caused this and now everyone blames him. Sure blame the Fourteen year old who was only doing his job saving your asses. I keep having to remind myself that if it weren't for shinji stopping all the other angels from reaching terminal dogma in the first place that they would have initiated 3rd impact anyway and completely destroyed the human race as a whole. I seem to be the only person who is smart enough to remember this because everyone else completely forgot. On top of that Misato was the one who was egging him on to save Rei at the end of the last film, but now despite this fact everyone blames Shinji. Now I don't want you to think that my only problems with this film are its plot holes, though there are many and obvious.

No this films biggest flaw is that it pulled a Jar Jar Binks on itself. Just Like George Lucas Hideki Anno thinks that he can just shove in random plot devises and characters, and a movie will be good. George Lucas once said "

A special effect is a tool, a means of telling a story. A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.

The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.

The script is what you've dreamed up-this is what it should be. The film is what you end up with.

I am simply trying to struggle through life; trying to do God's bidding."

Well that was what he thought back then and look at him now. Phantom Menace , Attack of the clones, Revenge of the Sith, That shitty CGI Clone Wars movie.

Hideki Anno has taken the same route. It's clear that he has no idea what he is doing and that he just wants to shove in as much CGI Shit into to the film as possible to make I appeal to the dum dum croud. And it works. If the box office numbers say so then why should he care about quality? Eva 3.0 has grossed over $54million in japan alone, and is expected to hit theaters stateside by January 10th 2014.

I feel bad for studio Khara, They're a medium sized animation studio, and I can really tell that they wanted to do their best with this. But when someone outsources their work to you that means that they have complete creative control over what you do and arguing back can get you fired. From what I heard 4 of the 6 people who worked on the story board for EVA 2.0 Quite once they were told that Anno wanted to do something completely different with 3.0, and I commend them for that. It must suck to be such a small studio. They have great ideas and a lot of people really want to support them, but the only way that they can make money is by taking it in the rear from some Jap Rat Bastard (In this Case Anno) who pretty much owns you. Because really what are you going to do, risk your entire companies future just because you disagree with someone who has more influence then you that you don't believe is right? I honestly believe that the earthquake in Japan back in 2011 cased Anno to somehow receive radiation poisoning, because that's the best explanation I can think as to why he fucked up this movie as bad as he did.

Anyway the film ends in the stupidest way possible. Kawou through the power of plot convenience takes the collar off of Shinji and puts it on himself for some reason. Shinji Obeys his fathers command despite everyone telling him that Nerve is intending to commit Genocide and not wanting to help his dad is the whole reason Ville put a bomb collar over his neck in the first place.

Also here's what I don't get, if it was so dangerous to keep him alive, then why did Ville even bother to go out into space to rescue him? In the opening cinematic we see that Asuka and Mari risk their lives to retrieve him yet when they do rescue him they are hate filled towards him. Why not just let him die in space, or better yet if your going to go forward with your 14 year time jump then don't even bother to go out into space to rescue him, instead spend time explaining to us everything that has happened over the last 14 years so that we are well acquainted with the rules of this new world.

We are then treated to an epic final battle with incredible music and more CGI bullshit. You know I have to give credit were credit is due shiro sagisu the composer of this films score seems to be the only one who cares enough to make an incredibly awesome soundtrack. In fact it's insultingly good. A movie this shitty does not deserve a soundtrack this awesome. You know what the best part of the soundtrack is? You don't even have to buy the movie to get the soundtrack. Seriously people if you want to support Shiro Sagisu then buy Eva 3.0's Soundtrack. My one complaint with the soundtrack is that it still uses the original evangelions "Decisive battle" theme

which Gainax ripped off from John Berry's "007 Takes the lector" theme from the James Bond movie "From Russia with love"

I also swear that I heard the Legend of Zelda's theme in this movie pop up twice. I wonder what the people at Gainax were thinking when they made the decision to include these themes. 'Hey I got an idea let's steal music from James Bond and Zelda two of the most iconic franchises in existence nobodies going to notice if we steal from them."

Also my favorite song from this movie is "god's Gift"

but it sounds very similar to another song that I Iike from the game grandia2


All in all Evangelion what used to be a great anime to watch for its deconstruction of the mecha genre has turned into a pile of CGI story less garbage. I only hope that Hideaki Anno is trolling us, and this turns out to be a dream and that shinji wakes up from being trapped in his Eva for 30 days like in the original series. Because the trailer for the fourth film looks even worse. Bottom line 3/10

The Business Of Hate Racism

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Martin Luther King JR. I would like to dedicate this Article to Mr. Black and his youtube channel therealweeklynews he is one of the people who encouraged me to become a writer and I will be using one of his videos as a template for the majority of this article For most people racism is a sensitive issue, however over the course of the last 20 something years this once sacred topic has devolved into a plaything for media giants to toy with if it makes them a profit. They try to play the race card whenever possible, even when race should never have been brought into a subject in the first place. The most recent example is the Trayvon Martin shooting scandal. An unarmed young adult was shot be a neighborhood watchman in alleged self defense. However in order to appeal to the masses damn near every news station tried to make this into a race issue. "Black teen gets gunned down by white man while walking home from a 7 11" is what this case has devolved into. My biggest question is why all this media attention for him when their are literally thousands of black on black and black on white crimes being committed in this country each year. The only difference between Trayvon and these other victims is that he was black. What I am going to showcase throughout this article are some of the very common black on white and black on black crimes that while they may have gained local media attention have failed to be acknowledged throughout the country. First off I want to make this clear I am only writing this because I wish to show that racism affects everyone, the point of this article is not to discriminate, the objective is to educate. Second with the recent not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman (The gunner in the shooter case) I want to show just how discussed I am with peoples reactions. Why is it that this one guy has received so much hate over the last few days for his not guilty verdict? Their are hundreds of black men and women who have been acquitted for crimes that they actually did commit, yet when was the last time a black man got away with murder, and has caused outrage to such an extent? The only thing that comes to mind is the O.J. Simpson trial, and that was back in 1994. It has been over 20 years since then and I have yet to hear any story involving a black man acquitted of murder that has caused such a degree of hysteria. For the trial itself I think it was handheld very well the defense team did there job to convince the jury that Zimmerman was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt but this isn't how the mass majority saw it, here is an interesting video by a youtube channel that I used to look up to for honesty, The Young Turks In this video they side with the victim's girlfriend 100% completely ignoring the racist things she said. When the defense asked her what she called Zimmerman over a phone call between him and Trayvon while he was being followed They both referred to him as a "Crazy ass Cracker" this was important information, because this meant that the witness (His girlfriend) could have been biased. Yet these assholes try to sweep it under the rug like the word "Cracker" is no big deal. Well let me tell you something Young Turks. I go to college in Newark New Jersey, I take the bus for transportation, and I have been called Cracker, Honkey, Mother Fuking Snowflake, among various other things. I have had to deal with racist old Black men attempting to burn me with cigarette buds, Racist black women on cocaine threatening to stab me, as well as being stared at for being the only white kid on a bus full of Blacks, and dark Hispanics. And they are telling me that I should just suck it up because my problems don't matter because I'm white. I find the word "cracker" to be offensive. Is it the same as calling a black person a **** No, it isn't and I will not pretend to know how bad a black person feels when called that word. However, I know that when I am called a cracker thereby suggesting that I am like a slave-owner it would make me feel ill. It's like picking a random German out of a crowd and calling them a nazi. It's racist and Trayvon along with his girlfriend have shown that they are both Extremely uneasy around whites. The irony is if this were a white girl asked to testify against a black man and she uttered the phrase "Crazy Ass Coon" the defense would immediately scream "RACIST" and then guess what side the media would be on. Also an important thing that I wanted to point out back in March of 2012 when Florida orange county representative was asked if her or her fellow African American law makers would be just as concerned about Trayvon if he wasn't black, she responded by saying "Absolutely I care about all the children." she then went on to discuss the murder of a "Young white female" and that she was "just as concerned" yet when asked what the girls name was, she just stuttered. She claims to care about "all the children" yet she could even remember the name of a little girl who was murdered. The girl in question was 7 year old Somer Thopson, She was abducted raped and murdered by a pedophile. This wasn't anything like the Trayvon Martin case where the culprit could have killed a kid who was almost his size in self defense. This was a case that involved a defenseless young girl who was assaulted with extreme malice, tortured and killed. Corrine Brown and her fellow African American law makers though don't seem to care about her. Now that I have established my feelings on the George Zimmerman scandal I will be providing you with detailed accounts Of various crimes that have been committed by Black Americans, and while some of them have received national attention, most of them have not. Example 1. Daniel Adkins a 29 year old mentally handicapped White Hispanic with the mentality of a 13 year old was shot to death outside of a Taco bell by a black man claiming self defense. Despite there not having been any witnesses to support the self defense claim no charges have been placed This case is almost exactly like the Travon Martin Case, only the races of the victim and the shooter were revered. Where are the crowds of mindless sheep rioting in the streets saying, "we want justice for Daniel Adkins" no where, because he wasn't black. This next crime is one of utmost disturbance a white marine who had just gotten married to a black women, less than 3 months into there marriage 4 black EX Marines broke into there house tied down the husband, raped his wife in front of him and then lit his house on fire to attempt to get rid of the evidence This happened back in 2008 and only now has a death sentence been appointed. Another case of extreme violence towards whites happened back in 2007 When a young white couple in Kentucky were abducted tortured raped and burned for hours until they were chopped up into pieces and placed into five separate trash bags all of the participants in this crime were black This was one of the most violent crimes to be committed for no reason other than hate. So the next time Jesse Jackson, All Sharpton , the main stream and even not mainstream media or any organization of self righteous hypocrites try to play the race card just make sure that you do your research first. Because the more you give in to these lairs the more extreme the measures that they will take to further manipulate the public. In an interview with Al Sharpton on May 25th 2012 he went as far as to say "Republicans see blacks as Hitler saw Jews" This was said by someone that the black community look up to. And with role models like this, I really can't help but feel sorry for the mindless sheep who follow him. I take offense to that comment. When my mother was around 8 years old she was constantly made fun of for here German Heritage. She had Kids throwing rocks at her during recces and lots of others screaming "Shoot the Nazi." Even black kids made fun of her for this, and this was back in the 1960's. My grandfather recently passed away this year and is having his ashes spread all over Munich upon his will. He was five years old when World War 2 started, Every day he had to worry if his house would be bombed, if he had enough food to make it to the next year, or if he was going to grow up to be a Nazi Child soldier. (The Hitler youth group took kids as young as ten and made them fight on the front lines during the downfall of Berlin) He latter came to this country and was discriminated against by everyone. When He first arrived off the docks he went onto a bus and volunteered to sit in the back. This was in the 1950's so the back of the bus was reserved for black people only. When he sat there he was immediately ganged up on by blacks who thought he was trying to push them off. He spoke very little English at the time and had a difficulty understanding what was going on. Add to this the fact that World War 2 had just recently ended, and the Activities of the Nazis had just become public knowledge his German accent was perhaps the worst possible thing to have during a time like this. But he eventually made something of himself despite how badly he had been treated. He was a strong republican because he believed in having the strength to do what is right even if it means taking heavy losses. He wasn't born into a wealthy family, he started from nothing, from less than nothing and managed to find his way in this country. Al Sharpton being the bigot that he is is saying that my grandfather was a Nazi just because he was a white Republican. Despite that fact that my grandfathers entire childhood was taken away by the Third Reich. This evil disgusting pitiful excuse for a man is who the black community worships because he appeals to the lowest common denominator and tries to always make a race issue whenever a very rare White on Black crime takes place. I know I might get a lot of flack for saying this but Al Sharpton to me is the Joseph Stalin of the black community. He thinks that by giving the black community money and that by claiming to be some messenger of god, that he is what they need to win there "quest for justice." He thinks that he's some sort of Omnipotent entity and is allowed to say whatever he wants without repercussion. The sad truth is that to some degree he's rite. We as a society allow him to get away with saying these awful things because American society as a whole holds black people to far lower standards when it comes to how they should behave, and how they should act. Jesse Jackson can get away with saying things like "You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man" But if a white Republican leader were to say "You can't vote for healthcare and call yourself a white man" He would immediately be scrutinized. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in particular are the two people who I honestly can say if they got hit by a bus rite now I would cheer. They always talk about how much they care about the children, about how the white men are trying to put down there youth. How the white school system isn't good enough. Well It's very interesting that they should say that because just a few months ago in Atlanta Georgia one of this countries greatest corruption scandals involving Schools was unraveled. In 2003 a group of teachers at an Atlanta public school had decided to rig the outcome of students tests by a large margin therefore allowing them to receive bonuses from the government for helping improve there students test scores. This cheating scandal had continued until 2013 when the superintendent Beverley Hall had been caught on tape discussing how to rig the students test scores. Since this incident 35 educators have been implicated in the cheating scandal, and of those 35, 24 have been indited all of whom are black. So where is Al Sharpton now when these poor naive black children were having there futures stolen by corrupt educators who were sending them out into the world stupid but giving them a piece of paper that said they were smart? He's nowhere to be found because none of the people indited in this white collar crime where white. Had this of been a story of white educators rigging test scores he would be all over it. Hundreds if not thousands of poor black children had there futures taken away from them by a greedy superintended Who is being charged with Racketeering, embezzlement, and fraud and could potentially face 45 years in prison. Yet al Sharpton and his cronies seem to act as if they don't even know about it. Al Sharpton doesn't care about this nations youth, he doesn't even care about the black community. He only cares about his money and himself. Now if this is the first time that you are ever hearing about this Cheating scandal, then don't beat yourself up over it. Despite this being the largest corruption Scandal in United States history at least as far as schools are concerned it garnered very little national attention. It made the front page of the Georgia herald when it first was announced, but outside of Georgia not many news reporters seemed to think it was important enough to fit on the front cover. Even the New York Times only wrote one article about it as of yet and it didn't write a follow up piece. So what could be more important then this well the NYT issue that featured the article was dated May 29th 2013 this did not make front page news, instead the front page news for that issue was about a dutch company that was sending spam to an american database This to them is more important than America's largest School cheating scandal. This just shows to me how morally bankrupt our society is. Keep in mind this cheating scandal happened around the same time as Lance Armstrong had admitted to doping allegations. The big news at the time was all focused on him. So here's how I see it. A white man who was an inspiration to a few people who was an athlete that won the tour De France 7 times admits to doping allegations, and he gets scorned by everyone and a media circus follows. But when an entire school district has been caught cheating and has been revealed to have made a business out of cheating kids out of a future this gains local media attention. Understand what I mean about how Black people are held to lower standards when it comes to what is to be expected of them. If I were to go up to a random person on the street and ask them who Lance Armstrong was they would probably say something along the lines of "Oh yeah he was that bicycle guy who cheated to win the Tour De France." on the other hand if I were to ask a random person if they knew who Beverley Hall was, I probably would get a confused look because how many people spend there time looking up real important news and not the garbage that we are fed by the mainstream and even non mainstream media every day. When I think of positive black role models, I think of people like Alex Haley the man who wrote "Roots" the phenomenon of the 1970's that changed the way people viewed black culture forever or martin Luther king JR. The man who practically invented the term "Civil Rights." unfortunately these people are dead but they left a life lasting impression on a lot of people. In one particular scene from the TV mini series Roots the next generation I remember when the actor playing Alex Hailey, James Earl Jones meets a white man whose ancestors enslaved his ancestors, After discovering this the white man immediately says "I'm so sorry" to which James Earl Jones responds "Don't be you have done nothing wrong." Now I'm not sure exactly how this conversation played out in real life, but the fact that Alex Hailey chose to portray him as being a very humble and sympathetic man instead of an asshole like he could have, shows that he believed that we should not be held back by the chains of guilt by what our ancestors have done. I have no control over what my ancestors did, and neither did that man or anyone else on this planet. This is what Al Sharpton fails to realize. It's not the 1950's or the 60's it is the 21st century and we live in a tolerant society. Instead of going "The white men ow me money because I'm black" I advise the black community to make something of themselves set a positive example of what you can do. And know this all single black parents who live off of welfare, Just because you are poor and your life sucks doesn't make you a hero. Movies such as Precious the story of an illiterate black girl who was raped by her father and lives alone with her mother striving off of welfare from a mother who exploits the fact that she's pregnant to get more money from the government , These movies are made to make us sympathize with these characters. Sympathy will only get you so far in life being Sympathetic does not by any stretch of the imagination make you a hero. If you still manage to keep your kids in school and out of trouble then in my eyes you are a hero. I think Morgan Freeman himself said it best "The mother who works two jobs and still has time to attend her kids soccer practice that's a miracle, The kid who is influenced by drugs yet still strives to stay in school that's a miracle." These are the type of people who I only wish the black community would look up to. Look race, Gender, political affiliation, all of these are just tools used by corporate giants to make the masses fight each other the truth is the only type of people in this world who you really have to worry about are the higher ups, the elites, the media giants. Because they are the ones who determine what you should and shouldn't be afraid of. in the 1940's it was the Japanese , in the 50's it was Russians, Now it's Muslims just a way of showing how Society is devolving. Only the people who have power are really evolving, because regardless of how smart you are or what you do for a living unless you have a massive annual salary and/or a relatively large political background you are just meat for the grinding, a sheep who is being led astray by corporate greed. Or to put it simply like MR. Black said "You are just a pawn."
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