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My first game stream - COD: Ghosts

I might as well go big and do my first game stream ever on Call of Duty: Ghosts. I'm getting my reserved copy tomorrow (well its being brought tonight but I'm not going to the midnight release). I'll stream my complete noob gameplay on my Twitch.TV. I'll announce my feed tomorrow.

Life News ~July 2013~

I figure I might keep you all updated with my newest life news each month or so.


My birthday was on the 23rd. I'm celebrating it all week...well up until I got sick two days ago. What a bummer. I was taken out to eat a couple of times and received an XBL 12 month subscription gift card. Woot! Now If only I get the 3DS XL I wanted. 


Big changes are coming to my life sooner than I expected. Not only am I a new editor for a website called but I'm also getting a job upstate that I have to relocate for. I'm totally unprepared to relocate but luckily the area of the job is where my best friend lives which I was offered to stay with until I save enough to get my own place. 

This is a big deal since at the age of 29 have never moved out of my mother's home definitely. I may have visited family in the past and stayed with them for up to 6 months but this is a new ball game. I welcome the change even though I am terrified. There are a couple more steps in the hiring process so technically I haven't been officially offered the job, but I am confident I will get it. 

News on my projects and company...

Since starting the website, I was putting that at the forefront trying to test out editorial management with the team. The team aspect didn't work out as I thought so now I am in the process of revising the mission and how some things are done on the site.

For my business, I have been still in the website construction phase. I am hoping to get out of this phase soon with the new content schedule I put for myself. I had to do some soul searching but things were becoming overwhelming and real quick. with managing about 9 to 10 websites, I had to take a chill pill. I think I found that balance. 

I also wanted to start branding my gaming identity - Spawnhellraiser, making a new youtube and google+ account for it. I think this is a good place in that my professional and gaming life are intermingled yet separate.

The year is not over yet and things are looking very promising for me. Who knows, maybe I'll end up at E3 2014! 


and the wickedness was not forgotten  :twisted:

Check out my updated profile for social connections and links to my websites. Thanks for reading! 

2 Days Before My 8th-year Gamespot Anniversary!

In 2 days, my membership to Gamespot will mark my 8th year! That's right, I joined May 26, 2005 eight years ago! Wow, in 8 years I have grown to love some of you and still keep in contact with some of you. Heck, i'd even call some of you my brothers! Hopefully one day I can finally met some of you. 


A Recap

In the last 3 years, my activity has been very low. But I always come back. It must be for you guys. I won't front though. I've started my projects and been through a hell of a time with some online employment, nothing I'd say went very far where I can move out on my own and have my own place and family. But I won't give up. Life isn't about quitting, its about experiencing. 


A Snapshot in 2005.

So in 2005, when I joined, I was 20 years old. I've been in college for two years already and didn't have a boyfriend. I lived in Brooklyn, New York with my mom in an apartment on the top floor - 17th floor that is. Neighborhood was OK, had some greenery to bare it all. A mini mall was across the street and another was 2 long blocks away. I couldn't complain. Transportation was decent as well - took the city bus down the block to get to any train because that area was a god-dang boonies almost.

At the time, my dreams were to finish college with a bachelor's degree; have more gamer friends; get a good consistent job working at a computer tech or something along those levels; and perhaps get a boyfriend or husband; oh and to move out after I graduated. 


Forward to 2013.

I now live in a 2-family house in Queens, New York, and I am 28 years old. I got my Bachelor's degree in computer engineering technology in 2008 (but technically i ended school in late 2007). I still live with my mom but not just her, with an annoying landlord/owner of the house/aka her ex-boyfriend/lover or whatever. Neighborhood is better but minus the gunshots or firecrackers every now and then and loud music from Indians down the street whenever they get in the mood to be outside. No malls around here, transportation is better because my mom and the landlord drives a car, but mostly I take the bus to go anywhere. 

What dreams came true? Well I did finish college only to prove it being a waste of time and money. I have more gamer friends but only online. A consistent job? Still dreaming it. Got a boyfriend? Hells yeah, and even better - fiancee. Though I don't know what the hell he sees in me. Moved out? On the Highest Priority list. 

What are my dreams now?

  1. Finding more clients for my consulting services. I started some services right now to test the waters. 
  2. Affording my own home and car.
  3. Moving out 
  4. Getting married
  5. Not having children, lol.
  6. Being able to go to one freakin' E3 Expo event!


And that was my screen-shot of the past and live view of my current life. And now for some SHAMELESS PROMOTIONS:

I have yet another new blog called My Life is Like A Box Of... which is on Tumblr. If you are on tumblr, then check me out. This blog is like an all-purpose blog capturing my current likes in entertainment and keeping up to date with all my other blogs and websites I manage.

My current consulting services are $5.00 on For more information about them visit my blog page -


You can find me on Facebook, I'm usually busy in the gaming groups.

Find me on Twitter: @qathornton. I'm always responding to tweets. 

I spent more of my time on Google+ shaping my communities: Delightful Critics Club and Gameavation. But add me to your circle:

If you are looking for more social networks to spread your content, try Pearltrees and Empire Avenue. I'm on both of those. I also got an account with a Q&A site, since is gone.

Last but not least, to get a real sense of my endeavors, check out my newly update page featuring Nights character from Nights: Into Dreams.

No Comments Display?? + Darksiders 2

I usually get comments on my blog but in the past couple of months it was saying "0 comments", so I really thought no one loved me anymore! :cry:


But now I see I'm not the only one that has that problem on their blog. I see your blogs and it has "0 comments" on it too even though you have more than 1 comment. This is weird!!!

In other news,

I got Darksiders 2 on Tuesday but due to life I haven't had the time to sit down and play with it. Maybe today though, i'll get a chance. If you got the game, how do you like it?


In more news,

I'm looking for some good honest opinions on my short and sweet reviews called short burst reviews on my official entertainment blog. Currently I have done a couple of film reviews with this new feature but would like to do it for game reviews, books reviews, anime and other entertainment reviews. The recent film review is Anonymous, which I just saw a few days ago

There is a poll that you can vote if you like my reviews or if you don't like it. you can also comment in the poll post if you want. Thanks! Link to poll on my blog

You can look around my blog if you want to get a feel for my writing.

Catching up this week/ backlog=>

DeathSpank 2 and Darksiders 1.



SEGA is making my dream come true!

I recently heard that Sega is doing an HD remake to one of my most beloved games of all time - NiGHTS: Into Dreams. It's sequel is currently on Nintendo Wii - NiGHTS: Journey Into Dreams. It will be released this fall for XBL, PSN and Windows PC. Wonderful news for me as a fan!

Here's a trailer of the HD remake and some extra details

Sega Blog

7-Year Anniversary on Gamespot!

My Gamespot Anniversary of 7 years is tomorrow. Wow I can't believe it. Some of you I have known for that time and sadly we still haven't met but I hope to change that as soon as I get a car or at least some money to I can take a plane to see you. Ya'll know who ya'll are - Roy and Brad :D

I'm celebrating my anniversary and Memorial Day by taking a trip to visit a friend of mine. She's cooking BBQ so you know why I'm going. hahah. Plus the owner of my house is doing some renovation in the front of the home so it's good to be gone that way all the noise will be gone by the time I come back home. Well hopefully.

So aside from that how's everyone doing? I'm so pumped for E3. I actually have a video game party (I know finally another one) on June 5 starting at Nintendo Conference so that we can all see it and then comment on all the conferences then play some games. Cool huh?

I'll be writing about E3 in my blogs and my new social network The SidersDev Lounge. This network was created for indie game developers, professionals and gamers to post about the indie gaming industry and make friends. I even have a reward system in place for further activity around the site. It'll be launching as a regular sign up (right now its invite-only but still can be viewed) on May 31/June 1st along with the brand that is behind it, The Indienotic Saloon.

So yeah, I've been pretty busy with all that. After that is finished I will be working on my two business websites and brand site for a launch in June. This is where a good project and time management system should be in place! :lol:

Any new games I brought for May? Yeah I got El Shaddai, Rock of Ages (was free on PSN), Storm and a couple of other games on PSN. I also preorderd Halo 4 and Darksiders 2 at Gamestop.



May Madness

I just want to buy Dragon's Dogma and Ghost Recon: Future Soliders this month. Is that too much to ask for? I need some dough plain and simple.

I just found out about Sonic All Stars Racing. The trailer makes it look so good. No doubt, fanboys are jumping all on this, either defending it or praising it like no other. Since I'm neutral, I just think its even more of a good thing, being a Mario Kart fan and all. What do you guys think of the game itself?

Also, more news on God of War: Ascension. Multiplayer included? I think its a bad idea. Why does it need MP? It did well as an SP all this time. What a way to ruin something grand. Cause you'd have to play it in a certain amount of time to get the full experience with MP. Why couldn't it be just DLC?

What do you guys think of the next-gen systems and game development? I think the more expensive it is to make games, then less creativity you'll have among the AAA titles because only a few studios can afford to take even more of a big leap. See Shokio's video about this:

Hello Friends! Been a While

Hi guys. It's been a while since I posted here and commented on blogs and at forums. I plan to do more of that now. I've been giving more time at Raptr, Playfire and Giantbomb. I highly recommend Raptr and Playfire because you get to just have straight comments and not have to read a whole thread. Plus they track your game progress.

Anywho, what I've been up to...

Well lots of changes have been going on since the start of this year. I finally decided what I want to do with my life and how I want to help people especially in the gaming industry. So all you guys really need to know is that I'm offering services as a Marketing Consultant to indie game developers. I'll market their games.

This means that you guys and my other friends across my networks will be the first to get promotions, beta sign up information and release dates of these games. Maybe even participate in contests to get the game free.

I have also started the Gameavation company website. When the service launches I'll alert everyone through a blog and its social networks so follow Gameavation on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! All with the same name - GameAvation. Also join the Facebook group - GameAvation. The site is still under construction too.

To promote the future indie game marketplace service under gameavation, I will create a network for indie game developers, their fans and reviewers that will discuss indie game development and how the industry benefits from indie games. Also will discuss tips, advice and strategies to better market indie games, run the studio like a business and for writers to have insights on development and its progress.

To top all that off, I will create another service that will be part of my own brand - Vivacious Entrepreneur, which will be a freelancer marketplace just for video game writers/journalists. Outlets looking for writers will come to this site and see the latest and popular articles written by journalists that are also looking for a site to write for. The service will place a demand for paying jobs for journalists rather than free jobs.

Big things are happening as I create an empire. Let's just hope the industry doesn't tare itself apart before I can help everyone.

I'll continue to post updates about these projects here and my other blog:



My niche blog, Cutie the Triple D Gamer, has been updated. New content will start this weekend!

Thanks for reading!


And the Wickedness was not forgotten....:shock:

Merry Gaming + Two new games + Kinect

Happy Gaming this holiday season everyone!

Getting anything gaming-related this Christmas? I don't celebrate but I am getting the Kinect with a few games next week. I had to wait since Black Friday. :-(

I also purchased Batman: Arkham City and Lost in Shadow from Amazon yesterday. Amazon has a buy one get next game %50 off or something like that. Both were cheap so I got them.

In other news,

I've been updating the heck out of my website on wordpress - Gameyourtherapy. It's officially up in maintenance for 5 more days. I'll be happy when its complete. I also have to write up a business plan strategy this week. I'm trying to get that plan done before the new year. Don't want to start off with a whole lot of crap to do.

Anyone has plans for Xmas and New Years? My auntie is cooking this Sunday, so i'll be there.